Types Of Computer Fans & Buyer’s Guide

Types Of Computer Fans & Buyer’s Guide
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Most of you are probably wondering, What does ‘Types Of Computer Fans’ mean. Well, I am here to answer the same. In every computer, fans are used to help flow the air and keep the whole system running. But these fans are not very simple to choose from. Different fans are made for the different purpose, and one can’t fill the purpose of other.
The primary two factors on which computer fans are classified are:

Some fans are highly optimized for high static pressure whereas other are made for high air flow. Let’s discuss where these different types of fans can be used. I am only going discuss a basic overview but can you refer to casefansguru, If you are interested to know more about the topic.

  1. Static Pressure Fans
    The best static pressure fans are highly optimized for providing high pressure. These are usually used at junctions in PC where there is need of pressure to flow air.

For example, At radiators, They need very powerful fans to flow air through properly and a high airflow fan will simply do nothing. Some of the best static pressure fans are made such that there is no leakage of air, and blades don’t let air flow in the opposite direction. My favorite fan for radiators is Corsair Air Series AF120. If you want to know more about, You can refer to

  1. Air Flow Fans
    These are the fans that you want to look for when you are looking for fans for your computer case. They work best; They are specially made to flow as much air as possible without worrying much about pressure. They are comparatively cheaper than static pressure fans.

A standard fan costs about $10, The measure which comes in the act while considering case fans is how much “RPM” is rotates at. More the RPM more is the air flow, Also the radius of this matter. 80mm, 120mm, and 140mm are the most common sizes. 140mm Fans might flow the most air but before buying make sure that they fit your computer case. So you don’t end up buying something which isn’t even compatible with your computer.

Which One Do You Need?

It isn’t very complex. If you are looking for some which need to be installed on the computer case and involves taking air from outside environment and exhaling it inside the computer of vice versa; Air Flow Fans are the way to go. For anything such as head sync or radiators, you have to go for fans with high static pressure. There are several choices for both in the market, No matter if you are on the budget or looking for a very fancy RGB fan, There is everything available.


Almost reaching the end of this guide, I’ll just summarize everything for you people out there.

Questions You Need TO Answer

  • What do I need these fans for?
  • Does it require high static pressure or air flow?
  • Is compatible with my computer case?

After answering each of the above questions, you can easily find the fans that would work for you.

Things To Remember Before Buying

  • Is static pressure good enough?
  • Is air flow good enough?
  • Will the fan look good on my PC?
  • How much cubic air does the fan flows through each minute?

I hope this was useful to you If you have any questions you can comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to help you find the best solution for your computer. You can also refer here for more info.