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Top 10 Android and iOS Green Screen Apps (2023)

Green Screen Apps

Green Screen apps let you change the background of a picture or video. You may have seen things in videos that surprised or shocked you, but they were just background effects.

You can count a background under the lake, on the hills, or anywhere else. Everything is done with green screen effects.

Green Screen makes things disappear so you can add anything to the background later. Before, you could only do this on a computer or laptop; you can now get apps for both Android and iOS.

So you need to download these Green Screen apps and use them to edit your videos and photos however you want.

Best Free Green Screen Apps for Android & iOS

You can find the best free green screen apps on the list below. Create beautiful content for social media sites like Instagram videos, Facebook, and YouTube to increase the spread and interest of your content.

1. iMovie Video Editor

iMovie is a free app that lets you use a green screen on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iPod Touch. It has a built-in green screen effect that makes it easy to edit videos or photos. There are eight different themes, plus a Dark Mode.

It has the best effects that Apple has made to make your photos and videos look different. But even though it’s a free app, you must know what you’re doing to use it.


Price: Free

Download Link (iOS)

2. Kinemaster

Kinemaster is one of the best and most useful tools for editing videos. Choose Kinemaster if you want the best free Green Screen app. It comes with watermarks on the free version, and the paid version has more features.

It also has great features, such as voiceovers, transitions, editing with multiple levels, adding music, and more.

This app lets you share your videos directly with other social media apps. New stickers, video and music clips, video backgrounds, and transitions are added to the app weekly.


Price: Free (With Watermarks) Pro Version ($4.99/ month)

Download Link (Android, iOS)

3. PowerDirector

It’s a great app for editing videos on your phone, whether you want to make a movie in a movie theater way or join two clips to share special moments. Every month, the best new editing tools are added to this app.

It lets the user choose colors for the background, like green, blue, and others. You can change how hard and bright a color is after you choose it. One can also directly edit the app’s content by making the background more or less see-through.

If you use the free version, your videos will be 720p and have a stamp. But if you buy the Pro version, the quality of your videos won’t be limited, and there won’t be a stamp.


Price: Free (with watermark); Pro (starts at $4.99)

Download Link (Android, iOS)

4. Green Screen by Do Ink

The Green Screen app is only available for iOS users. It lets you take a video, edit it, or add videos from your device to edit. On the other hand, everyone can use the app. It will be easy to use even if this is your first time doing it.

You should use four things: the Source pick, the Timeline, the Preview Window, and the Toolbar. This app’s only flaw is that it costs more than others.


Price: $4.99

Download Link (iOS)

5. WeVideo Movie & Video Editor

It is a free app with the best features to edit videos. You can use WeVideo Movie, an online maker, to make a green-screen video without downloading anything. The app can record or edit videos and photos from your device’s library.

The themes and effects for the videos are great. It also lets you add your music, voiceover, funny emojis, and more. A Mobile Pass version lets you post and share videos anywhere, has Green Screen effects, and doesn’t have a label.


Price: Free, Pass Version $4.99

Download Link (Android, iOS)

6. VideoLeap

VideoLeap is a great place to find everything, like a green screen app, keyframe animation, non-destructive video editing, or an easy-to-use video timeline for editing. But the app is strong and easy to use.

VideoLeap has some helpful features, like making new versions of famous videos using video themes. Even it has a way to talk about other things that people make.


Download Android | iOS

7. Inshot

With over 500 million downloads from the Play Store alone, Inshot is one of the best video editing and make-up tools. The highly-rated app has everything you need to turn a normal video into something special.

It has a “Chroma key” feature that lets you take out any color from a video. It also lets you make a green screen.

Other video editing features include trim, cut, and join. Its artificial intelligence (AI) effects and picture-in-picture (PIP) will blow your mind.

Download Android | iOS

8. Veescope

Another great green screen app ensures you get all the great features. Veescope is a small app that lets you make a great movie-like view with a green screen.

What’s more? You can make a video with up to 6 layers. Even better, it can send videos in the rare 4K quality.

Also, with the app’s help, anyone can create a weather report background. And things are easier to understand and use because the user interface is easy to use.


Download iOS

9. Video Star

Video Star is a popular iOS app for editing videos that lets you use a green screen. Like Veescope, it has more than 15 levels so that you can edit multiple keyframes simultaneously.

One of the best things about the app is that it has a lot of free features. The app’s freehand delete, clear background, and colors are also helpful.

The only problem with the app is that it’s hard to use for people who are just starting. You have to put in some time to use all of its features right.

Download for iOS

10. AI Green Screen

AI Green Screen is another important app for Android users. With its green screen effects, you can make cool videos.

There are three stages of how sensitive this app is to things. The AI-based paint is one of its most interesting features.

AI Green Screen has everything you need to use many effects, emojis, and stickers to turn a picture into a video. You can easily create custom stickers for WhatsApp.


Download Android

I hope you find what you need in this post. If you know of other green screen apps, please comment down so we can add them to our list and help even more people.


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