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Top 10 Best Linux Terminal Console Games


Linux games have come a long way. There are a lot of great games that you can play and enjoy. Today, I will discuss some of the best console games for Linux. Everyone knows that Linux users must expend a lot of time on Linux Terminal to do complicated jobs, which can get old. It will also help to play a few quick games on the Linux terminal to get rid of tiredness and boredom. Now, I will only work on making a great list of the best Linux Terminal console games for you.


Best Linux Terminal Console Games

In our daily lives, we all need something fun to do to relieve stress and break up the routine and boredom. Regarding fun and passing the time, the games we’ll talk about next will be similar to those. This collection of the best Linux terminal console games will mangle your mind and assist you in making the right choice. Take a look at the list below.


1. 2048-cli

A web worker from Italy named Gabrielle Cirulli made the game. Putting together tiles that add up to 2048 is the game’s goal. The new 2048-cli game came about because of 2048 with a GUI. It’s a great game for passing the time, unwinding, and keeping your mind sharp.


2 Nudoku

You can play sudoku on a terminal with Nudoku, an open-source game. Very few people have ever played this game before. This is the perfect game to eliminate boredom and keep your mind active. This is a simple stream game where the player gives the feed. This game has three tiers of difficulty: easy, normal, and hard.


3. My man

My Man is a text-based Linux terminal game. The popular Pac-Man game in Japan has just undergone a major update. My Man is a fun video game to play during downtime. It is one of the best games for Linux terminals.


4. Greed

A great way to kill time is to play this game. To clear the screen, the goal of this game is to move as many numbers in a grid as possible. The N amount of grid tiles is removed when you move the grid a certain way. Because you are greedy, you won’t do something that will take you off the grid. You’ll be interested in this game for a long time. It’s like Pac-Man and Tron put together.


5. Pacm4conesole

You did guess it right, though. The popular computer game Pac-man has a final chapter, Pac-man 4 Console. If you like video games, you will like this one.


6. Moon-Buggy

Moon Buggy is a game that has few graphics. In this game, you must drive a car on the moon’s surface. A few keys in this game will assist you in driving the car and dodging objects to get more points. Making your car jump over the carters will keep them from colliding. In general, it’s a very exciting game. The Snap Store is where you can get Moon Buggy.


7. Nethack

This is a computer game called Nethack. It is a cross-platform roguelike. The most current version of this game came out on April 28, 2018. It’s an amazingly great game. The unique parts of this game make it appealing to almost everyone. It comes with both a written and a graphics user interface. Learn about a cave without killing all the thongs that come up to you. That’s the main goal of the game.


8 Robot Finds Kitten

This great Linux terminal game is free and easy to play. In this game, a robot’s job is to find a cat by looking at different things. The robot must name the object to tell if something is a kitten or something else. Simon Charles says Robot Meets a Cat is more of a way of life than a game.


9. nInvaders

Do the namespace attackers make you think of old times? It is, in fact, the terminal form of the well-known GUI game Space Invaders. In this game, you must block alien ships from taking over the world and destroy them. It’s one of the best games for Linux terminals.


10. Zangband

This game is based on Angband. In both Angband and Zangband, there are special things like enemies, artifacts, monster pits, and caves. The game is only for one person. Zangband and its predecessor are roguelike games, and they’re both a lot of fun to play. This is the game for you if you want to play something exciting. You will be taken to a place full of excitement and discovery when you play this game. There is no question that this is one of the best Linux terminal console games out there.

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