The Samsung Galaxy S4: Overview Of The Best Smartphone On The Market

The Samsung Galaxy S4: Overview Of The Best Smartphone On The Market
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Samsung has been taking on Apple in the smartphone market for years, and with the release of the Galaxy S4 device many commentators are now predicting it to tempt even more customers who might have been swayed by the iPhone. But what is all the fuss about? Here is a quick overview of the best smartphone currently on the market.

A Powerful Device

There is one thing that you will notice immediately with this device: it is very fast indeed. Running on Android 4.2.2. Jellybean and with a quad-core processor to power it, this is one of the fastest and sleekest phones around. It also means that it is capable of doing more things at once, and you will find things like playing games and watching videos are enhanced compared to less powerful models.

Despite the increased performance, Samsung has managed to pack in a mighty 2,600Ah battery to ensure that the phone will last you throughout the day no matter what you use it for. This is important because no one wants a phone that stops working halfway through the day, no matter how powerful it is.

Huge, Beautiful Screen

At nearly five inches in size, the screen on the S4 is one of the biggest on any smartphone, and as a result it is capable of displaying a lot more content than other smaller displays. The Super AMOLED display is very crisp and clear, and photos and videos look amazing. It also has 441 pixels per inch, which is very impressive and everything is incredibly clear as a result.

Innovative New Features

Samsung is developing a reputation as being the most innovative manufacturer in the industry, and the features included in the S4 are proving that. One of these is the ability to stop and start videos by simply moving your eyes away. Another one allows you to perform some actions without even touching the screen, such as opening emails or answering a call. These useful features really help to distinguish the device over its competition.

Excellent Camera

The S4 contains one of the best cameras on any phone, and if you have one of these there really is no need for many people to buy a separate digital camera. Boasting 13 megapixels, and producing images that are excellent even in low light, it is one of the standout features of the phone and is sure to tempt a lot of people away from their older devices.

Time to Trade in Your Old Samsung?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the best smartphone currently on the market, and now could be a great time to trade in your old model and pick up Samsung’s new flagship device. It’s easy to do if you have an old phone to sell. Samsung Galaxy Ace devices and other old Samsung phones can be sold via websites for cash, which can then be put into a new phone to give you a nice discount. After all, once you have your new Galaxy S4 you won’t have much time for your old device.