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Ways to Bypass YouTube Age Restriction in 2022


Isn’t it true that everyone enjoys watching videos on YouTube? YouTube is the best video-streaming platform available. However, due to legal constraints, many videos are unavailable to stream. You can simply get around the YouTube Age Restriction using a variety of approaches.

YouTube has implemented several limits on who can access specific material due to significant audience variance. Although YouTube restricts adult content, some videos are nonetheless unfit for children. The YouTube age limit kicks in here. This article covered how to get around YouTube’s Age Restriction on Android, macOS, and Windows.

Ways to Bypass YouTube Age Restriction 2022

Bypass YouTube‘s Age Restriction is quite beneficial, but it can be aggravating when people search for a specific video and discover they cannot access it. Here’s how to get around it:

YouTube Age Restriction On Android and iOS

  • On your smartphone, open the YouTube app.
  • Open Settings by clicking the Account symbol in the top right corner.

YouTube Age Restrictions

  • Select General.

  • Turn the toggle switch off except for Restricted mode.

YouTube Age Restriction On YouTube Desktop

Go to YouTube and click the Account button in the top right corner of your desktop.

  • At the bottom, select Restricted mode.
  • Remove the toggle switch.
  • Turn off restricted mode.

Final Words:

This is how you could get around YouTube Age Restrictions on your phone and computer. We hope that the steps outlined above were useful. If you continue to face the problems, Then please leave a remark below.

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