How Do I Put HBO Max On LG Smart TV?

To keep all of your best shows and movies in one place, you may install HBO Max on your LG Smart TV. A few simple steps are needed to set up the app. This is all the information you need.

Install HBO Max On LG Smart TV

The HBO Max app is simple to install and is accessible on all LG TVs. You may still need to be from the LG Content Store if it isn’t already installed. You may update the HBO Max app on your LG TV using the same procedure if you already have it.

1. Start up the LG smart TV.

2. Double-check that the TV can connect to the web.

3. Choose the LG Content Store by pressing your LG remote control’s “home” button.

4.  find the search button in the LG Content Store. It looks like a magnifying glass and is in the top right area.

5. Type in “HBO Max.”

6: Tap the HBO Max button to download or update the HBO Max app.

Download & Install HBO Max App On LG Smart TV

IfIf you already have an HBO Max ticket, you may enter your sign-in information after the app is installed on your smart TV. The easiest method is to use your smartphone or app, though you can also sign in on your TV. After that, you enter the number that your TV gives you.

1. Press the Sign Up button on your LG TV.

2. Click the button that says “SIGN IN.”

3. Go to your smartphone or computer‘s HBO Max Sign-in page.

4. Enter your passwords and sign in, if necessary.

5. Type in the LG TV number at Next.

When you open the HBO Max app, it should either ask you to install any changes or do it for you.

Watch HBO Max On Non-Compatible LG TV

You can still use other apps if the HBO Max app doesn’t work on your LG smart TV. If your LG TV has an HDMI and Wi-Fi link, you may use a streaming device like a Roku or cast to an Amazon Fire TV Stick. A computer or smartphone could also be hooked to your LG TV with an HDMI wire.

HBO Max Programming

HBO Max is definitely worth the money, but it’s hard to say for sure. The platform was home to several well-known TV shows and movies at the time of writing, such as Station Eleven, Strike, Succession, The Last of Us, White Lotus, We Own This City, and more.


The LG Smart TV’s HBO Max installation is simple. Once set up, you can use the Shuffle tool on HBO Max to watch random episodes of your favorite shows.

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