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YouTube Mod is an Android Forked version of the YouTube App. Consider a YouTube app with no ads, direct download links, the ability to play videos in the background, dark mode, screen minimization, ad-free, and so on. Good job, Naa!! Today, in this post, I will bring this fantasy to life using a Mod YouTube App. The YouTube App is the most popular video streaming app, with billions of monthly users. YouTube is a fantastic source of information and pleasure, with millions of valuable videos available. If you are seeking a Modded YouTube APK file with all of the excellent features, this post has some important information and download links.

The OGYouTube App has all of the basic functionality of the original YouTube App and new features that captivate you with the Mod YT App for Android. To keep your information safe, sign in with your Google Account and sync your data with existing accounts and data. Given its features and stability, this app will undoubtedly be the greatest Forked Version of the YouTube App. We neither endorse nor are affiliated with the app in any way. This post is just for informative reasons. The app includes several features that the regular YouTube app does not have.

What Exactly Is YouTube Mod APK?

YouTube Mod is the best-forked version of the YouTube App for Android, featuring features like background play, direct video download, pop-up box, dark mode, and more that do not contain any ads. The app has the same fundamental design and UI as the original YT app but now supports G-Account Login.

Mod YouTube APK App Features

Using The YouTube API

The core UI and functionalities are identical to Google’s YouTube App. In addition, the vanced app is identical to the original YT app.


There are no pre-roll, mid-roll, or sponsored ads because it includes an ad-blocker.

Background Play

Because Vanced includes background video play, you may listen to music or audio in the background.

PiP Mode

Pop-up video box for multitasking; using Picture-in-Picture Mode, you may view the video while conducting other things on your phone. For example, you may decrease the video to take up a little piece of your screen so you can do other things on your device. (PiP mode is only available on Android Nougat and later.)

Save Offline

You may store videos offline, just as in the original YouTube app.

No Root

The app works without root, so you may use it on any Android device without worrying about system access. There is, however, a non-root version.

Parallel Use

You may use the app with the default original app. The app comes in a separate bundle and may coexist with the original YouTube app. As a result, you do not need to uninstall the default YouTube app to use YouTube Vanced.

HDR Mode

You may force the app to utilize HDR or Forced HDR, which will significantly enhance video quality. In addition, you may force the app to utilize the HDR mode using Forced HDR.

Vanced Settings

You also receive personalized settings for the vanced app, which gives you more extensive control over video playback and preferences.

Stability And Support

The app is extremely stable and supports Android 4.4+. Run with the default YouTube app.

Download Links

RaddixCore, a well-developed and trustworthy developer, created the app. The file was checked with many anti-virus apps, including Shield, Norton, Avast, and AVG. The file is also checked for maliciousness using an emulator and the TurstGo Ad Detector App. And based on our findings, we can tell you that the app is safe to download.

What Is The Difference Between OGYouTube Mod and YouTube Vanced?

OGYouTube Mod is a modification of the YouTube app that includes extra features like video and audio downloads that you may save to your device’s storage. Furthermore, YouTube Mod is based on an earlier version of the YT App. YouTube Vanced, on the other hand, is an Unlocked YouTube Premium with no special download function and the same YouTube interface.

Note: To use G-Account, you must first download an extra APK file called microG. While logged in, click to be redirected to the mirror website, where you may download the microG app. Install the microG after downloading it. Save it to your device. Then, open YouTube Vanced and make use of the features.

How To Download YouTube Mod APK App?

Here are the simple procedures to download and install YouTube Mod or OG YouTube App for Android.

1 – On your Android device, download and install the OGYouTube App. Make that you have unknown sources enabled in your settings; Settings → Security → Unknown Sources → Turn it ON.

2 – Once installed, open the app; a notification will appear asking you to download an extra APK file microG. (2MB). When you click OK, you will be redirected to the mirror website, where you may download the microG app. Next, download and install the microG.

3 – After installing the file, launch the Mod YouTube App and grant it all the required permissions;

  • Download Permissions.
  • Screen Overlay Permissions.
  • Account Permissions.

Explore all of the fantastic features of the OGYouTube Modded App.

4 – Sign in using your Google Account if you want to sync all of your YouTube search behavior with the OGYouTube App.

How To Use The Different Features?

1 – Below the video, you’ll find the option to download and play in the background. When you click the download button, a list of download resolution options will show for you to select from.

2 – To multitask, the video covers a tiny screen section, and you may complete other things simultaneously. When you click on the video, you will see a little icon in the bottom right corner of the video screen. Tap on it, and the video will be restored to its previous position, as it does while multitasking.

YouTube Mod APK

YouTube Premium [Vanced]

IYTBP is a Forked Version of the YouTube App that includes background play, dark mode, video download, and other features. The app, developed by an XDA developer, works on both root and non-root smartphones. The app contains the same core features and looks like the standard YouTube app but has some unique extras. YouTube Vanced is a YouTube app that does everything.

YouTube Vanced is a Premium YT App that includes all of the features available on subscription-based YouTube, the same basic UI and App design, and strong features such as Video and Audio Downloader straight to device storage with support for numerous resolutions.

YT Vanced Features

  • Adblocking.
  • Background Playback enabled for music.
  • Picture-in-Picture Mode (Pop-Up Box).
  • Set Preferred Video and Audio Quality.
  • Enable/Disable annotations.
  • Enable/Disable Suggestions Cards on videos.
  • White/Black Themed versions.

Note: To use G-Account, you must first download an extra APK file called microG (3MB). While logged in, click to be redirected to the mirror website, where you may download the microG app. Download and install the microG. Then, save it to your device. The app does not appear in the App drawer.

What If The App Doesn’t Install?

The app is stable with Android 4.4 and above. However, if the app does not install or displays issues, you must first disable the default YouTube app on your Android phone.

1 – To do so, navigate to Settings → Apps/All Apps/Manage Apps → YouTube App → Disable/Uninstall. 

2 – Also, make that installation from unknown sources is enabled.

3 – Go to Settings → Security → Unkown Sources and turn it ON. 

4 – Make sure you grant all of the app’s permissions.

5 – Go to Settings → Apps/All Apps/Manage Apps → YouTube App → Permissions (All Turn ON)

What If The App Stops Working Or Is Forced To Close?

Basically, the app is stable; the only app we can do if it isn’t working is clear the data and cache. So first, make that you have the microG app installed. The microG app does not conduct any important functions on its own, but it does aid in the usual operation of the Mod App. Next, make that you have provided all of the permissions to the original YouTube in Android’s App Settings.

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The Bottom Line: YouTube Mod APK

Download Videos, Background Play, Play as Pop-Up Box, and Ad-Free Experience With this amazing app, you can get everything. We neither endorse nor are we affiliated with the app in any way. I hope you found this post useful. Please leave a remark if you require any assistance or support. If you have any opinions about YouTube Mod APK Download for Android | OGYouTube, please leave them in the comments section below.

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