Top 10 Best AI Mobile Video Editors For Android Devices

Let’s accept it: things have changed dramatically with the introduction of AI-powered chatbots like ChatGPT and Bing AI. Nowadays, every online tool and service has AI features. Even well-known picture and video editing programs incorporate AI features to ease the process. Regarding video editing, many AI Mobile video editors are available for Android and iOS that can help you create visually appealing videos. Most AI mobile video editors on Android and iOS are free to download; however, certain features may need in-app charges. So, if you want to explore the alternatives accessible in mobile video editors powered by AI, continue reading.

Top 10 Best AI Mobile Video Editors For Android Devices

In this post, we will list some of the best AI Mobile Video Editors for Android that you can use to create eye-catching videos quickly. Let’s explore all the AI Mobile video editors accessible for Android.

1. Videoleap

AI Mobile Video Editors For Android

Videoleap is one of the best AI Mobile Video Editors for Android that lets you create and edit beautiful videos. This AI video editor can create stunning videos, clips, reels, and other social media content. The simple app can transform your videos in just a few seconds. Regarding AI features, Videoleap offers AI effects and filters that you may apply to your videos. AI effects and filters may transform mundane situations into breathtaking graphics. Aside from AI features, Videoleap has all the essential video editing tools and features you’ll need for professional-level editing.

2. D-ID: AI Video Generator

AI Mobile Video Editors For Android

This is the most unusual AI video creator app on the Google Play Store. The D-ID: AI Video Generator app for Android lets you create AI videos of digital individuals from a single photograph. The app’s processing speed is very rapid, making it ideal for creating videos with talking avatars. Within seconds, the app transforms your still photographs into digital individuals who communicate. For talking avatars, the app also lets you upload your voice recordings or use the text-to-speech tool to have the AI avatar read your text.

3. LightCut

AI Mobile Video Editors For Android

LightCut is another excellent AI video editing list for Android mobile editors that offers a variety of video templates and effects options. The app’s video themes and effects may quickly transform regular videos into attractive ones. LightCut has an AI-powered function called One-Tap Edit, which transforms regular footage into high-quality video narrative. In addition to AI features, LightCut offers fashionable and rich video templates and an all-in-one video editor with professional tools, filters, effects, and transitions.

4. Filmora

AI Mobile Video Editors For Android

Despite having fewer AI features, Filmora remains one of the best video editors for Android, noted for its ease of use and simplicity. It is a full-fledged video editor with several professional editing features. Filmora’s ability to produce AI pictures from various categories for your video production makes it more beneficial. You also receive an AI text tool that allows you to input your video subject, summarize the content, and make several videos. Aside from these features, Filmora provides video templates, text styles, stickers, audio effects, and royalty-free music for your projects.


AI Mobile Video Editors For Android

EPIK is not the best video editor but does what other apps cannot. It has a video face edit capability driven by AI. The function retouches faces organically in videos. Aside from the video face edit, the EPIK video editor’s features are designed to increase photo quality. EPIK is an AI Photo Editor with some video editing features and tools. EPIK’s AI tools can improve your images, precisely extract objects from photos, delete undesired sections, and so on.

6. Visla

Visla isn’t one of the most popular AI mobile video editors for Android, but it lets you edit and share footage rapidly. The app lets you benefit from machine learning and AI; creating and reusing videos has always been more complex. Visla’s impressive AI-powered features include transforming audio recordings into videos, turning your thoughts into videos, and generating text-to-video content. While the app is highly helpful and has all your desired features, it is still new and contains a few issues. Visla is an excellent AI-powered mobile video editor that should be noticed.

7. Virbo

Virbo is an artificial intelligence (AI) video generator. The app uses AI to simplify the development of promotional video content. You input your text and choose an AI avatar to use this app. The app immediately creates professional video content whenever you input these two things. The app is also ideal for YouTubers, Vloggers, companies, marketers, educators, and anybody looking to create stunning videos. Virbo’s other significant features include creating talking photographs, language support, audio choices, AI Video translation, and more.

8. Magisto

Magisto is an Android music video creator app that lets you create amazing videos in minutes. Millions of people across the globe use the app already. The app excels at creating professional-looking videos because of its artificial intelligence-powered smart editor. The AI function automatically modifies your media file, adding appropriate and visually appealing graphics, effects, filters, etc. However, to get the most out of the Magisto video editor, you must buy Magisto Premium. The premium edition unlocks premium video templates, supports 10-minute movie lengths, eliminates watermarks, etc.

9. Facetune

Facetune is an AI picture and video editor that can improve your complete shot or frame with filters or one-tap editing. The app features a variety of fascinating AI tools that simplify editing and beautifying your selfie videos. Facetune also includes special AI features such as AI clothing, AI selfies, AI upgrades, and more. Aside from the AI features, Facetune includes all picture and video editing tools.

10. Zoomerang

Zoomerang is a video creator and editor app for Android cell phones that uses templates. It lets you create fashionable, short videos with step-by-step guides, which is different from the other AI mobile video editors for Android on the list. You can also use hashtags to identify video templates that are becoming hot on social media. There is also a chance to join Zoomerang’s enormous community and engage in exciting challenges. Aside from AI features, Zoomerang has various handy tools, effects, filters, and a full-fledged video editor.

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So, here are some of the best AI Mobile Video Editors for Android. Let us know which AI video creator you prefer to create videos. Also, if you have any suggestions for other AI video creators for Android, please leave the app name in the comments.

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