The 7 Best Android Games of 2023

The market for Android games is full of new money-making opportunities and hidden gems worth your time. You can look forward to a wide range of old favorites, new releases from independent developers, and Nintendo-published originals when you play Android games on a mobile device.

You can now find Android mobile games on par with AAA titles on PCs and devices. If you want to find the best games for Android mobile devices in all genres, just like you did when you found the best real-money online games, keep reading to look for the best games.

Android Mobile Games Worth Trying

1. Arena of Valor



When you look at the PC game choices, you’ll find that League of Legends and Dota 2 are the most popular MOBA games. However, we see that the odds are more even when we look at Android mobile games. The Arena of Valor app, which comes from Tencent, lets you play the strange real-time strategy game while on the go.

2. Among Us

Among Us came out in 2018, but it wasn’t until 2020, when the world was in a lockdown time that caused a lot of fear and mixed feelings, that it took over the game world. The game’s main idea is that you and your scientist friends have to fix a spaceship while hidden agents try to kill you.

You can play this game the old-fashioned way by manipulating others to get through it or lie your way out to keep up the trick. You can’t trust anything or anyone.

3. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

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If you like the Castlevania series, you’ll be happy to know that one of its most iconic games can now be found on Android phones. Take a turn playing as the vampire Alucard while you enjoy the game. It will be fun to kill the monsters that are haunting the house and planning to bring Dracula back to life.

The game has an inventory system and a huge RPG weapon with magic, special gear, and other things to pick from. You can find many things here, like a big castle to explore, hitting bags to hit, and new ways to learn. That’s a real Konami favorite that’s worth your time.

4. Chrono Trigger

Look no further than Chrono Trigger if you’re looking for an iconic and well-liked RPG of all time to enjoy. With the latest update, you can now play a time-traveling RPG on any Android device. The battles are smart and smooth, and the graphics are great.

Chrono Trigger’s touch controls, which sometimes may seem slightly incorrect, are based on the improved Nintendo DS version, and there is a lot to enjoy. Some players might find this annoying because the action moves faster than most turn-based RPGs, but the game is still a great RPG.

5. Crossy Road

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“How did the chicken cross the road?” is still fresh in your mind. Crossy Road is like Frogger in that you have to get the chicken across the road. The bright voxel style makes the game look iconic, and some people may find it funny just because chickens are generally funny.

6. Dragalia Lost


Dragalia Lost is a cute Android game that lets you explore dungeons deeply. It has fun songs, easy-to-use touch tools, and a growing story. Because it’s a “gacha-style” game meant to get you to buy new team units, there are many different things to enjoy here.

7. Downwell

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In Downwell, the goal is to do some coolest tricks before you die as you fall through various stages with guns on your feet. You can kill enemies with the bullets and remain in the air to move around. The vertical layout conveys the feeling of falling while you play, even though you’ll find the levels to be monochrome and retro.

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