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Ultimate Guide About kids Chairs

Ultimate Guide About kids Chairs

The dining chair has high Stability, the Material is Safe and Washable

The inner width of the seat is 38cm, which is very spacious

This dining chair adopts a stable herringbone structure. The bracket is made of aluminum alloy + steel pipe. The overall center of gravity is lower, so the stability is particularly good. Considering that children may be restless when eating on the dining chair, it also adds an integrated anti-tilt bottom corner anti-curved design. Reduce the risk of the dining chair rolling over by increasing the landing area of ​​the feet.

In addition, its seats and dinner plates are all made of environmentally friendly pp plastic, which can be used with confidence even if babies and young children chew it, and can be washed with confidence. (PP, also known as polypropylene, is easy to clean, safe and does not contain bisphenol A. It is widely used in the production of baby bottles and tableware. It is a world-recognized safe material used to make food containers.)

The PU leather cushion covered on the outside increases the comfort of the dining chair, and it is also very convenient to take care of in daily life, as long as it can be wiped with clean water.

The Dining Chair will Grow Taller, Children Love to use it More

Taking into account the needs of children in different scenarios and ages, this dining chair is equipped with multiple adjustable gears.

  • The height of the dining chair is adjustable in 7 levels, and the distance from the ground is: 45cm, 50cm, 55cm, 60cm, 65cm, and 70cm.
  • The backrest angle is adjustable in 4 levels, and the adjustment angles are: 110°, 130°, 160°, and 170°.
  • The distance from the dinner plate to the chair back is adjustable in 3 levels: 52cm, 54cm, and 56cm.

This seat can be folded and stored with one click. It is not easy to fall over when placed against the wall. It is convenient and safe. Buyers also check at eBay discount code NHS

No matter where your child eats, it is guaranteed that he will always eat in the most comfortable and relaxed state.

I don’t know if you have ever encountered such a situation. Your child often dozes off while eating, or even falls asleep with his head tilted while eating. Take a very sleepy child out of the dining chair and transfer it to a stroller or bed. The child will easily wake up and start crying and fussing. With this dining chair that can lie down and sit on, you don’t have to worry about this problem at all. If the child wants to sleep in the middle of eating, just lower the seat back to the lowest position, and the dining chair can be directly converted into a crib, saving the trouble of moving the child to sleep.

In addition, it has many thoughtful little designs that are worthy of praise.

The dinner plate is removable and removable, and is divided into upper and lower layers. It is more hygienic to use it separately for eating and playing.

It also has a removable 5-point safety restraint system (adjustable tightness) and a 3-point safety restraint system, making it easy for children of different ages to choose.

Easy to Operate and Pay Attention to Details

Its installation design and adjustment design buttons are clearly visible. As long as you read the instructions once, the elderly can easily get the correct use of this dining chair. There are also two hidden wheels on the bottom of the dining chair that can be locked and unlocked, making it easy for us to fix or move the dining chair. Buyers also visit at child home discount code NHS

The footrest part is also adjustable in three levels. Infants and young children can lay it flat for use, while older children can place their feet on the footrest for a more secure feel.

The height of the dining chair is also very suitable for interaction between older children and infants. It is really heartwarming!

In general, if you want to choose a good-looking and practical baby dining chair, you must consider the above four points – safety, growth, comfort, and ease of use. The function of a good baby dining chair should not be limited to dining, but should also take into account the various emergencies that new parents may face, such as children who want to play on the dining chair, children who want to sleep on the dining chair, children who want to play in the yard, etc. Eat and wait inside… This is a truly cost-effective dining chair that can help novice parents free their hands!

For parents who have no budget constraints and pursue quality, Hagada HC 809 can really be enjoyed with closed eyes. If your budget is not tight, you can check out their 268 models, which are the most cost-effective baby dining chairs! (The difference is: the 268 has a three-speed backrest adjustment, which can be used by babies over two months old; the 809 backrest has a four-speed adjustment, the entire backrest is bionic eggshell-shaped, and the backrest has an angle of 170 degrees, so it can be used after confinement.)

Child safety seats are a typical low-frequency purchase and high-frequency use product.So I will pursue excellent quality within my ability and help my children buy it in one step.

The annual 618 is coming, and there is a big wool discount at half price. I must share it with everyone! You can also purchase at Amazon discount code NHS

The Babyfirst JD flagship store has a discount of RMB 2,000-500.

On this basis, at 20:00 on May 31st, there will be a rush sale event in the store for the first 100 people who pay half price and get an instant discount of 700 in the first hour. It’s only 2680-3280 yuan, and you’ll get 50 yuan back after posting pictures, and you’ll also receive a mat, anti-wear mat, and a children’s twister!

This is a much better deal than when I bought it. I almost want to cry, but I still have to tell everyone.

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