10 Awesome BFF Video Ideas You Can Use On YouTube

Will you make a video or start a YouTube page with your BFF? Making videos with your best friend is typically a good idea because you both understand each other and can assist each other in making a fantastic video. But first, you need BFF video ideas. Next, you need to research and choose a niche for your video. This post has ideas for BFF videos to make things easy for you.

10 Awesome BFF Video Ideas You Can Use On YouTube

1. Challenges

Challenging videos are typically enjoyable to watch. Because it will be more fun, you may complete a lot of tough YouTube videos with your best friends. Here are some tough ideas for YouTube BFF videos.

Draw On My Back Challenge: The challenge is to draw the same thing that is drawn on the back of your hand. Your closest friend will tape the paper to your back; you’ll need white paper and a pencil to draw on it. Your friend will then draw something on your back, and you have to feel it to see if you can draw something like it. Then, have your best friend repeat the process. Lastly, look at both pictures side by side to see who showed the same thing best.

Try Not To Laugh Challenge: Although you may complete this challenge yourself, doing so with a friend is more fun. The main point of this challenge is to stay serious while your closest friend makes jokes or vice versa.

Ghost Pepper Challenge: Your two responses will still be liked by viewers, even though this is an old reaction idea. But you shouldn’t do this challenge because you must eat ghost pepper, which is very spicy and bad for your health. Make sure you have enough milk if you and your closest friend decide to take on this challenge.

The blindfolded makeup challenge is a fun and different YouTube video, especially for women. The main point of this video plan is to see which of you or your closest friend can better make up each face without being seen.

2. DIY Project

Creating a fantastic do-it-yourself job that you normally need help with is possible. When making your video, you should record the whole process and how you plan to finish the job.

3. Comedy Series

After a long day, people need entertainment to feel better. Anything can be a source of entertainment. Watching funny videos is one example. People like to watch funny videos. You should collaborate on a comedy series if you and your friend can make people laugh.

4. Cooking

Another niche is cooking, where you can collaborate with your closest friend. This video idea is great if you know how to cook. Making a dish and then uploading it takes a lot of work. If you’re cooking, for example, your closest friend can take pictures while you’re cooking. In the video editing process, you both assist one another later. People all over the world enjoy watching cooking videos for both entertainment and cooking instruction. However, there are many cooking videos in this niche, with thousands of videos for each dish. Before picking a dish, do a lot of research to see how it ranks.

5. Experiment Videos

One of the most popular ideas for a YouTube BFF video is to try out different things, especially ones related to science. Let’s say that both of you are interested in science. Some ideas for experiment videos are a volcano made of baking soda, an experiment with air pressure, an explosion of foam from a big deep pool, and Coca-Cola and Mentos on a sled. However, it would help if you took measures before you performed these kinds of trial videos.

6. Parody Video

YouTube is always full of people watching lip-syncing or spoofing music videos. Parody music videos may, therefore, draw a lot of attention to the YouTube channel. Choose the songs that people are looking for while hanging out with your friends.

7. Funny Games

One of the best ideas for a BFF video on YouTube is to play funny games. To play fun games, you may challenge a friend. You may choose any of the many funny games played worldwide to play with a friend. You’ll always have ideas in this niche. Fun games include Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever, movin’ on Up, Lemon on a Spoon, and Pyramid of Party Cups.

8. Movie Scenes

Copying movie scenes is one of the most interesting ideas for a YouTube BFF video. In this case, viewers must be interested in strong acting, good photography, and good editing screens. On a friendly budget, you can accomplish this. There is still a lot of stuff you should buy to video it like a pro. Some examples are a good camera and lens, a Steadicam or gimbal, lighting gear, etc.

9. Pranks

Recently, prank videos have taken a certain place on YouTube’s timeline. Since viewers enjoy watching these videos for entertainment, this niche has a wide range of entertainment. There are many fun pranks to pull with friends that you may use for making movies, some of which can be done at home and others outside. For instance, you and a friend can play jokes on family, friends, or strangers and record their emotions. Just ensure you don’t hurt them or devise a joke that is too bad.

10. How To

When we have computer or cell phone problems, we quickly check YouTube for “How to fix…” and watch a few videos to figure out what’s wrong. These are some of the best ideas for YouTube BFF videos if you and your boss can figure them out. You may create “how to” videos about various subjects, including how to stay alive, build your life, make money, stay motivated, and so on.

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