How to Turn on a Toshiba TV Without a Remote

A great company that makes smart things is Toshiba. It is a smart TV in different sizes, like OLED, UHD and LED. There was a great viewing experience on all of the Toshiba TVs. Its only goal is to give its fans the best viewing experience and clearest picture possible. Every TV has one thing in common, regardless of its kind. You only need a Toshiba remote control to control your Toshiba TV. With the help of the remote, a useful tool, you can quickly switch stations, control sound, and carry out many other tasks. It can be turned on even if you lose or break the remote.

Turn on Toshiba TV without Remote

This piece talks about the Toshiba Remote. These are the details;

How to Turn on Toshiba TV Without Remote?

Just observe these simple steps to turn on your Toshiba smartTV without the remote.

(1) Take a seat next to your Toshiba TV and enjoy.

(2) Look for a small button that says Power.

(3) Press it to turn on the TV without using the remote control.

Toshiba TV

Follow these steps if you still need help finding it.

(1) Examine for the manual that came with your Toshiba TV.

(2) Read it to see if your TV has a power button if you have it with you.

(3) Put it on top of the TV, on the left or right side of the TV, or against the wall. It will turn on if you press it.

Another choice! The Toshiba TV remote control app for Android and iOS can be employed to turn it on.

Before you turn on the TV, you should have set up the app.

Our Thought

The power button or the Universal Remote for the Toshiba TV app can be turned on if you don’t have a remote. If your old remote stops working, the best thing to do is get a new one. This will improve your viewing experience.

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