Tips To Get Money For Your Old Mobile Phone

Tips To Get Money For Your Old Mobile Phone
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With most networks frequently allowing you to upgrade your mobile, many of us have a selection of redundant phones gathering dust or lying forgotten in a drawer at home. A thriving marketplace, however, has developed for second hand phones, so if you need some cash, selling your old phones is an option.

Before You Start

Whilst most phones have a value, bear in mind that to sell a phone, it needs to be in working order. This means that there should be minimal or no cosmetic damage, the battery must work and you must be able to switch it on and off.

Selling Your Phone

There are a number of different internet companies you can use, whether you are looking to sell an old handset or sell your iphone. All you need to do is enter the make and model online and you’ll be advised of the value they will pay for it.

If you accept the amount, you’ll be sent a jiffy bag to post it in and can post it back on a freepost basis. It can be worthwhile, however, to pay for postage so that it is recorded or registered delivery if your phone is worth a lot just in case it gets lost in the post.

Before sending your phone, charge the phone and remove any personal data or pin/security codes; you can do this by restoring the factory settings. Remove your sim card, turn the phone off and pop it in the post.

If your phone isn’t considered to be in a good enough condition, you may be offered a reduced amount or the option of it being returned to you free of charge.


There are other options that you might want to consider too. If you’re buying a new phone, the retailer you’re buying from may offer you a trade-in price for your old phone, although you may not get as much. You could also try selling on eBay or to a friend. Some charities collect and recycle old mobile phones too.

What happens to my phone?

What happens to your old phone will depend on its condition and value. If it can’t be sold on, it will be disposed of or may be broken down and sold for parts. Many phones are sold abroad, particularly in the Middle East, South America and Africa. If it’s a particularly high value phone, it may be sold on in the UK.

Whatever you do, don’t simply throw out your phone if it has little or no value as it will need to be disposed of in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. If you can’t sell it, then recycle it. If you can sell it, do so and make sure that you get the best value for it; you could get as much as £150 for a decent one. With that much at stake, it may well be worthwhile rooting round to find those phones you no longer use.

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