Know Everything About PayPal Ship Now Link 2024

Using digital payments to replace cash and paper money was first introduced by PayPal, a global leader. PayPal recently developed the PayPal Ship Now link function to assist online stores. Online business owners who accept PayPal as a payment option are the main target audience for this service. It will make shipping your items, materials, and shipments quicker and easier.

What Is PayPal Ship Now?

A service called PayPal Ship Now was created with online stores in mind, and its main function is to make shipping items to customers quicker and safer. Send Now: UPS and USPS work together with PayPal, which makes shipping easy. Before now, businesses had to manage time-consuming shipments using the USPS (United States Postal Service) or another store shipping service. That’s not the case with this anymore. It makes online shopping and shipping easier now that it offers first-class delivery through dependable mail service companies. It will be easy to move with your things because they are in good hands.

PayPal Ship Now Link

It’s hard to believe that the PayPal Ship Now Link needs to be fixed online, which would waste time for online businesses. We’ve mentioned the official link to visit their page and make the most of this service.

Visit this link to pay for something:

Keep this page and save the link for later use because this is hard to find.

PayPal Ship Now Service Features

Let’s look at some of PayPal’s benefits right now that make using this service useful.

  • You have the option to send your items via USPS or UPS. A tracking number is also given to you so you can study on the progress of your shipment and arrival. (Can be used in the United States and other countries)
  • You don’t have to make any promises or pay a regular fee. The weight of your shipment and the label you choose will determine how much you will be charged.
  • You can buy shipping labels and print them using your PayPal Ship Now link.
  • By giving shipping information in groups, you can send one or more items at the same time. From the dashboard of your account, you can keep track of shipments and check when they arrive.
  • You can pay for your package on the sales page based on its type of service, size, and weight.

PayPal Ship Now Benefits

It’s good to look at the same benefits before using this service. For your ease, some of them are mentioned below.

  • Because of this, you can spend less time on paperwork related to the shipment.
  • One place lets you keep track of all your shipments.
  • It cuts down on your time and work by a lot. At the same time, several packages can be packed and shipped.
  • It lets you keep track of the packages you send with it.
  • To send with your shipments, customize and print packing slips.
  • Almost anywhere in the world can get it shipped.
  • PayPal Needs You to Ship Now

PayPal Ship Now Requirement

Before using and gaining from its function, you must complete a few conditions, including.

  • If you have a PayPal Ship Now account, that’s better.
  • Your account needs to be set up as a business account.If, on the other hand, your account is set up as a personal account, it’s easy to change it to a business account.


How To Use PayPal Ship Now Service?

The Now Shipping service provided by PayPal is simple to use. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do the same thing.

  • To begin, the person must open their favorite web software.
  • Go to the main page to get to your account.
  • From the list of recent tasks, choose “Ready to Ship.”
  • Select “Print Shipping Label” when that screen section appears.
  • Pack the shipment details, such as the weight of the items, the size of the packages, the type of service, and the transport choices.
  • After you’ve filled out all the fields, click the “Evaluate Shipment Price” button.
  • Please go over the information you gave after you’ve finished it.
  • Select the “Check and Payment” option after ensuring everything is accurate.
  • Your price will go down because of the cost of the shipment notice.
  • Plain and simple: Get the shipping paperwork from the website and send it with your order.
  • It’s really that simple. Send the package to the UPS or USPS office closest to you.

How To Convert PayPal Personal Account To Business Account?

Are you new to PayPal Ship and want to know how to change your account to a business account? Don’t worry!! This simple job can be accomplished as follows. To avoid problems later on, make sure you follow the steps correctly.

  • Log in to your account with the PayPal Ship Now link.
  • You can choose “Profile” from the list.
  • Your account type should be “Personal” in “My Settings.” It will say “Upgrade my account” in the drop-down options.
  • Connect the “Upgrade Now” button at the bottom of the page.
  • To proceed, choose “Business Account” from the drop-down option.
  • To complete the change, you will be required to enter company details.


That’s it!! Owners of businesses can easily use the function. This function is great, and the level of service is too good to pass up. Your shipment is handled carefully and quickly for almost the same price as regular shipping services. What additional information is required?

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