Digital marketers and website owners should know that Amazon is shutting down, the most famous tool for studying SEO. The tech giant said its 25-year-old SEO tool will stop working on May 1, 2022.

But it’s not a big deal because things differ from 25 years ago. We now have a lot of SEO tools that are similar to and even better alternatives.

Everyone knows how important an SEO tool is when digital marketing is increasing. The tool helps you in every way to plan and carry out your online marketing strategy. Everything can be done with an SEO tool, from looking for keywords to studying traffic.

So, a good digital marketer shouldn’t waste time and should quickly find the best Alexa alternatives. We’re here to help them by giving them information and a list of some of the best Alexa alternatives for getting traffic data.

List of Alexa Alternatives To Get Traffic Insights in 2023

1. Similarweb


The samewebSimilarweb can also be thought of as a great Alexa option. The SEO tool is made to help businesses make as much money as possible by focusing on potential customers. Using Similarweb’s dependable site checker will give you a general idea of the traffic on your website.

After that, you can learn more about competition analysis, audience insights, term possibilities, and traffic data by digging deep into the device. Like Alexa, Similarweb gives its users both paid and free choices. Enter your name, email a

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2. Ahrefs

AhrefsIt is a complete answer for digital marketing that uses websites. When you use Ahrefs SEO tools, you will get almost all the features you need to track and study traffic. The tool lets you follow your rank, evaluate your backlinks, plan your content, do an SEO audit, and plan your content.

The user interface is also well split into total hits, pages per visit, bounce rate, etc., making it much easier to use the tool. There are both free and paid forms of Ahrefs, so you can choose the one that works best for you. But the free version has a lot of restrictions and could use some improvements.

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3. Semrush

SemrushThis option is trusted by top companies like Tesla, Samsung, Decathlon, IBM, and Forbes. The business wants more people to look at it online. And the phrase is accurate because you can find almost 50 tools like this on SEO and content marketing to help you look at traffic and plan your marketing strategy.

The tool is easy to use because all you must do to start is enter the website. There are a lot of free tools you can use on Semrush. This excellent SEO tool can also be used for free for 14 days before you decide to pay for it.

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4. Serpstat

Serpstat, the tool we’ll talk about, has changed significantly since it was just a simple keyword search tool. It is now a complete set of SEO tools. Alexa now has Serpstat as an option because it has many tools for the market. You can use it to look at backlinks, track your rank, look at your site, etc.

If you give sensitive information like your email address, phone number, etc., you can use some of Serpstat’s free tools. But we’d recommend the paid version because the free tools should do what they’re supposed to.

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5. Ubersuggest

Please suggestIt is a set of SEO tools that Neil Patel made and is in charge of. The main goal of Ubersuggest is to help users find the best keywords and build their content marketing plans around them. You can also use Ubersuggest for free to narrow your website searches to just three results at a time.

The SEO tool is well-organized and easy to use, with all its features on the home page. For example, if you want to know about website traffic, enter the name into the search box. You’ll get the answer immediately, along with a short traffic summary and a few native keywords.

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6. Quantcast

How to Quantcast Quantcast is the best choice if you want an SEO tool that does everything. Using Quantcast, you can look up keywords, track results, check website traffic, and so on. Quantcast has a unique feature called the “site overview.” It shows how much traffic a site gets each month from free and paid sources.

Many bar graphs and charts can help you determine what’s going on with traffic and other things. The tools also list the most popular buzzwords from different websites, which you can use to rank your site. Quantcast has both paid and free versions.


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7. Website Informer


It is an easy tool that can help you sell your SEO-focused website online. Website Informer shows you who visits your site in real-time. You will also receive information about the website they visited and their location.

You can find everything you need on the screen, which is working. For example, if less than 2,000 people visit your site every month, the tool will be free. But you’ll get a membership if you get more than 2,000 hits a month.

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8. WatchThemLive

Look atThemLiveIt’s another SEO tool that lets you keep track of real-time traffic to your website. The tool can do many things, like keep track of users, page hits, referrals, etc. Also, a unique feature called “session replay” shows how a visitor went through your website.

You can also find the heat map, which shows which parts of your website get the most clicks. There are both free and paid plans, just like But the free plan only lets you look at 5000 pages, while the paid program lets you look at as many pages as you want.

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9. Spyfu

Spyfu symbolSpyfu is one of the best alternatives to because it lets users check out how their competitors sell themselves online. If you enter the URL of a rival into Spyfu, you’ll be able to see the keywords they’re bidding on and the number of monthly searches for those keywords.

Spyfu shows how many clicks a rival has gotten and how much each click will likely cost. Businesses that want to improve their SEO approach and get the most out of it will learn a lot from the tips in this article.

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10. is a website. Like, is a beneficial tool for looking at a website’s link history. With the help of Majestic SEO tools, you can learn more about your rivals, improve your link-building efforts, and keep track of your progress over time.

The Majestic Million tracks the top one million websites worldwide, and the Majestic SEO suite of tools is meant to help users improve their websites for search engines—anyone who does SEO or works as a server needs it.

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11. Moz Pro



You can use Moz Pro instead of Alexa because it is so good. Still, it is more robust than other tools. But you’ll have everything you need to be SEOs, marketers, and ads.

Moz Pro lets you do keyword research, keep track of keywords, and keep an eye on where you rank. Its tool enables you to check the trustworthiness of backlinks from competitors. Also, a site check needs to be done as soon as possible.

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12.  SE Ranking

Se rating is another essential SEO tool used by millions of SEOs, marketers, and business owners. It is a valuable SEO tool that can be used to learn more about the market.

You can quickly look up keywords and keep track of the ones you want to use with SE Ranking. The tool also had checks for backlinks, marketing, social media, and a website audit. And most of their competitors charge more than they do.

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