TorrentReactor: 30 Alternatives & Similar Software

It is hard to find a torrent site on the Internet that the government hasn’t blocked. A few years ago, the person who started Kickass Torrent was arrested for sharing files that belonged to other people and hosting them. After that, the government shut down almost all of the biggest torrent sites.

Some sites, like The Pirate Bay, Limetorrent,, etc., made it through the massive torrent ban. TorrentReactor italiano used to be one of the most popular websites because it had millions of good Torrent files.

But the huge ban on Torrents didn’t leave TorrentReactor alone, so it had to be shut down.
On the other hand, the site had a lot of regular visitors who were looking for TorrentReactor unblock before it was shut down.

TorrentReactor: 30 Alternatives & Similar Software

So, we’ll give you a list of the best sites like TorrentReactor that you can use to download music, anime, movies, games, software, etc.


TorrentReactor is a big business that lets people download and share torrents. They also allowed people to download the Meta link. With this, customers can download in any way they want, using either a torrent client or any other type of download manager. KAT is an independent gush online search engine that offers all kinds of isoHunt data.

2. TorrentHounds



With TorrentHounds, you can find the best torrents on the Internet from all over the world.
There are a lot of isoHunt companies, but finding the best and original one is the most important thing. TorrentHounds is a place where many gush documents can be found.

3. LimeTorrents


LimeTorrents is a trusted torrent service for movies, TV shows, games, apps, and software.
All of these torrents are available on LimeTorrents. You can look through them by using the advanced search box or by going straight to the top gushes and latest isoHunt groups.

LimeTorrents does not organise the torrents of other torrent providers like other torrent search engines do. Instead, it gives its own torrents and torrents that users have sent in. Users can also get free and legal adult gush data.

4. ExtraTorrent


ExtraTorrent is the best BitTorrent system and independent gush search engine in the world. It is a business that gives users free copies of the original gush files.

The best system about ExtraTorrent is that it has a search engine that is different from other ones. This search system is the best and easiest way for users to look around and learn more about their favourite gush. Just type in a few words is all they have to do.

5. Torrentz


Once, Torrentz was the most-used torrent search engine in the world. People said it was the best and most reliable torrent search engine. It is one of the big platforms, and it has collected billions of gush files from almost three lots of gush carriers.

Torrentz is not only a free torrent site, but it’s also a fast Meta-search engine for torrent files. This one has its own torrent search engine, and dozens of other big torrent companies back it up. Those who make their own torrents and want to share them with others can also do so.



Eztv is a TV gush circulation that lets visitors browse, download, and add magnet links and torrent data that help people who use the BitTorrent system instal data. It has easy-to-use tools, features, and a simple interface, so it is simple and easy to use. It has a simple interface that makes it easy to find and download your favourite TV torrent file.

The site has brand-new, easy-to-use search boxes, and one of them is just like any other search box where you can place in the name of your favourite TV show. The other is a drop-down list of all the shows, from which you have to pick your favourite.

7. BitSnoop



The peer-to-peer system is used by BitSnoop, which is a torrent client. It has hundreds or thousands of gush data that don’t mean anything if they’re wrong. The best thing about BitSnoop’s top spot is that it always gives users only valid torrent data. It makes sure that its individuals get enough seeds to download and instal Gush files as quickly as possible.

There are almost 24 million isoHunt files right now, and every day, it gets thousands of new gush files. It has one of the largest databases of gush files because it uses the databases of other top gush service providers. It depends on the nearly 300 gush-based sites at the site.

8. The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay is a user-made torrent site where anyone can download torrent files of movies, songs, games, books, paid software, and much more.
People say that the best place to get torrent files for almost nothing is the Pirate Bay.

When individuals use the Pirate Bay, the only bad thing is that they don’t get the meta link.
When a user tries to download a torrent instead of the download files, the torrent client automatically gets it, and Pirate Bay makes the user download it straight.

9. SumoTorrent

When it comes to quality, not quantity, SumoTorrent will always be on top because it has the real gush files. BitTorrent calls it a “gush provider” because it gives its users access to the best seeds, leeches, and “gush” files.

SumoTorrent’s best thing is that it can also be used as a downloader. This means that users can get any kind of information they want to download. Even if the gush files are broken, the automated system that fixes them will first make the isoHunt file, which individuals can then download and instal.

10. TorrentReactor

People say that is one of the most active torrent services on the Internet because it has a lot of legal torrents and gives its users access to the newest ones. Here are groups of torrent files for adults, anime, songs, movies, TV shows, seasons, episodes, and a lot more.

Visitors to Torrent Activator can find gush by choosing from a list of both popular and new torrents. The best thing about TorrentReactor is that it has a sophisticated search engine that makes sure that visitors who type in the word “torrent” find what they are looking for.
People can share their torrent files on Gush Reactor, which makes it much better than the others.

11. Mininova

Mininova is a popular Internet search engine and directory site. Its main goal is to offer an easy-to-use directory site and search engine for all kinds of gush documents. Visitors to Mininova can upload torrents to this site anonymously, and any BitTorrent tracker can find them.

