How To Enhance Your Tv Viewing Experience

How To Enhance Your Tv Viewing Experience
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Televisions have come a long way since the early days. In the late 1930’s the first television sets were sold to the public. They were tiny when compared to today’s screens; the earliest models only had 3-inch screen displays and of course, everything was in black and white. The resolution was awful – with only 240 lines the image on the screen was not great and at times the signal was so poor that the picture flickered almost constantly.

Today, resolution is measured in pixels and most homes now have a 1366×768 screen, which produces remarkably lifelike images. Add to this the fact that 50”+ screens are now found in most homes and you have all of the ingredients for a great viewing experience.

However, even though the TV’s we buy are very good it is still possible to improve the viewing experience even more. All you need to do is to buy and install a couple of extra gadgets.

Sound enhancements

One of the biggest enhancements you can make is improving the sound of your television. Flat screen TV’s look lovely, but they do suffer from a lack of good quality sound.

The problem is that the speakers that are built into these screens are too shallow to produce good quality sound. Fortunately, there is an answer and that is to buy a sound bar like the Bose Solo. The sound box is made of dense heavy material that resonates and distributes sound to produce a rich, deep sound that is far superior to that offered even by high-end home cinema systems.

The great thing about these sound boxes is that they look so good. They are designed to sit in the gap between the bottom of the screen and the table on which the screen sits. There is no need to run yards of cable and have speakers scattered through the room like there is with a home cinema system. Setting up a sound bar is a simple matter of plugging the sound bar in using the cables that are provided. It is so simple anyone can do it.

Picture enhancements

Enhancing the quality of your picture is also possible. How good your picture will be is, of course, governed by the quality of the TV you have bought. However, the picture you see on the screen will only ever be as good as the quality of the signal that goes to your TV.

If you get your signal via optic fibre the chances are you can do nothing to enhance the picture. However, if you use satellite or Freeview there are a few things you can do to enhance the quality.

Not all cable boxes are designed to handle and transmit a HD picture, so if you replace your old satellite TV box with one that can handle this kind of signal you will be startled by the improvement. Also, remember to use the HD channels rather than the ordinary digital channel when watching your TV. I cannot tell you how often I have forgotten that I can watch the BBC in HD, and I know I am not alone in doing this, which is why I include this rather obvious tip.