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7 Amazing Health And Fitness Apps For iWatch

7 Amazing Health And Fitness Apps For iWatch
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People don’t buy an Apple Watch to stay fit but later they start availing the watch for fitness purposes too. The two apps, the Activity app and the Workout app, offered by the Apple Watch helps you in living healthy. These apps help the users to track their movement, exercise and daily activity. There are also a number of apps that can let the Apple Watch users to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. MGT Design is the one stop solution for android apps northampton and they also create some interactive that will assist you to keep healthy and stress free. Here are 6 amazing apps that can help you in making changes in your lifestyle so that you can be healthier.


This app lets you track your water intake easily. It nudges you softly in order to remind you to add your daily water intake. You can easily download this app for $1.99.


Strava allows you to track your running and cycling activities. Strava is a Swedish word which means strive. And that’s what this app will make you do.


Working out itself isn’t that difficult but finding out the time or committing yourself to the gym is. This app called Equinox lets you sign up for gym classes on your convenience. It sends you an alert when the class you prefer is available. You can even reserve your spot by just a tap on the Apple Watch screen. It also puts the class schedule on your calendar. This amazing app could be downloaded for free.

Minute Mindfulness:

This app is for the people who want to meditate but can’t take out the time. This app uses light meditation by which you can easily calm down in only three minutes. It also helps in changing the way you breathe with the assistance of different exercises. So now it is easy to calm yourself before a presentation in just three minutes. This app is probably more beneficial if you use it daily for 3 minutes than the 30-minute meditation session that you can’t seem to find the time for. You can download this app for free.


This is a great fitness app that helps you track your daily habits and then gives you suggestion to make your life healthier. It would note that you aren’t as active on work as you should be and suggests you to go to bed early to be more active. It also supports verbal communication. It can track the eating habits of a person and then give suggestions accordingly. You can get this app for free.


This wonderful app helps you in guiding you with seven-minute workouts.  It is much easier to use as you can easily watch the guidelines on your wrist. It also features an audio voiceover and you can choose the voice of different characters. This app is free for downloading.


This useful app lets you keep track of your daily consumption. This app can sync with Apple’s Activity app and then it can guide you on the number of calories you need depending on the exercises that you have done. You can download this app for free.

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