Fintech Startup Ripple Opens New Singapore Office

Fintech Startup Ripple Opens New Singapore Office
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Over the past decade or so, Singapore has really worked hard to establish itself a premier global destination for the startup community.

In the past three years, so many new technology startups have established themselves in Singapore that industry insiders believe this city state to now be the “hottest place on the planet for the startup community”, even rivaling Silicon Valley based out of California in the United States.

Startups that have established themselves all over the world – including in Silicon Valley – have noticed all of the big benefits that Singapore has to offer as well. These operations have been flocking to Singapore in droves, all things to the very business friendly government, the incredible tax incentives, the investment opportunities in the capital available, as well as the amazing infrastructure that Singapore brings to the table.

Another major startup from Silicon Valley, Ripple (a financial technology startup), has decided to open up new offices in Singapore just a single month after they opened up their new offices in India. The managing director of this startup has really tried to expand operations throughout Asia as aggressively as possible, and company representatives report that Ripple isn’t done investing in this region of the world, either.

A game changing new financial technology company

Ripple represents a major shift in the financial world, providing global financial settlement solution that allows companies and organizations across the world the opportunity to exchange value the same way that it exchanges information in a collaborative effort – essentially establishing the “Internet of Value” (IOV).

We are living in the middle of one of the most disruptive times in human history from an economic standpoint. Technology has enabled startups to completely transform the world in ways that only legacy businesses that had existed for a handful of decades were able to in the past, and the financial world is always shifting, changing, and altering its composition based off of the moves that startups across the globe are making on a 24/7 basis.

Ripple has made it their mission to better quantify these changes, to provide companies and organization with the opportunity to leverage these changes more effectively and efficiently, and aims to allow for a more effective transfer of value, information, and technology in a collaborative sense of that will “rise all boats with the tide”.

As of right now, this company has a number of major offices in most major markets – San Francisco, New York City, London, Sydney, Luxembourg, and now new offices going up in India and Singapore – and Ripple is really pushing forward with a global initiative to get out ahead of the competition and establish themselves as the ultimate “gatekeeper” for this flow of information and value.

Significant investment has already been made into the Ripple organization, but now with the new Asian offices becoming established capitalists and investors from Singapore, China, India, and Australia are getting more serious about investing heavily into these kinds of companies as well.

The world of global commerce is changing and Ripple wants to help lead the charge.

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