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Best Animate Photos Apps For Android 2024


Images and videos are without a question the most popular social networking platforms at the moment. Pics and movies are shared every other day. Some people spend a lot of time scrolling through their social media feeds and may know that animate photos, GIFs, and videos are very popular on these sites. There are lots of the photo editing apps on the Google Play Store these days that make it easy to add animation and filter effects to videos. Also, if you want to know how to make a still shot move, you’re in the right place. Here are some of the best apps that can help you turn a still picture into an animation.

Best Animate Photos Apps For Android 2024

Now There are a lot of Animate Photos apps in the Google Play Store that claim to be able to animate photos, but only a few actually do. So, in this piece, we’ve listed the apps that have been tested by hand. People really like these apps, and you can find them in the Google Play Store. Let’s look at the list of the best apps for animating photos.

1. PixaMotion Loop

Animate Photos

You can use PixaMotion Loop on your Android phone to make live photos, live wallpaper, and moving backgrounds. It’s a fairly new app that is already very popular. PixaMotion Loop is different from other animator apps because it also has a movie maker that lets you make your own short videos. With its motion-on-image editor, you can make beautiful live photos that move.

2. Movepic

Live photo, wallpaper, and gif creation with animated effects is simple with Movepic. The great thing about Movepic is that all you have to do to make something move in light motion shots is draw a path. You can also change the speed of the photo loop animation by hand. However, the free version of the app leaves a watermark on the images that you edit.

3. ImgPlay

ImgPlay might be the best option for you if you’re looking for a way to create GIFs from your photos and videos. What do you think? ImgPlay has a much cleaner user interface than Pixaloop, and it doesn’t have a lot of tools that you don’t need. ImgPlay only has one drawback: it sticks a watermark on your images that you can’t get rid of unless you buy the premium version. You can get this app on both iOS & Android. It’s one of the best apps for Android for Animate Photos.

4. StoryZ Photo Motion

This app called StoryZ Photo Motion might be the best choice for you if you want to make visual stories from still images. What do you think? Through StoryZ Photo Motion, you can bring your photos to life and make them move. The app is a bit difficult, but it has lots of cool and useful features. Like, it uses pre-set paths of movement, overlays, and color filters to bring your photos to life.

5. Motionleap

Motionleap is a 3D photo editor app for Android that lets you add motion to your photos with effects. What do you think? You can quickly transform still photos with Motionleap to make something short and fun. It’s even more interesting that Motionleap lets users freeze some parts of images, add filters, and more.

6. Zoetropic

Zoetropic has a lot of 3D tools and Camera FX that can make your photos more realistic. So, Zoetropic is much easier to use than the other apps on this list. You need to set the motion points, mask the places you want to stay still, and add audio and overlays to the motion points to make them your own.


You can animate still images with the VIMAGE app, which does cinemagraphs. You can add a huge number of moving photo effects, filters, presets, and overlays to your photos with this app. Your priceless images can become artistic live photoss with the help of the app.

8. Lumyer

Lumyer lets you change the way movies look and add effects to them. The good news is that Lumyer can also be used with photoss. Take a photo from the camera or the gallery and then animate it to get great animation effects. You can also use Lumyer to make your photo into an animated GIF or movie.

9. ToonMe

ToonMe is a great app for changing photos on Android that can make your portraits look like cartoons or vectors. You can get the app for free from the Google Play Store. It only takes seconds to turn a photo into a cartoon or vector art. It also comes with a full-body cartoon maker, vector image templates, and other things.

10. Photo Animator & Loop Animation Editor

The Android photo maker app Photo maker & Loop Animation Editor is pretty new. You can get it from the Google Play Store. You can quickly turn memorable photos into beautiful animations with Photo Animator & Loop Animation Editor. This Animate Photos app has a lot of unique motion effects, layers, and other things.

11. PixAnimator

If you want an Android app that can turn your photos into cool video loops, PixAnimator could be the best choice. From your gallery, camera roll, Facebook photos, and other places, you can use these images to animate. Besides that, the app gets new loops every day.

12. Moving Pictures & 3D pictures

Moving Pictures & 3D Pictures from Imagix is an app that lets you make live photo, wallpaper, and moving themes. It’s easy to make beautiful live photos that move with its movements on an image editor. The app used to be called Pixamotion. It’s one of the best Android apps to Animate Photos right now.

13. Revive

If you want a fun photo animator app for Android, Revive is the only one you need. With the Revive Face Photo Animator app, you can turn any photo into an animation. You only need to take a photo, add lip sync, and animate your face to get started. The only bad thing about Revive is that you have to pay to access most of its features. This Animate Photos free version only gives you a few options.

14. DreamFace

You can get and use DreamFace, a free photo animation app for Android, right now. With this app, it only takes a few taps to make beautiful and funny movies. The app uses AI to do things like make your photos sing and dance, turn free words into speed with just a tap, make beautiful avatars, and more. DreamFace’s AI video generator says it can turn your still images into digital people who can talk in seconds.

15. Face Dance

Face Dance is a lot like the DreamFace app that we already talked about. You can animate your still portraits with hundreds of face animations using this AI-powered Photo Animator. You can make any photo sing with this AI photo animator. The Nostalgia mode lets you animate old photos, and you can also make your own face dance with it. This Animate Photos app is a lot of fun, but you have to pay for some of its benefits. You won’t be able to get the most out of the app unless you buy the in-app things.

Final Words:

Last but not least, these free Animate Photos Android apps can turn a still photo into an animated one. I hope this post was helpful! Also, please tell your friends about it. Also, please tell us about any other apps like this in the box below.

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