Top 10 Best Hacking Tools for Hackers of 2024

To find and use security holes in computers, networks, web apps, and websites, hackers use PC tools and scripts called “hacking tools.” There are a lot of tools on the market that are the same. Users can quickly grab ethical hacking tools from the internet. Some are free and open source, and some that cost money. Here is a list of the ten best hacking tools for hackers.

Best Hacking Tools for Hackers:


1. Ettercap

Ettercap is an ethical hacking tool. It has active and passive inspection tools and can analyze both networks and hosts. These are the best hacking tools for reading HTTPS-encrypted data, even if the link is made through a proxy site.

2. Traceroute NG


Traceroute NG is a tool for applications that use network paths. This software can show you IP addresses, hostnames, and whether a message was lost. It gives you accurate research through a command line tool.

3. Angry IP Scanner

Hacking Tools

Angry IP Scanner is an ethical hacking tool for open source and cross-platform apps. It checks IP addresses and ports. This hacking tool checks both private and public networks. A hacker can do damage on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

4. Burp Suite

Burp Suite is a great tool for checking the security of web applications. Several hacking tools work together to make the pen testing process possible. It has everything from simple mapping to figuring out how an application can be attacked.


5. Acunetix

Hacking Tools

Acunetix is an ethical hacking system that is fully automatic and acts like a hacker to keep dangerous people out. The web application security scanner goes through HTML5, JavaScript, and single-page apps correctly. It can check many different web apps, even ones that have been authorized, and make compliance and management reports on many different web and network vulnerabilities.

6. Netsparker

Netsparker is a simple web application security web scanner that checks your web services and apps for SQL Injection, XSS, and other security holes. It can be bought as either an on-premises or a SAAS service.

7. Medusa

Medusa is one of the best free brute force, fast, parallel, and ethical hacking tools for people who want to crack passwords. A lot of people who do ethical hacking use this set of tools.

8. Intruder

The intruder is a strong, automatic vulnerability scanner that can find holes in the security of any current IT system. It tells you about the risks and how to avoid them, which makes it a great addition to your ethical hacking tools.

9. SolarWinds

Hacking ToolsYou can improve your PC’s security using SolarWinds Security Event Manager, the best tool available. This application instantly protects your network, which also keeps track of security rules. SolarWinds makes it easy to keep track of your log files and get quick alerts when something strange happens.

10. Sboxr

The hacking tool Sboxr is free and open source. It checks to see if a web application is vulnerable. It is one of the best hacking websites because it can be changed so that users can make their security tools.


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