Top 7 Al Writing Assistant Programs Favorite for Mac Users

Top 7 Al Writing Assistant Programs Favorite for Mac Users

Mac speech software can turn spoken words into text, which you may need if you use an Apple device for work and want to get more done. It might have only taken four days to write the Constitution instead of four months if this technology had been around in the 1700s. Many people with disabilities that make typing hard or impossible can also use this tool very well.

Voice input on the Mac comes in several ways, each with its benefits and features. Here, I’ll discuss the seven best speech apps for Mac users. It’s up to you to decide what works best for you. I’ll tell you your options, from free tricks to pricey software.

Here is a list of the best Al Writing Assistant software for Mac users. The market for writing help driven by AI is expected to be worth about $6.5 billion by 2030. Given that AI writing assistants are here to stay, getting to know the most powerful tools out there is important. This post will list the best writing tools that use artificial intelligence and show you how to use them in real life.

Top 7 Al Writing Assistant Programs Favorite for Mac Users

Having a powerful AI writing program on your Mac is a big deal. You can use AI’s features anywhere with your PC without having to keep switching between tabs.

Changing the context greatly affects our ability to focus and think straight. When you stop working on a task, it usually takes 25 minutes to resume where you left off.


Audio-to-text program that can turn audio files into text.

Braina Pro is mostly made to work on Windows computers, but you can download it and use it on a Mac, though the program still needs to be updated.

Braina works as a virtual helper and uses software for word recognition to make different features possible.

2. SpeechNotes

SpeakingNotes is a free online program for Mac users that lets them dictate text. There are tools for changing and formatting text, as well as real-time transcription, in this online program.

Speech notes are great because they let you start recording spoken sounds immediately. Like the other options, Speechnotes lets you use more than one language.

To begin, you must go to their website and ensure your microphone is on. After that, press the microphone and start talking.

3. Elephas

Al Writing Assistant

Elephas is one of the most useful helpers. You can use this feature with just one click, whether working in Notes or a Google Doc. It’s accessible from the menu bar. It can be told to redo the whole text in a certain tone or phrase. Aside from translating, Elephas can also fix grammar mistakes and do much more. With the Super Brain feature, you can work with your data to make emails, chats, papers, and even web pages in PDF, DOCX, and web format through Obsidian or Roam!

4. Notion AI:

Al Writing Assistant


Notion AI, considered one of the best note-taking apps, makes Notion more productive and organized as an office app. Using AI for jobs like organizing content, suggesting content. More makes writing easier and more fun.

The idea of AI-driven insights makes it easier for users to find patterns, data, and trends.

5. Grammarly 

Al Writing Assistant

Grammarly is likely known to anyone who works with text. AI is already being used to speed up the rewriting process by this writing service. This site can help you with your language, punctuation, and spelling. But in March 2023, they came out with GrammarlyGO, which was even better. For content creators, this artificial intelligence (AI) writing helper can write, edit, change tone, and more. It can also come up with ideas.

online + browser add-ons; works on macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android; and is accessible via the web.


6. MonsterWrite

Some AI helpers discussed above have features like editing, spelling checks, and tone tweaks that MonsterWriter doesn’t have. However, it is still a very useful tool you should try. You can condense on developing your ideas and producing interesting content using MonsterWriter, which excels at formatting your writing smartly and efficiently.

There are many unique features of MonsterWriter. One of them is that it lets you add advanced formatting choices to your writing, like headers, tables, notes, pictures, code snippets, hyperlinks, and cross-references.

7. iA Writer

iA Writer is a writing program that writers love because of its beautiful style and interesting design. It lets them make literary magic with ease. It’s a complex writing tool that helps you stay on task and write great content.

Additionally, Markdown has features for formatting and organization. iA Writer is one of the best AI writing apps for the Mac. It lets you write while on the go and syncs easily between devices, thanks to iCloud.


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