Mininova has gush files for anime, books, games, movies, songs, pictures, software, TV shows, and a lot more. Mininova, on the other hand, doesn’t have as many torrents as other sites do. So it’s possible that you won’t find the gush declare you want most of the time, which can also find you sad.

12. YifyTorrents

One of the best-known torrent sites online is YifyTorrents, which is also known as YTS.
Torrent files are added to its index. But YifyTorrents only sells movies, so you shouldn’t use it to get registered software, games, songs, TV shows, programmes, or anything else.

When it comes to movies and movies, YifyTorrents is the only site that will give you the best movies and even the newest videos as soon as they come out. The main reason to use the YTS is that it is one of the few top systems that always has the newest and freshest content.


Rarbg is a site for searching and indexing TorrentReactor mirrors. It was started in 2008.
It gives peer-to-peer individuals gush data and magnet links so they can share data and send them to each other using the popular BitTorrent system. Customers like this service because they know they can count on it, but there are too many ads.

RARBG is a great service that lets you download and instal almost all of the major gush links. This platform’s user interface is pretty good, and there are a lot of places to check at.
It’s easy to find your links in this area.

14. Nyaa is no longer working. It was a Japanese person who used BitTorrent and was known as an anime movie torrent provider. For people who like all kinds of animated movies, the website was the best way to get an animated movie from isoHunt. They can find all kinds of anime movies at the Nyaa.

Here, they’ll watch anime movies for adults again. People who like and like to watch anime movies were said to be in large numbers in Nyaa. It can also be used to look at gush files in animation films that are in the categories of movie, sound, software, pictures, literary works, action, and so on.

15. Library Genesis

Library Genesis, also known as LibGen, is a simple online search engine that lets you download and instal articles and books on different topics. The search engine is free to use, and it includes with a lot of ebooks and regular updates with new content to give you a full and thorough experience.

All of the posts and e-books on this platform include the number of groups. Each classification has a list of short articles and e-books that you can choose from and download at any time. It also has a search bar where you can type the name of the book you want to find.

16. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a fast, easy-to-use metasearch engine that brings together the results of many different search engines. A website that has millions of users all over the world can be used for free and can be accessed at any time and from anywhere in the world.

The user interface of the system is easy to use. It only has two blocks: the user menu and the search panel. The fact that you don’t have to sign up or give any other personal information to download or view web content is one of the most fun and addicting things about this platform.

17. Toorgle

Toorgle is a search engine that is run by Google. It lets individuals find any information about your material and show torrent documents that are available. About 450 TorrentReactor-related websites that pay to show the best results for each search are checked by the site at the same time.

More than 55,000,000 gush indexes are now on Toorgle. It is also one of the most popular websites for gush searches because you can add the Facebook app and the firebox search bar. It has a search bar like Google and lets the user search for different terms and download different documents, like movies, videos, games, and much more.

18. Extratorrent2

Extratorrent2 is an online system for getting software, apps, and entertainment content like movies and TV shows. It lets it easy for people to browse, download, and instal.
They can also add magnet links and documents, making it easier for BitTorrent users to share data. People say that the system is one of the most popular places to find all kinds of content.

This makes it easy to search for and download movies, software, apps, video games, and any other digital content. The most interesting thing about this platform is that it has many places to check, like Browse Torrent, Top 100, Music, and TV Shows, which saves a lot of time.

19. Picktorrent

Individuals can use Picktorrent to download and instal any kind of software, music, movies, or TV shows. Users have to type in the exact name of the movie or song they want to download. This brings up a full list of those movies and programmes. From this list, individuals can choose which of the documents that have been uploaded they want to download and instal.

The interface of Picktorrent is easy to use. On one side of the documents you search for, there are seeds and leeches. For the best documents to download, users can choose the file with the most “seeds.” When you open a file, you can see its category, language, size, who uploaded it, and how many times it has been downloaded and installed.

20. is an online torrent system that lets individuals download a lot of videos, music data, software, books, and other things. Users can use the free system to download any torrent file they want. Users only have to type in the exact name of the document they want to find and download, and then click the “Find” button.

The system then shows the name of the data and how large it is in the data. Also, customers can choose which way they want to download the movie they were looking for. It lets individuals connect the torrent file directly to the free TorrentReactor software.

21. Zooqle

This programme is not shown on the ETTV network. One of the most popular TorrentReactor gush sites today is Google. Because almost all of the files on this gush platform are close to being checked out. It is very unlikely that someone will get sick from a computer or smartphone. There have been several attempts to get rid of it, but it has become easier to use. It is almost impossible to register up or log in at this time. But there are some great Zooqle alternatives that don’t require you to sign up.

22. was a provider of torrent data that let individuals download and instal any torrent. The programme was one of the best for TorrentReactor data because it had all kinds of torrent data. It has all kinds of gush files, like movies, TV shows, music, video games, mp3, and more.

Every category on the site, like movies, software, anime, etc., has its own highlighted area.
People can watch right from this featured category, where new files are added, or they can click on the main classification area to see the information.

