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Plex Alternatives You Can Try Best Media Server Software

Plex Alternatives

Best Media Server Software Like Plex Alternatives You Can Try: Computers, cellphones, and other electronic gadgets may all be stored in a media center. Their primary role is to keep digital media, such as pictures and movies. The user interface should create it easy to discover and replay the information you want. You may find your patience taxed, though, merely to understand that nothing is appropriately constructed once you begin seeking a specific file. So now comes the role of Plex.

Plex offers an astonishing array of capabilities and is probably one of the finest Media Centers ever. Plex customers may play online material via the media center’s interface, owing to many streaming portals and services, such as Netflix and YouTube. On the other hand, Freemium users will be unable to use the app’s parental controls, DVR, or mobile sync. In addition, it has no significant feature access. It’s not for everyone, too, of course. To choose Plex alternatives, streaming video and data should be accessible as well.

Pricing and compatibility play a significant role in finding the finest media center concerning the many features. In such case, here are a few excellent Plex alternatives:

Plex Alternatives You Can Try Best Media Server Software

Luckily, the market is swamped with a range of media server applications. However, not all of them have the goods to give seamless media streaming and administration. To spare you from tedious research, I have identified some of the top media server software that can replace Plex. 

1. Universal Media Player

“Universal Media Player” is a well-known name for providing dependable performance. Despite the lack of a beautiful interface, it has several user-friendly functions that will help you manage your media effectively. This Plex Alternatives in Replacement of Plex, has a powerful transcoder and supports a wide range of media types. So, regardless of which media formats you must work with, you will be able to do your task with the required skill. And as a result of this expertise, I consider this Plex Alternatives and compared to Plex, a highly competitive alternative to Plex.

It also supports devices that are DLNA compatible. Itmeans you can stream your content to a variety of devices, including Sony’s PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PlayStation 4 (PS4), Microsoft’s Xbox One and 360, and a variety of televisions (Samsung, Panasonic, and more). Apart from compatibility, it also allows you to access stuff locally, which is a bonus. And now that you have the free media server software at your disposal, you can manage and keep track of your data.


  • Provides a free Media Server application.
  • Completely compatible with DLNA-enabled devices
  • Transcoder with high efficiency
  • Supports a wide range of media formats
  • Windows, macOS, Linux, and NAS Devices are all supported.
  • Free to see the website

2. Emby

It has to be “Emby” if a media server program can rival Plex in most aspects. It’s easy to use this Plex Alternatives in Replacement of Plex, and gives you ample versatility to organize all of your music, videos, and images the same way that Plex does. The auto-organization feature ensures that you don’t have to waste time putting your material in the proper place. The best thing is that it converts your media in real-time so that you can stream it on any device without interruption.

Emby also has a user-friendly interface that allows you to navigate and access your files easily. You can watch live TV on your favorite device without having to worry about buffering or latency. It performs admirably when it comes to DVR management. This Plex Alternatives and compared to Plex, sends you quick alerts anytime anything noteworthy occurs to keep you informed about all of the important events, the app sends you quick alerts anytime anything noteworthy occurs.

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Emby, like Plex, has a very useful parental control function that allows you to limit the type of content your children can access. You’ll also be able to keep an eye on their session to ensure that they don’t go overboard with their media viewing. Its reputation as one of the top Plex alternatives is enhanced by its support for many platforms and smooth cloud syncing. Please keep in your mind that the free tier does not allow you to use all the features. To unlock all of the pro features of this Plex Alternatives and compared to Plex, you’ll need to upgrade to Emby Premiere ($4.99/month).


  • Auto-organization capabilities
  • Conversion of files in real-time
  • Parental supervision is essential.
  • Streamlined cloud synchronization
  • Windows, macOS, Web, Android, iOS, Linux, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and NAS Devices are all available.
  • Visit the following website: Emby Premiere costs $4.99 a month and is free.

3. Kodi

“Kodi,” formerly XBMC, is a powerful open-source media player and entertainment center. Music, films, photographs, podcasts, and other media files can be played and viewed from the Internet, local storage, and network storage media. Thanks to its compatibility with practically every media format, this Plex Alternatives in Replacement of Plex, gives you the most freedom to keep all of your files to your needs. And it’s for this reason that Kodi is a great Plex alternatives.

