How Not To Do Web Hosting

How Not To Do Web Hosting
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A recent incident can be the best example of how not to do web hosting. A lesser known company from UK (with the name 123-reg) accidentally deleted a large part of the internet. Reports say that this incident happened while the company was in the process of cleaning up the server. It has been learnt that the company hosts a whooping 1.7 million websites in its servers and almost all the user files got deleted at the time of system maintenance. It is still not clear whether the hosting company will at all be able to restore files of the users. Reports also point out that after the “catastrophic error” some users have lost access to all their websites as well as files. The online thing that can be said here is that this act is unlike the practices followed by the best web hosting services.

Per software firm INNMaster, the catastrophic error took place not even a week from now in the early morning (at 7am to be precise). This has been learnt that running of a script to deletion of all files of all the customers in the servers. However, it is learnt that the company has assured clients that they have all the website back-ups and they have already started implementing their disaster recovery plan. However, they have also said that it will take them sometime to restore all the data. This is surely a hopeful statement and all the clients along with the entire hosting world are looking at the progress with bated breath. However, best web hosting services should learn from this “catastrophic error” committed by 123-reg hosting company. Even if all the data are restored, the hosting company can never replenish the business loss and other problems faced by its clients. It is a learning curve for not only this hosting company but for all the hosting companies of the world.   

What are the Best Practices?

Now, you know how best web hosting services should not perform hosting. This is when it becomes that more important to know the best practices of hosting companies. Here are some of the most important points –

#1 Keeping the server healthy and fit all the time

Timely and regular maintenance of servers ensure that they remain fit and healthy all the time. This is the reason why updating the servers are so important. In fact, maintenance of server not only means maintenance of hardware components only but also the software. For improving system performance and at the same time prevent any kind of security problem, software-side software environment (including FTP server, email server, database server, and web server) should be kept up to date.

Network Uptime, disk space, and bandwidth

This is one of the most important aspects because it ensures how fast the data centers operate, ultimately deciding how well the websites load and other related factors. Disk spaces store programs, multimedia files, databases, and scripts. Providing adequate space is a prerequisite to smooth hosting performance. Larger bandwidth ensures faster loading of websites.

These are some of the most important practices that businesses should follow to ensure best web hosting services.


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