The Top 10 FREE Unique Launchers for Android in 2023

10 of the Best FREE Unique Android Launchers in 2023. With an Android Android phone or tablet, many people prefer something else to the launcher. In most cases, an Android phone or tablet’s user interface (UI) is built on the stock ROM, such as MIUI, Realme UI, Funtouch OS, One UI, etc.

With launchers, you can completely change the look of your Android device. In addition to adding motions to your phone or tablet, a launcher lets you customize the look of your app drawer, icons, and notifications.

There are a lot of Android launchers in the PlayStore, so if you are looking for one, you will find many. Which one of these launchers should I choose?

In this article, we’ll list the best free, one-of-a-kind launchers for Android phones and tablets that you can download to customize your device completely.

Best Free Unique Launchers For Android

Android phone and tablet customization is the best feature. Different from the usual launcher on your device, there are Android launchers that can change how your phone looks.

1. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is the first app on our list of the best and most unique Android launchers. With this launcher, you can change the way your device looks ultimately. Everything, from the look to the icons, can be customized with this launcher. When you use Nova Launcher, your device looks like Google made it.

Unique Launchers
Different launchers, too. You can choose either the icons from Nova Launcher or the system. Nova Launcher lets you add icon packs from outside sources and use them. Buying a new set of wheels is another way to get a new location. You can also add gestures to your device and customize them.

2. Microsoft Launcher

Another great launcher for Android phones is Microsoft Launcher. This app is more of an app launcher that works well with Microsoft Services and makes it easier to use other apps. If you use a Windows PC, you will love this launcher because it works well with all the Microsoft Services.

Unique LaunchersDifferent StartersThe Microsoft Launcher lets you link Microsoft apps like To Do, Calendar, Email, One Note, and more. Using Microsoft Launcher, you can customize the icons on your Android device. This launcher also lets you choose between dark and light themes.

3. Smart Launcher 6

If you want an Android launcher with a short list, you can choose Smart Launcher 6. Smart Launcher 6 is easy to use, and it looks great. The launcher can be changed in every way, giving your device a new look.
Your apps are easy to find because the launcher puts them into groups. It features an app button style that is unique. You can also choose from different themes to change how your device looks.


4. Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

Pixel gadgets are known for running Android, as it comes from Google. With Action Launcher Pixel Edition, your Android phone or tablet will look like a Pixel. Everything, from the icon to the style, will look like Google Pixel goods.


Action Launcher
Action StarterAction Launcher has many features, such as a gadget stack, action search, covers, blinds, quick drawer, launcher customization, and more. The launcher works on phones, tablets, and phablets. You can also bring parts from other launchers you may have used before.

5. Lawnchair

Lawnchair is a quick and smooth launcher that lets you customize your phone. This launcher is similar to the Pixel launcher on Pixel smartphones regarding features and changes. The Lawnchair launcher has the most recent Android features and Pixel Launcher features.

Unique Launchers
A dock and box that can be customized are features of the lawn chair. You can put apps from many different groups on your device. It also works with QuickSwitch, which lets you customize your Recents tab. Because the list of launchers on the Play Store is outdated, you have to go to the official website to get the most current version.

6. Niagara Launcher

Niagara Launcher is an app for people looking for work while maintaining a basic app strategy. Your home screen is where you’ll see all the notifications. At the same time, the app box shows you your best apps alphabetically.

Niagara LauncherYou can search for any app on your phone without using the app drawer if you have Wave letters. Also, you can see the notifications on the home screen. You can also respond to messages from the home screen to see all the reports.

7. Apex Launcher

Another great launcher that should be on this list is Apex Launcher. This free launcher is easy to use and completely customizable. This launcher lets you change everything on your phone with free icon packs and themes.

Unique LaunchersDifferent StartersWith this launcher’s app locker, you can lock and hide your apps on your phone. This launcher also has some cool effects when it changes. You can hide and add things to the launcher, like a progress bar, dock, etc.

8. Launcher iOS 16

If you find the Android launcher boring, you can use the iOS 16 launcher instead. This launcher makes your Android device look like it was made with iOS 16. Your device will have icons, a style, a user experience, notifications, and everything similar to iOS 16.

The launcher has several features, such as Control Center and Assistive Touch. With this launcher, your iPhone can have free wallpapers.


9. AIO Launcher

The other launchers on this list are similar, but the AIO Launcher is slightly different. This launcher puts the weather, notifications, music, apps, contacts, calculator, timer, mail, notes, calendar, and more on the home screen.

This launcher has many features and will change how your phone looks. AIO launcher lets you choose from themes, icon packs, font sizes, apps, actions, and plugins.

10. Olauncher

Olauncher is a simple and more organized launcher. This launcher makes your home screen look nice. There are no ads and no icons on the launcher.


What’s more? Every day, this launcher will give you a new background. Apps you don’t want other people to see can also be hidden. Another great thing about this launcher is that it opens right away when you search for an app.

Final Words

These are some of the best Android launchers you can use to change the look and feel of your Android devices. You can find a lot of launchers on the Play Store. We’ve told you which launchers are the best.

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