The software ensures that your movie library is constantly in apple-pie-order with tidy artwork and organized sections. The personal slideshows make sharing your images more enjoyable. Another feature worth highlighting is full customization, which allows you to add further personalization to the software to tailor it to your needs. It also includes a 10-foot user interface that can be utilized with televisions and remote controls.

Kodi’s unique add-on support gives you the ability to expand the functionality even further. Depending on your needs, you can select an add-on that will allow you to add some cool modifications to the mix and change how you handle your media. When compared to Plex, this Plex Alternatives and compared to Plex, has one major flaw. The app can only stream material over a local WiFi network. It is, nevertheless, one of the greatest Plex alternatives that you can use for free if you don’t want internet streaming features.


  • The user interface is 10 feet long.
  • Customization to the max
  • Support for unique add-ons
  • The file arrangement is impressive.
  • Windows, macOS, Raspberry Pi, Android, iOS, Linux, Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, Xbox, and other platforms are available.
  • Free to see the website

4. Serviio

Simply, “Serviio” is a well-known media server application. So, You can’t go wrong with this if you want to arrange all of your material in one location neatly. This Plex Alternatives in Replacement of Plex, reliably streams media assets such as music, films, and even images to supported devices like your linked homework’s TV, Bluray player, games console, and cellphones. Serviio is an excellent Plex alternatives because of its versatility in streaming media. More importantly, it supports Alexa skills, allowing you to stream media with the intelligent virtual assistant.

I’ve found this Plex Alternatives and compared to Plex to be adequate (if not at par with the best in the business). The free media server app is available for most devices, ensuring that media administration is a pleasant experience for you. Keep in mind that the free edition of the program does not allow you to access material from anywhere, which is a bummer. You’ll have to invest $25 to go past the limits of the free tier.


  • It enables you to access material from any location (Paid)
  • Alexa Skill is supported.
  • a dependable transcoder
  • Several media formats are supported.
  • Windows, macOS, Linux, and NAS Devices are all supported.
  • Visit the following website: The basic version is free, but the pro version costs $25.

5. Media Portal

“Media Portal” has met my high expectations as someone who always loves additional flexibility. The app serves as a multi-purpose entertainment hub that manages media and keeps track of the full library. And, like Plex, it gives the much-needed convenience of dealing with a range of different files thanks to the numerous media organization options in place. If you have a lot of media assets to manage, this Plex Alternatives in Replacement of Plex, is just what you need to keep everything in line with your demands.

Media Portal shines in the streaming department because of its compatibility with various media types. I didn’t observe any buffering or sluggishness during my test, which says volumes about its quality. That’s not all; it’s also built to interact with plugins, which can add desired efficiency and valuable customization to how you handle your files.

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  • Provides several media management options.
  • It serves as a top-notch entertainment center.
  • Local information can be accessed.
  • Support for plugins
  • Windows, Android, and the Web are all available platforms.
  • Free to see the website


To be honest, “OSMC” resembles “Kodi” in appearance and functionality (mentioned above). If you’re searching for a free and open-source media server tool that looks a lot like Kodi, is a good place to start. The app features a sleek, modern appearance that immediately grabs your attention and puts it on par with Plex. With OSMC, you can effortlessly construct a dedicated media server and export all your media files to a single, secure location.

You will be able to rapidly access your media on the local network using the FTP, SMB, or UPnP protocols. But it’s the presence of an App Store, which allows you to download a variety of music and television services, that makes this app truly special. For Suppose you are constantly on the lookout for unique music or entertaining television shows, this native App Store would be ideal for you.


  • Design that appears to be contemporary
  • It resembles Kodi in appearance.
  • App Store for Native Apps
  • Allows material on a local network to be accessed.
  • Vero, Raspberry Pi, and Apple TV are all available platforms.
  • Free to see the website

7. MediaGoblin

Despite not having as many features as Emby or Kodi, “MediaGoblin” is one of the finest Plex alternatives. This Media Server Apps comes with simple capabilities that allow you to manage and share your material easily. Thanks to supporting various media types such as music files, films, books, 3D models, and even ASCII-art, it ensures that you won’t run into incompatibility issues.

If you have to deal with many media files, compatibility with a huge number of files is something you don’t want to overlook. Regarding the user interface, I find MediaGoblin to be just as easy to use as Plex. Additionally, the ability to add a new media type and authentication provider may be useful if you don’t want the limited capability to become a hindrance to your experience.


