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Top 14 Best Exercise Apps For Android Devices


Getting in shape and sticking to a healthy schedule might lower your chance of developing health problems like high blood pressure, sleeplessness, and cholesterol. Unfortunately, a few investigations imply that smartphones might harm our health. Although smartphones might harm our health and make us sluggish, they can also help you maintain healthy behaviors. Look at the Google Play Store; many Android exercise apps are connected to health and fitness. Furthermore, these exercise apps have received millions of downloads. This result demonstrates that fitness and health-conscious people still use their smartphones excellently.

Top 14 Best Exercise Apps For Android Devices

So, in this post, we’ll share some of the best exercise apps for Android users that can help you keep healthy and fit.

1. 7-Minute Workout

Exercise Apps Android

It is one of the best and highest-rated Android exercise apps on the Google Play Store that may help you keep fit. The app is ideal for individuals seeking to reduce weight. As the name implies, 7 Minute Workout offers workout regimens that last no more than 7 minutes. In addition, 7 Minute Workout includes exercises that tone the abdomen, chest, thighs, and legs.

2. Fitify

Fitify is a comprehensive home exercise and workout app for Android that allows you to get in shape at home. The app provides workouts and schedules for bodyweight training that need no equipment. Fitify includes fitness and workout regimens for reducing weight, burning fat, increasing muscle and strength, and more. The app includes sections for HIIT cardio and healing sessions. Although the app is free to download and use, most of its features require a premium payment.

3. Pocket Yoga

It is among the best and highest-rated Android health and fitness apps. Pocket Yoga is easier to use than the other exercise apps for Android on our list. It solely focuses on Yoga techniques. Each Yoga practice was separated into many sessions. Each of the sessions is distinct in length and complexity.

4. Mind Games

As we all know, our brain is critical to improving our health. So, Mind Games is an excellent app for developing mental abilities. The app offers a variety of Mindware brain training games that may help users improve their cognitive skills. So, with Mind Games, you may improve your brain’s working memory and processing speed.

5. Water Drink Reminder

Water Drink Reminder should be added to the list of Android exercise apps. Since water is important in improving our health, such apps are beneficial. Water Drink Reminder is among the best self-improvement apps for remembering to drink enough water.

6. FitOn

FitOn is the finest Android workout app that helps you reduce weight and become fit anytime. The app is famous because it offers free home exercise workout videos. You may also design tailored fitness routines and guided meditations. The app includes everything you need to maintain your physical and emotional health. You may also participate in a friendly competition by joining the live leaderboard and tracking your progress.

7. 10 Full Body Exercises

10 Full Body Exercises is the best exercise app for Android. Although the app is not widely famous, it does feature a full-body workout to help you burn fat, gain abs, train your arms, and so on. So, with 10 Full Body Exercises, you can make the body strong and healthy.

8. Home Workout

Home Workout is one of the best workout apps for Android smartphones. The app promises to help you grow muscle and maintain fitness in a few days. To help you maintain a fit body, the app includes many warm-up and stretching activities.

9. Female Fitness

This is among the best women’s workout apps in the Google Play Store. The best part about Female Fitness is that it includes almost everything you need to train your body, burn calories, and reduce weight. Female Fitness provides scientifically proven exercises to help customers reduce weight and improve overall health.

10. Fitness & Bodybuilding

You should pick Fitness & Bodybuilding if you’re searching for an Android fitness app to discover exercises with video assistance. Guess what? Fitness & Bodybuilding includes the best workouts for each muscle group. Not only that, but the app includes language instructions and photos for each exercise. Aside from that, Fitness & Bodybuilding has a built-in timer, calendar, and more.

11. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

The app’s name tells it all. Try this app if you want to become fit in 30 days. The app includes a 30-day fitness challenge designed by a certified fitness instructor. Each exercise in the app has been scientifically proven to improve your fitness and health.

12. Fitbod

If you’re searching for an Android app to help you grow stronger, reduce weight, and develop muscle mass, Fitbod might be the best option. The app’s most unusual feature is that it generates a tailored workout plan based on your previous workouts and strength-training ability. You may also see the effect of your workout on a body heat map, track how many calories you’ve burnt, and more.

13. Fitness Coach

Whether you desire to grow muscle, lose weight, or stay fit, the app contains everything a fitness fanatic could need. The app includes personalized planning and training routines based on your fitness objectives. There is also a section devoted to at-home bodyweight workouts that do not need any equipment. Over 100 expert-designed workouts are available, and you may pay a fee to construct your tailored training plan.

14. Peloton

Well, Peloton is an Android app that makes fitness courses and workout monitoring enjoyable and simple. The app contains everything you’ll ever need for improved health and strength. You may also practice guided meditation to relieve stress and improve attention. Peloton’s sole disadvantage is that most of the app’s functionality is kept behind a paywall. However, you may use this app for free by registering for the 30-day free trial. Overall, Peloton is an excellent exercise app for Android that you should pay attention to.

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So, these are the best exercise apps for Android smartphones. If you know of more Android exercise apps, please comment below. This post was helpful! Share it with your friends as well.

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