How Do I Fix A Windows Error Code 0xc00000e5?

Well, the error number 0xc00000e5 is one of the common application problems that Windows users see. Several messages are linked to the error code, but the most common one is “The application was unable to start correctly.” This typically happens when you try to open an application but it won’t start. This error message will display on your screen if the application cannot open. So why is there this app in the first place? We will talk about the 0xc00000e5 error and how to fix it today.

0xc00000e5 Error Causes

These are the most common reasons for the 0xc00000e5 error code that can show in an app.

1. A third-party antivirus program, such as those from Comodo and AVG, is blocking the app from running because it thinks it is unsafe.

2. The error is caused by conflicts between different antivirus programs that are running at the same time.

3. One of the files the app needs to run is blocked by Windows Defender or another third-party antivirus app, which prevents it from working properly.

4. The app you’re launching can’t access some system files.

5. Malware has caused your antivirus software to act strangely, blocking even completely safe apps and processes.

With these considerations in mind, let’s examine how each issue contributes to this application error and what you can do to fix it.

How To Fix 0xc00000e5 Application Error On Windows?

Follow these steps to fix the 0xc00000e5 app error and run your applications correctly.

Disable Comodo & AVG Security Software

Third-partyThird-party security and antivirus software are essential when they carry out their main job: to find and eliminate viruses and other threats. On the downside, their overvigilance may prevent safe applications from running. Better system protection could turn into a nightmare here.

Are you utilizing an AVG or Comodo security or antivirus application? Then, turn them off for a short time. “Several users in the Application Error 0xc00000e5 Microsoft Community forum say that both apps are to blame for the problem.” However, several users were able to fix the issue briefly by disabling them. If you’re driving an AVG or Comodo antivirus, why not turn it off before running the antivirus application?

Follow the next step and exclude the application’s files from software security scans if turning off your antivirus software solves the problem. To fix the issue without turning off your protection, this stops it from scanning the files again. If turning off your antivirus app doesn’t work, safelisting it won’t help either. That being said, move on right away to the third fix.

Exclude App Files From Comodo & AVG Antivirus Software

Users who think certain apps and processes are unsafe can often tell antivirus software not to check for threats. For instance, Comodo, AVG, and other antivirus programs let us tell the scanning software to skip over certain apps. Because of this, you should safely list app files from these programs if turning off specific antivirus suites previously fixed the problem.

On the official help pages for Comodo Exclusions and AVG Home Support, you can find instructions on how to set an exclusion for each application. To run the application correctly, follow the steps to exclude problem files from the scan. You may not use Comodo or AVG antivirus software. The issue could be with Windows Defender or any third-party antivirus tool installed on your PC.


Safelist Problem App And/Or Disable Windows Defender & Other Antivirus Apps

Try disabling Windows Defender and any other third-party antivirus app on your computer if you don’t use Comodo or AVG but still receive the 0xc00000e5 error. If you use another antivirus – software – third-party protection- you must visit the company’s help page to learn how to turn off protection temporarily.

It’s safe to list the affected app’s files instead of removing the extra protection layer if you don’t want to. You can follow the steps to allow apps across the Windows firewall to prevent the 0xc00000e5 error from happening. However, if you’re using a third-party antivirus, you must go to its help page to learn how to do that.

Disabling Windows Defender or your third-party antivirus app loses your protection against threats. However, leaving your gadget unprotected puts it at great risk. Therefore, always save list files rather than completely turning off security software. But what if safe naming the app’s files or disabling antivirus software doesn’t work?

Run The App As An Administrator

Most application failures, like 0xc00000e5, are caused by a single problem: applications cannot reach important system files. To prevent this from happening, run the app as an administrator to grant it access to system files. Follow these steps to accomplish that.

1. Go where you put the app that’s giving you problems.

2. Look for the app’s main file.

3. Right-click on the program file and select “Run as administrator.”

4. If you are asked to confirm, click “Yes.”


Scan Device For Malware

It’s easy for annoying illnesses that come on slowly to spread through viral diseases. For instance, application error 0xc00000e5 could mean your computer has a virus. Most of the time, Windows Defender or a third-party antivirus app will protect you, but you should still rule it out. There are many choices for scanning your computer for bugs, but we recommend the free Windows Defender remote scan. You can run an antivirus check from a third party for additional peace of mind. What if it doesn’t work out?

Fix Some General Issues

Try these general fixes if none of the previously mentioned changes worked.

1. Corrupt system files can make it hard for an app to work. So, to fix broken system files on Windows, run SFC.

2. Do a ChkDsk scan to ensure the problem isn’t the bad disk section.

3. You should make sure that your Windows is up to date.

4. Update your graphics drivers if you have graphics-intensive software issues.


Application failures that prevent you from starting the necessary software are annoying, whether you’re ready to start a game or get ready for work. Hopefully, the abovementioned methods will fix the issue and allow you to return to what you were doing. We strongly advise using only trustworthy antivirus apps made for Windows to prevent this from happening in the future.

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