10 of the Best Tycoon Games on Android in 2023

The tycoon game is one of the most popular games today, and there are many on Android. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best tycoon games for Android that you’ll enjoy playing.

Everyone wants to start a successful business. And managing different parts of the business and managing them is even more rewarding. Even you must take care of the business’s funds, management, marketing, and other things.

But you need to do more than just having and managing a business. It would help if you also were committed to keeping it going by making the right decisions. This is one reason why so many people play Tycoon games.

Best Tycoon Games for Android 2023

You might need help choosing the best choice from the many offered. Here is a checklist of tycoon games that will help you decide which ones you like best.

1.  Idle Museum

idle museum

Idle Museum, do you want to play a different kind of tycoon game? Then it would help if you visited the Idle Museum. You can create the most amazing museum in the world in the game.

But as you play, you’ll have to answer many questions about things you know. Start collecting ancient books and objects worldwide if you want to be worth more. They finally had to build a new structure to accommodate more objects.

2. RollerCoaster


What’s the best way to start as a tycoon in a game that’s been around for a long time? Yes, I’m talking about the RollerCoaster Tycoon game. The main thing you do in the game is build roller coasters, shops, and restaurants.

You can also make your theme park unique by adding other things. You can even go to other parks and trade things with them to expand your park. Water parks are another thing you can create.

3. Earth.inc

Earth. inc

Earth, Inc. is undoubtedly one of the best tycoon games for Android. In the game, you can own a small mining company. As the game progresses, you can grow your mining company so everyone knows about it.

To expand its business, it will finally expand and hire more workers. Even the game will allow other locations to open in other countries. Find out how to make more money and turn your business into the first company to make a trillion dollars.

4. Battle of Polytopia

battle of polytopia

The fight in PolytopiaBattle of Polytopia is a great computer game for tycoons that has been played over 10 million times. You must be aggressive to rule maps, fight off enemy groups, and take over new lands.

But learning to use new technologies is the only way to level up in a game. It is known for its civilization-style strategy genre and has a great layout. You can play the game by yourself or with other people.

5. Sim Companies

sim companies

Sim Companies is a great game that makes you use real-world business to beat the other players. The game will test your talents and let you try different things about money.

But you start the game as a company owner that makes, sells, or does research. In addition to being able to expand your current business, you have many other options. The best thing about the game is that it’s easy to use and has fun graphics.

6. Mini Metro

mini metro

Little metroAnother is another great game that won many awards worldwide and got a lot of praise from the gaming industry for its style and content. Mini Metro is a great train simulation strategy game, but it needs more content to create a subway network.

But you can create and work on a training plan in the game. Finish a metro stop inside the city and create a new one to use your resources to expand your train lines. So, start planning now if you want to buy train lines in a growing city.

7. Car Industry Tycoon

Car Industry Tycoon

The head of an auto companyIf you ever want to run a company that makes cars? It’s not true, but you can start a company to make cars and a billion dollars in this mobile game.

In Car Industry Tycoon, you start a small company that makes cars and then grow them. The more you play the game, the more resources you get, which you can use to hire more workers and make a lot of cars at once. But it’s a lot of fun to play the game.

8. Hotel Empire Tycoon

hotel empire tycoon

A hotel company tycoon. With the Hotel Empire Tycoon game, you can run a business that builds hotels. Start from scratch and build a hotel business empire to become a rich hotel tycoon.

To give guests a true experience, you must improve everything and turn your buildings into five-star motels. Also, hotels should hire more people to help them run better. So, are you willing to be a hotel tycoon?

9. Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story

Game Maker’s TaleHow about starting a company that makes games and consoles? Game Dev Story makes unique games that will sell a lot of copies. The fact that you have to hire and fire people to run your business well is one of the best parts of the game.

You’ll become the industry leader if you use your imagination to make games and platforms people like. You should always train your team to make more games in addition to making games.

10. Smartphone Tycoon 2

smartphone tycoon 2

2 Smartphone Industry Tycoon Everyone wants to start a company that makes money and has a good name in the age of smartphones. But in Smartphone Tycoon 2, you can start a company that makes smartphones for people worldwide.If you give your smartphone new features people want and need, you’ll take over the smartphone market. Grow the business while keeping the cash coming in. Improve new technologies. Overall, this is a great game for people who want to learn how to make smartphone apps.


Final Words

We included as many different kinds of games as we could on our list of the best tycoon games for Android so that you could find one that fits your interests. Also, which industry do you like the most? Which app are you going to choose? Please tell me in the comments what you think.


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