Best Sites to Download Paid PC Games Legally Free

People no longer purchase game CDs and other such items. You can download PC games these days if you have an excellent and limitless internet connection. But there is one thing to remember. Some folks may advise you to utilize free game downloading websites. However, they may be dangerous, and you are likely to get a malfunctioning game. So instead, it is preferable to utilize select premium services to download PC games legally. However, this may be a complex process in and of itself.

Especially today, there are several places where you may legally download PC games. It might not be easy to discover the greatest ones. But, you’ve come to the correct spot if you want to test out some new PC games and are looking for some secure and trusted places to download them from. This post will list the top sites for legally downloading PC games. Because these websites offer legal games, most of them will be compensated.

Best Sites to Download Paid PC Games Legally Free

Here are Some of the Best sites to download and play PC Games Legally Free.

1. Steam

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Steam boasts one of the most diverse selections of games accessible anywhere. The website is dependable and has some of the top titles. If you want to get a game from a reliable source, Steam is the best alternative.

2. IGN Benelux

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IGN Benelux is one of the top websites for legally downloading PC games. To begin with, this website offers a plethora of free games for visitors to download. In addition, consumers may download PS4, Xbox, and Switch games from this website.

As if that weren’t enough, the site also serves as a news source for anything fresh in the gaming industry. So, if you’re a genuine gamer, this is a site you should check out and see if you can discover anything suitable for you.

3. Epic Store Free Games

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Epic Store is undoubtedly one of the most popular and reliable websites for legally downloading PC games. This gaming shop has given free a variety of games, including GTA5, Hitman 2016, Watch Dogs 2, Metro 2033, and others. The most excellent part about this game shop is that a paid game is given free every week.

You’ll also discover the most well-known battle royale titles on this platform, such as Rogue Company, Spellbreak, Rocket League, and the hugely popular Fortnite. This is the most incredible places to start if you want to download a game legally.

4. SteamGifts

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SteamGifts are yet another excellent service for legally downloading PC games. The website has a nice layout, and it’s simple to find games on this site. The most outstanding part about this website is connecting with your Steam account.

You may acquire several premium games for free by adding your account. The most excellent thing is that you may also communicate with other players on the site. This website is entirely secure, and you may put your confidence in it.

5. My Abandonware

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It is pretty simple to locate the most recent games on almost all reputable websites; however, finding older games might be challenging. That is why My Abandonware is on the list. If you like playing old games on occasion, this is a must-see site.

It has over 15000 abandoned games from different creators. Popular titles on the list include Need for Speed, Warcraft, Lemmings, The Incredible Machine, etc. The website does not need you to join up, and thanks to its user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly download the games.

6. GOG

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The following site on the list is GOG, and to understand why this site is on the list, some information is required. secured a contract with Ubisoft in March 2009, and as a consequence, the site now can publish Ubisoft titles. It is currently a division of CD Projekt.

Because the platform has access to Ubisoft’s back library, they have various titles. However, the most significant aspect is that the site gives out at least two or three blockbuster games for free every year, with the deal generally lasting 48 hours. So be sure to have a look at this one.

7. Green Man Gaming

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Green Man Gaming is next on the list, and they are an online video game shop, making them one of the most legal places to download PC games. The site’s catalog has approximately 6600 games. They also do a monthly giveaway for premium games, so check out their website.

8. FreeGames Subreddit

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Some of you may be surprised to see Reddit on the list, but there are several subreddits on Reddit devoted to free PC games. While there are several, r/FreeGameFindings is one of the most popular and reputable. This subreddit has many members that post free games as freebies. So bookmark this subreddit and return to it from time to time to obtain some new games for free. 

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