Best Privacy Apps For Android You Can Use In 2022

Our lives rely on devices and digital technology, so we cannot afford to ignore privacy concerns. Everything from voice calls to text messages to personal and corporate information can be abused if it falls into the wrong hands. So, here is a list of some of the best Android privacy apps.

Best Privacy Apps For Android

Following is a list of the best Privacy Apps For Android you can use in 2022.

1. App lock

This is an excellent app for customizing privacy based on your preferences. You do not need to lock all of the apps. You may want some apps to be available at all times. For example, if you give your phone to your child to play games but do not want him to have access to your Gallery. As a result, this app is a simple solution. Lock the apps that you wish. The app offers an easy-to-use UI. You may enter a password or pattern for the apps you wish to lock. When you install a new app on your smartphone, the App locker prompts you to lock it. You may also enable or disable lock at any moment for any of the current apps.

2. Signal Private Messenger

We share a lot through messengers. Business papers and personal information may be included. However, there is always the potential that unscrupulous individuals will obtain such information. Single Private Messenger is a messenger that allows you to share anything with only the individual to whom you are sending it. Because no log or record is kept, even on the server, it is one of the best privacy apps. To use this app, you do not need to create a different login, password, or display name. It will just create an account using your phone number. You may also create groups with your pals and enjoy total privacy when emailing documents, texts, etc.

3. Incoming Call Lock

You can lock your contacts and phone using app lockers, but what about incoming calls? You can safeguard your incoming calls with a password if you wish to take all incoming calls on your phone. Incoming Call Lock is so effective that without inputting the password, no one will be able to view the caller’s name or phone number. In addition, you will be able to lock calls for certain contacts with this app.

4. Orbot

Smartphones are used for online shopping, banking, third-party transactions, and other purposes. Have you ever been astonished that a product you’ve only seen once appears as an advertisement on practically every website you visit? This is because you leave digital footprints behind when you use the Internet. To circumvent this, you must browse in an anonymous environment. This app allows other apps to use the Internet without invading your privacy. It provides three layers of security and prevents your personal information from being public. When using Orbot: Proxy with Tor, all users seem similar to the server, masking their true identity. When you begin surfing your information, your preferences are encrypted and decrypted only when it reaches their intended destination.

5. App Ops

The process of installing and removing apps on your Android device is continuous. Some apps on our phones consume resources they are not supposed to consume. For example, if Google Maps on your phone uses location, that’s acceptable, but if it uses contacts, that’s not exactly correct. Similarly, many other apps consume resources that they are not supposed to. You may prevent apps from using all such resources using “App Ops.” Access permissions for these apps can be managed manually.


So those were the best Android privacy apps. These apps will improve the privacy of your smartphone. Please let us know if you want to know more about a specific app category for your iPhone or Android.

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