14 Roblox horror games that will be scary in 2023. Most of us know about the Roblox gaming site, where millions of players meet and show off their skills.

It lets you play games that were made by other people. On Roblox, there are a lot of games. Some are puzzles, some are funny, and some are scary.

There are many different kinds of games, and some players prefer to have fun in other ways. One of the ways is to play Scary Roblox games.

These Scary/Horror Roblox games are a lot of fun and will keep you on the border of your seat. Now, you can hop into a list of the best horror Roblox games, from which you can choose the one you want to play.
The scariest and most frightening Roblox games of 2023

Best Scariest and Horror Roblox Games in 2023

1. The Horror Elevator

The Horror Elevator

As the name of the game, “Elevator,” suggests, the player is in an elevator that stops at a random floor. There is a scary scene on each of the 24 stories.

As the player goes from one base to the next, the game gets tougher. Anyone can play this game online with any other player.

You’ll have to fight other killers on each floor. The game keeps adding new killers and stories.

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2. Dead Silence

Roblox Horror Games

It is the best horror Roblox game for people who like to play action and risky games. The challenges in the game are different, and the players have to deal with some chance luck.

The game can have up to three players, because if you play it by yourself, it might be scary. In the play, you, the player, are an investigator who finds out everything about Mary Shaw.

You find out more and more about Shaw as you go along. When the game is over, you could play Mary Shaw.

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3. The Mirror

Roblox Horror Games

The Mirror is a horror game for one player that lets you make a strange face. It’s based on facts about how people think and feel. This game shows how reflection works very well. Based on circumstances that offer fresh challenges, you must navigate a difficult obstacle course.

When the lights go out in a room, the fun starts because you can hear and see things. All the kids who want to play this game are told something before they start.


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4. Alone in A Dark House

Alone in a Dark House

The word “Alone” is in the title, so you’ll be alone in the dark house. It’s a weird, theatrical horror game in which you play an investigator who goes to a town to look into a brutal car and learn some dark family secrets.

The ghosts in the room will be visible to you. It lets 20 players play simultaneously, and each player can earn badges by doing the jobs.

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5. The Apartment

Roblox Horror Games

You have to look around apartment buildings in The Apartment, a really scary Roblox game. The players have to get to the buildings, but it will be scary to climb to the top of the Apartment. You can win against any task that comes your way. When people go to room 705, they will have a strange time.

Using the plan, you have to walk around until you reach the seventh floor. But the gameplay is slow, so it will take longer. To get the most out of the game, you can live chat on Discord while playing.

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6. Piggy Traitor Mode

Piggy traitor mode

It is an online horror game on Roblox, and one player is chosen at random to be a traitor. After Piggy Mode became popular, the person who made the game added other modes, such as Traitor Game Mode.

A player is picked at random to be the traitor. If you are the one, you will see a movie in the house. You and Piggy will work together to beat the other players by playing some tricks.

The twist is that neither Piggy nor the Survivors are your friends, so anyone can attack you.

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7. Zombie Attack

Zombie attack

At first, Zombie Attacks might not be scary, but as it goes on, it becomes one of the hardest games on Roblox. Make a team with your friends to win the waves of zombies, just like in other Zombies survival games. You can get gifts and XP by killing the boss and rare zombies.

As you get further into the game, you’ll be able to use new tools and take on new challenges. If you die, you will turn into a zombie, and the players who were your mates will become your enemies.

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8. Nightmare Mine

Nightmare Mine

A mine center is attacked by creatures who used to work there but turned into zombies in Nightmare Mine. They’ll eat your brain, so you’ll have to find a way to escape and stop them from spreading. In the online game Nightmare Mine, a player and eight other players are stuck in a mine.

It’s the scary mining game with the best graphics. This game is different from Roblox’s other scary games. If you want a mix of horror and action, this game is for you.

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9. The Mimic

The Mimic

Friends can play The Clone together, a first-person horror game. The game is an online horror game on Roblox where you play as a former high school student who goes back to his old school to look for his friends.

A lot of creatures and mazes are there. The players must find the best plan and tools to stay living. It’s made up of different pieces. Players must find certain important things on a map in order to open it.

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10. Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers

Keep what you find.Finders Keepers is a Roblox game that has a horror theme and makes you fight your fears. You’re a detective once more, but this time you know a lot about weird things.

After being told to look into strange things going on in your family’s house, you have to find the clues to figure out what happened.

These clues will show you dark, hard-to-see places where the discs you need to find are.

There’s a ghost in the discs that can keep you up at night, so be careful. Finders Keepers is a great horror game with scary sounds and jump scares.

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11. The Darkness Beyond

The Darkness Beyond is a great scary game on Roblox that fans of horror games should check out. You can play with your friends in any way you like because it’s a single-player or multi-player game.

This horror-based survival game gives you an apartment to live in and tasks you with keeping it safe from darkness, evil, and other things. When scary bad things try to get in, all you have to do is close the door and windows.


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Roblox Horror Games

DOORS is one of the horror games you can play on Roblox. You can probably guess what playing will be like because it’s a mix of puzzles, horror, and survival games.

On a DOOR 100 quest, it would help if you could handle a lot of challenges. Each elevator takes you to a different floor, so you have to figure out how to escape by solving puzzles. Yes, it would also help if you avoided scary creatures.

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13. BEAR (Alpha)

BEAR (Alpha)


Alpha BEAR Survival-based horror games with BEARs have to be on the list of the best scary Roblox games. On a map, ten players fight each other. One of them is a BEAR who has to kill the others.

All players will get a lot of tools to help them fight the BEAR. To get the BEAR, you might need help from other people on your team. Join with other players to fight the BEAR as a team.

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14.  Murder Mystery 2

Roblox Horror Games

Mystery 2: Whodunit?Murder Mystery 2 is a fun and scary Roblox game with a great story. The story of the game is pretty simple, and there are three teams: the killer, the sheriff, and the innocent.

People who kill people will, as usual, break everything they see. People who are not responsible for the killings always try to hide and run away. And the sheriff’s team, which works with good people, stops the killer. But now the game is based on a map that looks scary.

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We hope you have fun playing the above scary Roblox games by yourself or with people you care about. Roblox is a famous game that can be played on many different kinds of devices. Chromebook users can easily download Roblox.

But if you get tired of Roblox, you can play a lot of other games that are like it. Do you know of any other games that could be played on Roblox? Use the space below to tell us what you think.