Top 14 Best Portrait Mode Apps For Android Devices

Users increasingly prefer Android smartphones over digital cameras for picture capture. The standard Android operating system camera app normally offers all the features we need to capture great images. Still, it lacks certain sophisticated features such as Portrait mode. Portrait mode requires certain hardware compatibility to capture images; however, several Android portrait mode apps on the Google Play Store provide portrait mode effects. Even if your smartphone has a portrait mode, you may still capture portrait images. Portrait mode blurs a photograph’s out-of-focus areas, creating a distinct effect. Smartphones in portrait mode sometimes fail to recognize the correct item, blurring the primary subject. So, in this scenario, having a portrait mode app is necessary.

Top 14 Best Portrait Mode Apps For Android Devices

Users may select an object’s boundaries and adjust the blur level using these portrait mode apps for Android. So, with these portrait mode apps for Android, you can quickly capture stunning portrait photos. Let’s look at the list of the best Portrait mode apps for Android.

1. InstaSquare

Portrait Mode Apps For Android

InstaSquare differs from the other portrait mode apps for Android discussed in this article. It’s an Instagram photo editing app that allows you to produce stunning images for your Instagram profile. One of InstaSquare’s standout features is its excellent blur effect. This app lets you blur the background of your portrait shots effortlessly. It also provides additional photo editing features.

2. Lensa

Portrait Mode Apps For Android

Lensa is a full-fledged Android photo editing app with select features for retouching portrait selfies. The app has various simple photo editing tools that you can use to enhance your selfies and make them stand out. Lensa provides various photo editing tools, readymade photo filters, camera effects, and other features.

3. Snapseed

Portrait Mode Apps For Android

Snapseed from Google is similar to Photoshop for desktop PCs. It is a full-featured photo editing app available on the Google Play Store. Snapseed provides more features to users than comparable portrait mode apps for Android. Snapseed has over 29 tools for photo editing, including filters, healing, brushes, HDR, perspective, and more. It also handles RAW files.

4. DSLR Camera

Portrait Mode Apps For Android

DSLR Camera is the best Blur Effect app for Android smartphones on the list. Guess what? With the DSLR Camera app, you no longer need a DSLR camera or a professional photographer to apply a Blur background effect to your images. Users may manually select the subject from the picture to apply the blur effect. In addition, the app’s blurriness seek bar enables users to modify the amount of blur.

5. AfterFocus

Portrait Mode Apps For Android

If you’re searching for an Android app that lets users generate DSLR-style background blurs, AfterFocus could be the best option. Guess what? The app enables users to select the focal area more accurately, producing a more natural and professional-looking shot. AfterFocus also offers a smart focus area selection feature, which intelligently selects the subject of a picture to apply the bokeh effect.

6. Google Camera

Portrait Mode Apps For Android

The native camera app for Pixel smartphones is now available on the Google Play store. However, the Google Camera is only compatible with approved devices. Google Camera has more features than other portrait mode apps for Android. The portrait mode function enhances the pictures with exquisite background blur. It also includes Night Sight to capture photographs at night, super res zoom to maintain images clear as you zoom, and so forth.

7. Pixtica

Portrait Mode Apps For Android

Pixtica is a full-featured photo editing app available on the Google Play Store. It includes several useful tools for professional photo editing. It also has a manual control mode, allowing you to use your phone’s camera capabilities fully. Pixtica’s portrait mode allows you to capture photographs with a blurred background. You can also use this app to apply blur effects to any photographs in your Gallery.

8. Open Camera

If your phone does not support the Google Camera app for photography, you should try Open Camera. It’s an open-source and powerful camera app for Android cellphones. Open Camera’s best feature is its complete manual camera control. You can instantly stabilize your pictures with an Open Camera and alter color effects, ISO, focus modes, etc. Open Camera can capture stunning portrait images since it offers numerous manual settings to its users. However, novices may need help with Open Camera. This is because the app includes a large number of settings and choices.

9. Camera FV-5 Lite

You should consider Camera FV-5 Lite if you’re searching for a professional camera app for Android. Guess what? Users of the Camera FV-5 Lite have access to manual controls similar to those found on DSLR cameras. The beautiful thing about the Camera FV-5 Lite is that all photography settings may be adjusted. You may control the shutter speed, blur level, ISO, light meter, focus mode, etc. However, there is no direct option to capture Portrait shots with the Camera FV-5 Lite. To capture pictures with a blurred background, you must manually alter all of the settings.

10. Portrait Mode Background Blur

For those searching for a quick and simple photo editing app for Android, Portrait Mode Background Blur is ideal. This one is for editing portrait photos; you may apply background blur effects. Portrait Mode Background Blur includes tools for rapidly picking a subject. After detecting the subject, the app may apply various blur effects. Yes, you may control the blur strength to get the desired appearance.

11. Auto Blur Background DSLR

Auto Blur Background DSLR, as the name implies, is an Android app that allows users to blur undesirable picture elements. The app may also be used to take portrait photos. With Auto Blur Background DSLR, you can quickly blur the background, concentrate on a portrait image, change the blur level, contrast/hue/light impact, etc.

12. Blur Photo Editor & Background

Blur Photo Editor & Background is a bundle of photo editing tools to help you produce stunning blurred images. The app is surprisingly simple; you must manually select a picture from your Gallery, choose the focus region, and then apply the blur effects. Blur Photo Editor & Background offers a variety of unique portrait blur effects, including Motion Blur, Bilateral Blur, Zoom Blur, Gaussian Blur, and Mosaic Blur.

13. Phocus

Phocus, sometimes known as Portrait Mode Editor, is an Android app that allows you to make DSLR-style focused photographs with a blurred background. This is a portrait photo editing app for Android that produces fantastic results. Phocus lets you capture a portrait, modify blur and intensity, apply photo effects, and more.

14. Manual Camera DSLR (Lite)

Manual Camera DSLR (Lite) is an Android app that turns your phone into a professional camera, similar to a fully manual camera. It is a great Android camera app offering complete manual control over ISO, Shutter Speed, Exposure, and Focus. While the app is not designed to capture portrait images, if you know how to control a manual camera, you will get better results with this app.

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You may capture stunning portrait images or apply blur effects to existing photos with these portrait mode apps for Android. Almost all of the portrait mode apps for Android included in this article were free to download and use. I hope this article was helpful! Please share it with your friends. If you know of any additional portrait mode apps for Android, please comment below.

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