23. Rutracker

Rutracker is one of the torrent download sites that isn’t as well-known. It’s very popular in Russia, but you can’t find it anywhere else. You might be surprised to find that almost all digital services from the West are available in Russia. Rumail works like Gmail, and Rutracker works like The Pirate Bay.

All of the content on Rutracker is in Russian, so if you don’t know the language, it will be hard for you to use the site. You can get many seeds, like music, e-books, software, movies, and TV shows. In 2015, the website may have been banned and blocked by the Russian government. Alexa says that Rutracker is the 256th most popular site on the Internet.


24. TorrentFunk

The torrentfunk album came out in 2011. You can buy and download a lot of different kinds of media and apps. It’s easy to start downloading at Torrentfunk. A computer that works and a reliable way to connect to the internet are must-haves. But let’s say that this torrent reactor unblocks the site and it’s no longer available.

Because of copy right issues! If you need to download torrent files but your usual site is down, you can use a torrent client like atcomet url view www torrentreactor net instead of waiting. Consider the following alternatives: Don’t freak out if Torrentfunk stops working all of a sudden. Try out some other resources, like Torrentfunk.

25. ETTV

ETTV is far and away the best site like TorrentReactor when it comes to gush websites.
When I first found this page, I thought it was great. Everyone should go to ETTV to watch interesting and beautiful movies during the COVID-19 quarantine. It is a group of reliable torrent trackers that have a lot of information about meta torrents. It connects customers to a network of thousands of creative professionals who are willing to share and post only the most aesthetically pleasing files.

Is it possible where you live? Or it’s locked up and you can’t get to it. Don’t be worried. We’ve made a list of the best proxy servers and torrent sites. People who upload and seed torrents have their own area on ETTV. As soon as torrent sites became popular, the government shut down many of them. Users should use these proxy and mirror sites to their advantage. You can use these ways to get to torrent sites.


SCI-HUB is a website where individuals can read research documents and publications for free. A system is the best place for scientists to look for the right documents without having to worry about who owns them. Users can not only read the research paper, but they can also download it.

Customers can look through the research papers on the site by their authors, the year they were written, the magazine journal they were published in, or the group they belong to.
With this search feature, individuals can find the best paper in no time at all.


TorrentReactor is a free site where you can search for and download high-quality movies with the smallest file sizes. You can also watch movies online there. Movie fans who want to watch daily news movies in HD format can go to the site. It has a lot of HD content and is often updated with new content so that it has all the newest content.

There are also a lot of different categories, like “Activity,” “Funny,” “Fighting,” “War,” “Charming,” and many more. Each group has different alternatives they can do to have fun. Everyone can use for free, and you don’t need to sign up or register to search for and download movies. But if you want to know about the latest trends, all you need is an email address to sign up. Like all the other sites that let you watch movies online, it has a simple interface, lets you download movies in different qualities, can be used in a number of languages, and a lot more. Try it out if you want to download HD versions of new or old movies. It was made with you in mind.

28. Utorrent


Everyone who has ever downloaded something online has heard of it, and they all knew about it before BitTorrent, Inc. bought it. A few years ago, BitTorrent did not like the idea of an open-source client that was small and fast. They took it down and put up spam and ads in its place. There are still a lot of users who use uTorrent, but some aren’t happy with how it works now and look for alternatives. There are a number of Torrent clients available, both free source and paid.

You know that there are many alternatives to uTorrent, and many of them are almost the same as the current app. It can be hard to figure out which uTorrent client is the best because many of the most popular ones have viruses. To help you find a good alternative to ETTV, we’ve put together a list of reputable options with less suspicious behaviour. Some may still have Adware, but if you take care, it’s easy to avoid. We’ll give you more information at a later time.

29. 1337x


1337x is a platform just for gush-based files that can be streamed or downloaded using a gush or magnet link. The magnet link downloading and installation system of 1337x lets customers download gush files with any kind of gush client or download manager. It’s one of the most obvious answers, and millions of customers around the world use it to download and instal gush data.

1337x has the best and most legal anime, shows, original docudramas, music, adult movies, TV movies and shows, seasons and episodes, and much more.

30. BTDigg


BTDigg is a search engine for BitTorrent DHT that checks at the DHT network in real time.
It has a search centre that lets you look for torrents in both Asian and European languages and search their full texts.

BTDigg is a completely legal system that is made up of two very important parts: decentralisation and unicity. Decentralization means that anyone can use the system to search inside or outside of TorrentReactor, not just private trackers. On the other hand, Unicity can’t find any comparisons because every house is different.


You should be able to get the best movies, TV shows, music, software, and other things from this long list of the best alternatives to TorrentReactor news. Remember that any of the websites on this list could go offline or shut down at any time. But don’t worry, you can still have fun because there is a list of torrent websites you can use.

So, get ready for a movie night with your friends and make that bowl of caramel popcorn to eat while you watch HD movies. If you go to these websites, you might also download files that have viruses or malware that could hurt your system. So, make sure you have a good anti-virus system to keep your data safe without giving up the fun.

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