In League of Legends, Jhin is a very well-known character, whether he is slowing down enemies or doing as much damage as possible to them. He is known as a serial killer, and he thinks killing is just an art.

We all already know that he plays the bot lane like no one else. He needs support to play more aggressively and destructively. So, we collected all of Jhin’s best supports in LOL and put them in one place.

But we will tell you everything you need to know about the pros and cons of Jhin support so that you can make the most of it. So let’s start right now.

Lol: Best Supports for Jhin in 2023

Jhin has become one of the best shots in the game since he was added. But because he is different, he needs support in a different way. We made a list of the best League of Legends supports for Jhin so that you can choose the right one.

1. Zyra

League of Legends

It is thought that Zyra, a champion mage, can do damage from far away. Still, many players need help to make good use of her with Jhin. She can still be a good support for Jhin.

The most important part of Zyra was controlling the crowd. Also, she has a lot of tie to plants. When Zyra and Jhin are used right, no other pair is more offensive.

2. Leona

Leona was probably one of the best people who supported Jihn. In both attack and defense, Leona has everything she needs to tie up with Jhin. She can also keep Jhin safe by controlling the crowd before he is caught.

By fixing any enemy she wants with her attack on Jhin, she can quickly lock down enemies. When you need to take charge of the fight, Leona is always a good choice. Everyone knows about her general strength and ability.

3. Nami

Naomi was the best at stopping her enemies. She did it better than anyone else. People respect her ability to heal, which is good for her friends. She also knows how to handle a big crowd.

She becomes unstoppable as soon as things need to speed up. Nami also says how she can attack and defend herself just as well. Nami is a strong support champion who can do a lot of different things.

4. Brand


Did you know that Brand and Jhin have some things in common? It is the ability to do a lot of damage. So if you put these two together, they will be the most dangerous pair because they can do the most damage. He can also set up traps and poke his enemies.

He is very good at moving from one goal to the next. When he sets up and pokes enemies, Jhin gets enough time to kill them fast. So, if you want to hit in a way that does the most damage, you can pair with Brand.

5. Morgana


Morgana is known for her spell shield and her ability to heal. Jhin and other good shooters can get healed by her black armor. Morgana also makes it simple for Jhin to set W up.

She is also strong enough to cause damage with a poke. But you can make a big difference against enemies if you can use Jhin’s black shield and bind. Morgana is a strong champion who, above all else, can tie with champion Jhin.

6. Blitzcrank

League of Legends

Blitzcrank, one of the best champions, can be a great choice for Jhin to play with. During the landing process, Blitzcrank’s ability to grab opponents with his strong cap ability is very effective at giving Jhin support.

The boost ability of Blitzcrank is also a great way to speed up everything. The rocket grab is my favorite and most dangerous move. When all things must be done aggressively, he can be the best option.

7. Lux


Lux is a fast champion who can be used with Jhin and does a lot of damage. Her main ability is to make light stick together. I’m always happy with her long-range skills and the damage she can do in a short amount of time.

Also, Lux needs only a short amount of time to handle the crowd. Her light shield is effective at protecting Jhin. Because she is mainly used in the mid-lane and support role, you make her part of the Jhin support list.

8. Senna

Another champion in League of Legends. Senna is known for her ability to tie things together. She is also able to tie things together defensively.

One of the most interesting things about Seena is that she does a lot of damage. Jhin can make use of cutting dark powers to hurt the enemy. It helps heal at the same time.

9. Zilean


One of Jhin’s most important fans is Zilean. The attack does a lot of damage with bombs. Zilean is always a good choice, even if it needs more speed to get around.

His E is enough to make Jhin a good match for Kiting. He can also bring Jhin back from the dead. Zilean always got stronger, which was the best part. He got stronger as the game went on.

10. Lulu


For Jhin’s support in the game, Lulu is a great choice. She does damage, and she also has great powers that slow down enemies. When Jhin uses her picture ability, his screen is more effective.

What’s more? Well, the wild growing ultimate can help protect Jhin. But Lulu’s Pokemon are very good and do a lot of damage. So you can use this pair to protect Jhin and make it easier to attack enemies.

Final Words

So, there it is! This is all the information you need to know about the best support for Jhin. All of them are very good at what they do as support heroes in League of Legends. But which one will you pair with Jhin? Please tell us in the comments what you think.