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7 Best Sites like Dark Sky for Android


Apple recently bought Dark Sky, one of the best weather apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android. They then quickly took down the Android version of Dark Sky. An awful lot of Android users loved the Dark Sky app because it had a straightforward interface and correct hourly forecasts. Users are searching for a Dark Sky alternative that has a well-designed interface and gets real-time Weather reports now that the app is no longer available. We’ve put together a list of the ten best Dark Sky options to make things easier for you. We chose the apps that give users a good experience and include all the necessary metrics. Let’s get right to it and go through the list.

7 Best Sites like Dark Sky for Android

1. Overdrop

Because of two main points, Overdrop is my second choice as a Dark Sky alternative. The hourly and weekly forecasts are great, and the home screen has a limited amount of information. You can make the bar bigger to get more information about things like temperature, cloud cover, pressure, and so on. Second, even in the free version, there are no ads on the main screen, which is great. Another thing is that Overdrop brings a Theme that has different graphic styles and background colors, such as AMOLED, Dark, Space, Light, and more. Additionally, Overdrop has several well-designed apps and an option to show permanent notifications. Overdrop is simple and brings all the important weather data in one place, even though it may not be as information-rich as other weather apps.


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2. Today Weather

Everyone knew Dark Sky for its easy-to-use interface and hourly weather updates. If you want an app like this that does both of these things well, Today Weather is the best option for Android. It has the best user interface, and the data is organized and easily read on the main screen. The home screen doesn’t have too much going on. Aside from that, it brings several useful metrics in the form of a card-like menu, such as temperature, UV Index, Air Quality Index, Pressure, and more.

That’s not all, though. There are several sources of weather data available on Today Weather, which is its best feature. Today, Weather still uses Dark Sky’s API, and it will continue to do so until late 2021. However, you also have the option of choosing data from Accuweather, OpenWeather, Foreca, and many government-run meteorology centers. That being said, Today Weather does have a banner ad, but it’s a few. To be clear, Today Weather is the best Dark Sky choice right now, and you should try it out on your Android phone.

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3. Geometric Weather

The Geometric Weather app isn’t very popular, and it’s not even close to Dark Sky’s popularity. However, it has a beautiful interface made up of geometric forms. It brings all the important information to the home screen and is lightweight. Geometric Weather shows you the temperature right now, as well as the hourly and 15-day weather outlook, air quality index, and wind speed. You can scroll to the bottom to see the most recent changes and get more information, such as temperature, UV Index, atmospheric pressure, and so on. You can also change how the data cards on the home screen look with this app. Most weather apps still get data from Dark Sky’s API, but Geometric Weather gets it from Accuweather. So, Geometric Weather is a good option for Dark Sky if you want a reliable app with a well-designed interface that provides hourly weather updates.


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4. Weawow

Another great weather app that examines and works a lot like Dark Sky is Weawow. With a variety of data, such as pressure, temperature, wind speed, and rain, it offers current weather information. Not only that, but you also receive hourly information on three parameters: wind, rain, and Weather. Also, Weawow gives you information about the area of air pollution from AQICN, which is pretty cool. On top of that, you can choose your data source from MET, Weatherbit, Dark Sky, Accuweather, and more. This is the best thing about Weawow: there are no ads on its interface. Please feel free to give the maker any amount of money you want. The UI is ad-free, even in the free tier. To sum up, Weawow is a great weather app that can return Dark Sky on your Android phone.


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5. Carrot

The weather app Carrot is one of a kind and funny. It brings a funny spin to weather reports. With the same amount of fun, it shows present, hourly, and weekly weather predictions. Still, the app is only for some. It’s best for people who like jokes made by AI. In addition, Carrot’s user interface is pretty creepy, with images that change all the time based on weather data. There will be times when it sounds like a storm and rains very hard. We already talked about how unique Carrot is as a weather app, and it has some funny weather jokes to get you through the day. Having said that, you can get all the information, such as the weather forecast, wind speed, pressure, and more. Last but not least, Carrot is a fun weather app that you should try.


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6. 1Weather

One of the most downloaded weather apps on the Play Store is 1Weather, which brings a wealth of information about the Weather, including rain, air quality, and more. Although it has a less nice of a user interface than Dark Sky, it has a lot of data and offers free tools like real-time RADAR and video reports. The metrics include clarity, dew point, humidity, precipitation, and more. You can add multiple places to the main screen of the app, which also offers daily and hourly forecasts. 1Weather also brings smart alerts, so you will be told immediately if the Weather changes drastically. In addition, 1Weather gathers the information from DTN WeatherOps rather than using Dark Sky’s API. So, if you want a weather app with many different outdoor metrics, 1Weather is a great choice instead of Dark Sky.

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7. Appy Weather

Users who want a great user interface and experience using a weather app should check out Appy Weather. Google Play’s “Best of 2019” in the “Everyday Essentials” category goes to Appy Weather. The interface can be scrolled, and there is a card menu with hourly, daily, and weekly timelines. Due to Dark Sky’s API, the app can give you correct weather predictions. The paid plan includes app support, the option to view RADAR data in real-time, and permanent notifications for weather changes. It has the same accurate Weather as Dark Sky, but it has a nicer interface. I recommend Appy Weather. It won’t fail you, I’m sure.


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