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7 Hair Color Apps to Try Before Dying


You could ruin your look with the wrong hair color, which would cost more money for a second chance. Fortunately, you may view how your brown, blonde, redhead or rainbow hair color ideas will look before you go to the salon. Using a hair color app is just as easy as a picture maker. You’ll know ahead of time if the color is right or not. We’ve selected the best hair color apps to help you choose between hair color ideas.

Options for Hair Color apps

These are the best hair color app ideas you should try before you dye your hair.

1. YouCam Makeup

Hair Color Apps

In the past, hair color apps made color-bleeding hair look fake. Luckily, that problem has been solved thanks to progress in technology. AI-powered apps learn how to maintain your hair by looking at realistic hair color ideas.

YouCam Makeup, for instance, can use your selfie or live video feed to show you how you’ll look after getting a makeover. YouCam Makeup knows how important it is to get the color of your hair right. As a result, the hair color app delivers over 150 colors with words readily matched with hair dye hues in real life. At the time of writing, rainbow, and two-tone or gradient colors are very popular.

Because the app remembers the shape and style of your hair after applying the color you chose, you can decide if your planned trip to the salon is worth it.


2. FaceTune Editor

FaceTune is better than other apps because social media stars have used and tested it. It is the editing app that many netizens on TikTok, Instagram, and different trending platforms operate, so you may want to select it.

In terms of how it functions, unlike the other options, it does not specialize in hair color. Yet, it lets you alter your hair color realistically, helps natural to unusual hues, and produces realistic results. You are additionally, using this sort of app grants you access to more editing or beautifying possibilities. FaceTune is a multi-purpose photo editor, so you won’t have to jump between apps to achieve the look you want for hair color ideas.


3. Instagram


Instagram One app that works like Snapchat and is known for its effects is Instagram. An Instagram picture on the Google Play Store If Snapchat is on this list, then Instagram, its major rival, must also be. Instagram is a fun website where you can find filters that almost change the color of your hair, just like Snapchat. PutCopper hair color works much like a hair color app. The change hair color app makes finding a hair color effect easy on Instagram.

Open the camera in the Your Stories app and scroll down the screen to see the different tools. When you see the enlarged glass, please tap on it. This should bring you to the Instagram Effect Gallery, Hair Color Ideas, where you may select any filter or use the keyword “auburn hair color” to look for a hair color.


4. Fabby Look

You may already know how you look as a redhead, brunette, or blonde. That is no surprise, given that we’re examining natural hair hues.

But what if you like brighter hues?

Is there a hair color app that would be excellent for this?

There is, thankfully, and it’s called Fabby Look. Fabby Look is a hair color app with unusual hues, including Magenta, Platinum, and Green. On the app, light brown hair color, you may experiment with more than ten different colors. As a result, you have a good choice of hues for cosplay or merely displaying your unusual side—even better, brown hair color. Once you’ve tried a color, you can fast publish the results on your social media page.


5. Liming Zhang

Most hair color apps merely change the color of your hair. Liming Zhang. However, if you like to experiment with highlights electronically, Hair Color Dye may be the best hair color app for you. You may use the app’s paint tool to color all or sections of your hair. If you’re not used to utilizing brushes, getting the strokes perfect red hair color may take some practice.

Nevertheless, if an error occurs, there is no need to repeat the entire change. Utilize the supplied erase tool to remove the incorrect stroke.

What about the hair color options in the app?

You’ll be happy that this hair color app burgundy hair color covers both ends of the spectrum. Its color palette has everything from natural to exotic. It even provides gradient hues that are popular online hair color trends in 2022.


6. Face & Body

Face & Body Tune Photo Editor, Societatea cu Raspundere Limitata from the App Store. Even utilizing a hair color app, it might be challenging to determine how much of an effect the new color has on your look.

But don’t fret, there is a hair color app for it – Hair Color Changer. Because of its clarity, it may seem to be just another hair color app. It contains the standard brushes and color intensity controls. On the other hand, hair Color Changer, temporary hair color includes a helpful feature that many other options do not: before-and-after comparisons of 2022 hair color trends.

You may utilize the comparisons to determine whether the new dye color you intend to use suits you. That worth part alone may make the Hair Color Changer app worthwhile.


7. Snapchat


Snapshot Snapshot of Snapchat Pink Hairstyle Lens from lens.snapchat.com. Snapchat is a social media app, not a hair color app. Nevertheless, it is most known for numerous facial filters, including hair filters, so it may already fold as a hair color app, the best free photo editing app for iPhone.

If you’re on Snapchat, you may test with different filters provided by the app or other Snapchat users. All it brings is a few touches. You are using the search function on the main recording interface to look at Snapchat hair color filters. When you see one, choose it and begin recording a video or taking a photo. It’s that easy.

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