Essential Benefits of Using Windows XP

Essential Benefits of Using Windows XP
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Despite the fact that it is very difficult to buy a new laptop which is fitted with Windows XP, there are still some great Windows XP laptop deals available to those who are willing to consider purchasing either a refurbished or pre-loved piece of machinery.

Because Windows XP has been replaced by Windows with a more modern operating system, many people will automatically choose new over old and rarely consider that these Windows XP laptop deals could give them a number of advantages. Certainly there are many benefits to using XP over another available operating system.

WLAN Features

WLAN, standing for Wireless Local Area Network is essential to the security and safety of the overall network. In order to ensure this security, a user would normally need to include a variety of equipment, security hardware and software with little or no guarantee of effectiveness. However, with the use of XP, users receive the benefit of built in security as part of the connectivity to the WLAN.

System Restore

Even the most established and assured user of technology has made a mistake with a download. From opening an email which turns out to be spam or virus to a piece of software which fails to live up to its’ promise, for many people, the introduction of an erroneous piece of information can spell disaster. However, XP is famed for its ability to give users the option to restore their system and/or simply rollback to the state the machine was in prior to recent developments.

Remote Desktop and Assistance

Although working within “the cloud” and remote access to a machine are all but standard on many new machines and operating systems, Windows XP was one of the first to give users access to technology which would allow them to reach their laptop or computer from any other Windows machine. For anyone on the go, this represented a completely new ability as they would never need worry about a forgotten memory stick, disk or document again. In a similar way to accessing their own saved documents and information, remote assistance allows the user to access tech support for their machine from any other machine.


One of the criticisms which is often levied towards technology manufacturers is their desire to ensure users only use their products. Therefore, many Apple products are only ever compatible with other Apple products. The same is true of Samsung and Sony but with Windows XP, users can enjoy a range of application compatibility modes which mean that the operating system will work not only with other Windows operating platforms but also some external manufacturers.

Built in Firewall

The majority of users searching for Windows XP laptop deals will be aware of the need for strong and well-functioning security settings. Whilst many users have to rely on external firewalls for their security, XP has a built in firewall which users can simply and quickly access simply by customising their own settings.

Whether your need for a laptop is a business or personal use, your online security and that of your fellow users is of paramount importance at all times and therefore any operating system which gives built in security could make all the difference.

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