Best Free File Rename Software For Mac To Use

Keeping your iPhoto organized and manageable is difficult, especially if you have a large collection of photographs and movies. If you’re a designer or a professional photographer, you understand the agony of manually renaming your files. In such cases, you’ll require file renaming software that allows you to rename numerous files simultaneously. Fortunately, there is some excellent free file rename software for Mac that can assist you in changing the names of your files.

Free File Rename Software For Mac

Following is a list of the best free File Rename Software for Mac you can use in 2022.

1. Name Munger

The Name Munger is one of the best free file rename tools, quickly renaming one or more files with a simple drag and drop function. It is a simple yet powerful app that allows you to change text anywhere in a file or folder name and delete text from anywhere in a file or folder name. In addition, you may modify the file name’s upper case, lower case, start caps, and title caps.

2. Renamer

Renamer is software that can rename your files in various ways, whether you want to alter the name of a single file or several at once. It is the simplest and quickest approach to creating a well-organized and controlled library with minimum effort. Best of all, Renamer is a wonderfully designed program with a user-friendly interface.

3. F2Utility

It is, as the name implies, a helpful utility that renames several files without requiring you to download a plethora of tools. It lets you easily cut the beginning or final handful of letters, add a prefix/suffix, insert content at a certain point, and trim file names. In reality, F2Utility allows you to reorder a group of files using hotkeys.

4. NameChanger

NameChanger is a fantastic program that allows you to rename files in real-time. Download and install the software on your Mac, drag and drop the files, and rename the entire folder with a single click. NameChanger is one of the most dependable pieces of software created by MRR Software and intended for OS X 10.7 and later. It is, indeed, one of the most effective batch file renaming tools for Mac.

5. Inviska Rename

It is a multi-platform software available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. With Inviska Rename, you may add, insert, replace, and remove filename text or extensions. In addition, Exif information from digital pictures, file creation or modification dates, and audio tag information such as mp3 ID3v2 tags and FLAC tags may all be used to rename files. This batch files rename tools for Mac has an easy-to-use UI.

6. Transnomino

Transnomino is a Mac batch utility that detects and replaces file names based on your specifications. You may add file properties to the filename, such as EXIF data, ID3, date-created, etc. Transnomino lets you format your dates precisely how you want them by choosing one of the pre-set formats or setting your own. You may also add the numbers at the end or beginning of the file name.

The Bottom Line: Free File Rename Software For Mac

These are some of the best free file rename software for Mac that can be used to rename many files at once.

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