How To Get Free Online Cloud Storage

Many individuals offer that most Free Online Cloud Storage choices are a waste of time due to their restricted quantity of free storage space, bugs, slowness, and lack of security. While this may have been true when the first free online storage cloud providers entered the market, as competition has increased and online review forums have grown in popularity, the popular online cloud storage services have significantly improved their game in terms of the amount of free storage capacity they provide.

Well, when you first sign up to get Free Online Cloud Storage with a reputable online cloud storage service, you are often entitled to a certain amount of free storage space. Unfortunately, even the best suppliers’ limited offerings are insufficient to fulfill the demands of the majority of people today. The free space you can get via these approaches is not time-limited. You will have space in perpetuity – or until the service chooses to remove it or shut its doors. Utilize various services and build-up free space with each one to maximize your free space. You might have over 100GB of free space if you used all of the methods discussed above.

How To Get Free Online Cloud Storage?

Here are some extra ways to get more online storage free on your computer, PC, or mobile device.

Pick A Reputable Provider

When signing up for online storage, the first step is to choose one of the best free providers. This is crucial because it will be less buggy than other lesser-known products, but it will also have a more responsive customer service staff and additional features and advantages. The major companies, such as Google Drive, want to maintain their pole position and recognize the need to offer as many extras as possible in such a competitive market. Security precautions should also be taken more seriously when working with a reputable supplier, which is important if you want to use a free online cloud storage system to store critical data.

Seek Out Incentives

Numerous providers give incentives as a means to get extra free storage space. This is accomplished via the referral of friends to their service. For instance, each time someone signs up through your referral, you get an extra GB of memory space. Alternatively, services offer you the chance to get extra free storage space for installing their apps on particular Windows or Mac devices. Providers such as Google Drive organize contests and special offers in which you may win more storage space. MediaFire gives you two gigabytes for installing the MediaFire desktop client and another two gigabytes for installing mobile apps. Connecting your Twitter and Facebook accounts to MediaFire adds an extra 1GB of storage to each. If you promote MediaFire on your social networks, you will earn another 1GB of storage.

Multiple Platforms

While this is not the most time-efficient method to get more free storage, you may install many providers on separate devices. Then, if you total up all of your free storage space, you should have enough to suit your daily demands. However, this method is time-intensive, and it does need some patience to keep track of how much space you have remaining and where it is.

Sharing On Social Media

Numerous companies increase brand exposure on social media by running a free giveaway in exchange for likes and shares. Cloud storage providers are no exception, and many will reward you with extra storage space in exchange for liking or sharing their offer with your friends. Naturally, various companies will run promotions at different times, so it’s critical to watch the next one. Also, Take A Look At: Use Slack For Business.

Separate Your Data

In line with the previous idea about using several providers, consider segmenting your data into media, documents, and so on, and determining which providers offer what for free. For instance, consider Google Drive. Your 5GB of Google Drive space is divided between Google Drive and Google+ Photos (formerly Picasa Web Albums). Nevertheless, photos and videos less than a specific size are not included in your storage restrictions. In other words, you are free to store an infinite amount of these photos and videos. Google offers further information on the sorts of photos and videos that are free to store. Reduce or delete certain photos to get more space. For example, if you enable the Camera Upload option on your phone or computer to automatically upload photos to Dropbox, you’ll get up to 3GB of free space with Dropbox.

Free Trials

The majority of providers offer free trial periods without requiring a credit card. However, this is not a long-term option since once your free trial period expires and you fail to pay, your storage will become inaccessible.

Final Words:

The points mentioned above Free Online Cloud Storage are all you need to do to get more free cloud storage space. Different companies release fresh incentives daily to increase their customer base; therefore, it’s always worthwhile to check for new offers. Some providers, such as Google Drive, may reward you with additional storage space when buying a Google-branded device. The same is true for Windows PCs and third-party in-app purchases. Although we recommend going with a well-known provider in point number one, this is not to indicate that smaller, younger companies are not worth considering. You should spend some more time doing research and reading the tiny print.

Reading websites like this one, where you can easily access reviews of various products, is going to be extremely beneficial, not only for assisting you in making the best choice of service but also for providing insight into the platform’s speed and performance, any negative points to be aware of, and the security measures employed by each platform. Consistently follow the counsel of authority since their evaluations will be honest, impartial, and useful.

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