  • The user interface is simple.
  • Multiple media files are supported.
  • Tools for organizing files that are simple to use
  • Adding a new media type is an option.
  • Windows, macOS, and Linux are all supported.
  • Free to see the website

8. Streama

Have you ever wished for your own Netflix account? If so, “Streama” could be a good choice for you. The program has a very appealing user interface and includes a Netflix-style player. You can rapidly browse your complete collection and organize the files according to your preferences. Streama could give Plex a run for its money when organizing media and providing maximal freedom.

An “Episode Browser” is available to help you keep track of your episodes and access them quickly. It displays all of your recently watched films and allows you to resume watching from where you left off. This feature is my favorites because it makes it a little easier to continue watching after an interruption.


  • Awe-inspiring user interface
  • Browser for episodes
  • Player based on Netflix
  • Windows, Linux, and Android platforms are all available.
  • Free to see the website

9. Ampache

“Apache” is a good choice for both a media server and a file manager. This Media Server Apps has a very straightforward UI that is simple to use. After you’ve exported all of your music, you can compile a large collection and customize it to meet your needs. You may easily stream music to your preferred player and control it. And if I had to compare Ampache to Plex in terms of versatility and convenience, I’d say the former is pretty close to the latter.

Do you enjoy listening to music on the internet? It does, however, provide you with an effective HTML5 player that allows you to stream music directly on the web. Thanks to the compatible client, you’ll be able to listen to your music not only on smartphones and tablets but also on TV. Overall, “Ampache” is a good choice for managing music files.


  • The user interface is simple.
  • There are numerous tools for organizing music.
  • HTML5 player that works well
  • OS-independent platform availability
  • Free to see the website

10. JRIver Media Center

“JRIver Media Center” bills itself as a “complete media software.” After using this software, I can tell that it can be more than a useful Plex substitute. Whether you wish to manage a large amount of audio or keep your music/videos in tune with your individual needs, it should not let you down. This Media Server Apps comes with some very cool editing tools that help you handle your media files as beautifully as Plex.

JRIver Media Center allows you to stream your video to practically any device, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs, thanks to DLNA support. JRIver Media Center also provides your data with much-needed protection and privacy. As a result, your files will be well-protected and conveniently accessible.


  • File management tools that are quite cool
  • Support for DLNA
  • Provides much-needed protection for your files.
  • Windows, macOS, and Linux are all supported.
  • Free to see the website

11. TVersity

“TVersity” is something to think about if you want to control your media in a more personalized way. It indexes your music, videos, and images automatically, ensuring that they are constantly in order. It also keeps an eye on your files and provides options to help you manage them better. This software allows you to broadcast personal and web media from your PC to your TV and even mobile devices.

You’ll be able to play practically any content (that you can play on your PC) on any compatible device, thanks to on-the-fly transcoding. In terms of transcoding, TVersity can not only compete with Plex but may also outperform it in terms of efficiency. Plugins can also be used to integrate external media sources seamlessly. In addition, TVersity provides command-line tools to assist you in automating your operations. One part to keep in your mind is that the app’s free tier has relatively restricted features. If you want to try out all of the features, you’ll have to go with the full or pro edition of the software on this Media Server Apps.

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  • Media management is tailored to the individual.
  • Indexes your files automatically.
  • Command-line utilities
  • Transcoding on the fly
  • Windows, Roku, iOS, Android, Chromecast, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and other platforms are available.
  • Visit the following website: Free, $14.99 for the full version, and $24.99 for the Pro version

12. Windows Media Services

If you’re a Windows user who wants a native service to handle your media, this Media Server Apps will suffice. You can easily make streaming media (audio/video) and manage your files with useful tools based on your needs.

Unlike Plex and many of the other media server software discussed above, it only supports a few formats, including Windows Media, JPEG, and MP3, making it a pretty rudimentary utility. Aside from compatibility, Windows Media Services has a simple user interface. You can easily learn it because it lacks a lot of high-end features. Keep in mind that it isn’t included with Windows, so you’ll have to download it to get started.


  • Windows Media, JPEG, and MP3 formats are all supported.
  • The user interface is simple.
  • It’s fairly simple to use.
  • Windows is the only platform available.
  • Free to see the website
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