Fix: Trello Not Working Issue on Android Devices

Fix: Trello Not Working Issue on Android Devices. Trello is the easiest way to keep track of projects, so we use it every day. The Kanban-style task management interface makes it easy for each team member to keep track of how tasks are moving through the pipeline. This tool is great for keeping track of projects, tasks, and workflows. You can change it to fit the way your team works, whether you want to add files, check lists, or even automation.

But when something important like Trello stops working, our work slows down.
So we’ve put together this guide. So, if Trello isn’t working on your Android device and you want to know how to fix it, let’s check at the fixes.

Top Ways to Fix Trello Not Working Issue on Android

Fix: Trello Not Working Issue on Android Devices isn’t hard; we’ll show you how to do it in the next part of this guide. So, don’t be afraid! Just try the following ways to fix the problem:

Fix 1: Restart Your Device

At first, working your device will be a great way to fix any issue with an application that won’t work. This is because, most of the time, we’ve seen this kind of error happen because of random bugs or glitches.

So, when we reboot our device, the RAM is cleared and the whole system gets a fresh start. So, you’ll need to restart your Android device and run the Trello app to see if the problem is fixed.

Fix 2: Make Sure The App Is Updated

Have you checked to see if you have the most recent version of the Trello app? Since you are using an old app, it is likely that your device will not be able to work with the app. The update is also sent out by the developers to improve performance, fix bugs, and add new features.

But we don’t think these small (regular) changes are worth it. But that’s what makes this kind of error in the first type. So, we advise that you keep all of your apps up to date.
If you don’t know how to check if an app update is available on an Android case, do the following:

  1. First, open the PlayStore and search for Trello.
  2. Then, select it from the search results.
  3. After that, if you see the Update button, it means there is an update available. If you don’t see it, it means your app is already up to date.

Trello Not Working Issue on Android Devices

Once you’re done with all of that, just restart your device and open the Trello app to see if it works.

Fix 3: Check Network Connection

To use apps like Trello, we need to be able to connect to the internet. This is because Trello is a server-based app that you can use to manage your projects, and anyone you add can use it from anywhere in the world. So, to make sure the problem isn’t on our end, we have to check if our device has a good internet connection or not.

So, whether you are using your phone’s data or a WiFi connection, we advise that you go to the Ookla website and test the speed of the internet. But if neither your WiFi nor your mobile data passes the test, contact your service provider and ask them to fix the problem.

Fix 4: Clear The Cache Data

Did you check your internet connection and find that it’s good enough to run apps like Trello, but you’re still getting the same error? Don’t be afraid! You can try clearing the cache data of your Trello app’s cache files on your Android device. Yes, a lot of people say that trying this method helps them fix apps like Trello that aren’t working at all. So, you should try this as well and see if it helps.
But to do so, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Trello app and then tap the information button.
  2. Then, just hit the Clear Data button.

Trello Not Working Issue on Android Devices

3. Now, from the opened menu, select the Clear Cache option.

All done. Now, wait until it clears the cache files. Depending on the size of the files, this could take a few seconds. After that, check the app again and see if the issue with it not working is resolved.

Fix 5: Turn Off Battery Optimization

Let’s say you have turned on the “battery optimization” setting on your Android device.
In that case, we advise that you turn it off because, most of the time, the battery optimization feature blocks the system that uses a lot of system resources. So, you should try turning off this feature and see if that helps.

Fix 6: Re-Login To Trello

There’s a chance that something is wrong with your account, which is why you’re having this problem. So, we suggest that you log out of your Trello account and then log back in to see if that helps. To do so,

  1. First, open the Trello app and tap on your name or the icon for your profile.
  2. After that, tap on Settings and then hit the Log out button.

3. Now, just use the credentials to log into your Trello account.

Trello Not Working Issue on Android Devices

After you’ve resolved all of these things, check to see if the issue with the Trello app not working has been fixed.


Fix 7: Check For System OS Update

There is also a chance that your system operating system is out of date, which is causing this problem. Even though the chances are very low, there is still a chance. So, we advise that you open the settings app on your device and tap on About or System update.

Then, just tap the button that says “Check for Updates” and wait while your system looks for the update. But if there is an update, instal it and see if that fixes the problem with the Trello app not working.

Fix 8: Reinstall The App

Still, no luck? Don’t get afraid! Now that you’ve tried everything else, you can reinstall the Trello app on your device. But don’t forget to remove the one you already have first.
So, let’s look at how you can reinstall the Trello app on your Android device:

  1. First, tap on the Trello app and hit the Uninstall button.
  2. After that, turn your device back on and go to the PlayStore to open for Trello.
  3. Hit the Install button now.

Trello Not Working Issue on Android Devices

4. Once the Trello app is on your device, you can open it and use your credentials to log in.
All done. Make sure that you can use the app without facing any kind of error.

Fix 9: Contact Service Team

If you’re still having the same problem, try facing in touch with Trello and telling them what’s going on. Then, they’ll figure out why Trello isn’t working on your device and give you suggestions for how to fix it.

If you have any questions or comments about Fix: Trello Not Working Issue on Android Devices. please feel free to leave them in the box below. Also, please follow our DigitBin channel on YouTube to get video tutorials. Cheers!

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