11 Best Android QuickPic Alternatives 2023

Let’s begin by talking about QuickPic. The user’s picture gallery app is called QuickPic. It adds a lot of features and choices to the gallery. Most users like the app because it makes their gallery look better. However, the app was quickly pulled from the Play Store because of a scam.

Cheetah Mobile owns the QuickPic and made ads that users could put between services. Since QuickPic has been taken down, we looked for similar apps to help you. So, here is a list of helpful gallery apps that are like QuickPic.

List of Best Alternatives of QuickPic for Android

1. LeafPic


It’s like QuickPic because the user experience is the same but has fewer features. It is for users who only need a little. The best part is that you can use a PIN or password to protect any place. It also has a movie player built right in and supports every type of image. You can easily change and save the photos here.

Download LeafPic

2. QuickPic Revived

QuickPic Revived

This app is just for people who really like QuickPic. It is a copy or clone of the app. Although some features are missing, it supports most of QuickPic’s features.

Here, a backup can’t be made in the cloud. On top of this, you might also feel slow. The main functions, like a video show, offline data management, and image exchange, work well here.

Download QuickPic Revived

3. Camera Roll – Gallery


The app is helpful because it has many features that make life easier for the user. The best part is that this app has built-in movie players and supports every type of image. You can change an image’s style from jpg to png. It helps and lets you see pictures on other platforms.

Download Camera Roll

4. Memoria


This app’s best feature is its easy use, which is why it has so many users. It’s like Google Photos and has some of the same features. The apps are constantly getting new versions so users can have as many functions as possible. The recycle bin is the best feature, where you can post unwanted pictures.


Download Memoria

5. Simple Gallery Pro

Simple Gallery Pro

The app is famous today because of its valuable functions, quickly attracting users. Everything is well-designed and well-organized, and the slideshow has the best features. You can protect your album by giving it a password.

The app has a built-in designer that makes it easy to change and save pictures. You can return the photos you accidentally deleted by using the “Recycle Bin” option, also available here

Download Simple Gallery Pro

6. Piktures


Today, the problem of storage is one that everyone must deal with. Everyone needs more storage space so they can keep their pictures and movies. This problem was fixed by this app, which has cloud service. You can easily save your information online without taking up your storage.

This app’s user design is simple and quick, letting you connect with it better through motions. You can also connect your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts for more storage space

Download Piktures

7. F-Stop Gallery

F-Stop Gallery

This app has all of the same features as QuickPic. This app is much easier to use than QuickPic and has many more features. The app is for power users, who will find all the needed features here.

It has all the necessary functions, including a cloud service, a slideshow, an editor built right in, a connection with Google Drive and Dropbox, etc. The app also has a menu button in the top right that lets you quickly and easily get to everything.


Download F-Stop Gallery

8. Simple Gallery

As the name suggests, it’s simple; it’s easy to use the app. It’s not for power users, but it’s easy to work with your pictures here. The best part is that you can sort your records in many ways, including by name, time, and place. It is a small app. Because of this, you don’t need a lot of storage on your phone.

Download  Simple Gallery

9. Google Photos


Most Google phones already have this app, so most users will know how to use it. This app is good for the average user because it has many valuable features and is easy to use. It made you an album based on where you are and other things. You can change the size and quality of the image, which is the best thing about this app.

Download Google Photos

10. A+ Gallery

A+ Gallery

Using this app, you have the choice to view your pictures either individually or in an album. You can add more things to your best collection, which makes it easy to find. The best feature of the app is that it has different styles.

The app also has a hidden feature where you can protect your album without telling anyone. There is a trash can and many professional themes in the paid version.


Download A+ Gallery

11. Gallery – Picture Gallery


It is an easy-to-use gallery app for Samsung smartphones. You need this app if you have a Samsung phone and don’t like how the gallery works.

Download Gallery- Picture Gallery

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