How to Get YouTube Transcripts Video On Mobile & Desktop

Despite hundreds of free video streaming websites exist, YouTube dominates the video space. Indeed, YouTube offers more options and features than other video streaming providers. For example, one of the essential features of YouTube is the Closed Captions device, which displays a text version of the spoken section of a video. Closed Captions, on the other hand, show concurrently with the video and frequently change it before we can read them.
Therefore, if you are having difficulty with difficulties such as Closed Captions often changing or prefer to read like captions at your leisure, you may find this page helpful. This article will describe the Transcript function available on YouTube. This whole transcript of a YouTube video may be advantageous in various ways. For instance, you may produce a YouTube Transcripts video to reread this information without watching the full video, or you can copy and paste this text into your project.

How to Get a YouTube Transcripts Video on Mobile and Desktop

Whatever the cause, you can quickly generate a YouTube Video Transcript in a few simple steps. As a result, today, we’re going to walk you through obtaining the transcript of a YouTube video on both desktop and mobile. Let us proceed to the checkout.

1) Install YouTube Transcripts on a Desktop Computer

If you access YouTube using the web version on a desktop web browser, you must follow these procedures to obtain YouTube transcripts. What you must do is as follows.

1. To start, open your preferred web browser and navigate to

2. Now, locate and open the video you wish to generate a transcript.

Transcript Of A YouTube Video

3. Now, beneath the title of the YouTube video, click on the three-dots menu symbol.

Transcript Of A YouTube Video

4. click the Show transcript option from the menu choices.

Transcript Of A YouTube Video

5. You’ll notice captions and a timestamp on the right-hand pane.

Transcript Of A YouTube Video

6. You may navigate to any caption by clicking on it.

That is all! You have completed your task. This is how you may download a YouTube Transcripts video to your desktop computer.

2) On Android, Get the YouTube Transcripts Video

Additionally, you may generate a YouTube Transcripts of a video directly from the YouTube app for Android. The following are some straightforward actions to follow.

1. To begin, open the YouTube application on your Android device.

2. Now, play the video you’ve chosen. Following that, tap on the down arrow button to the right of the video title.

Transcript Of A YouTube Video

3. Tap the Show Transcript option in the video description window.

Transcript Of A YouTube Video

4. Then, You will be able to view the video’s text version together with the timestamps. You may immediately tap on the caption to jump to the desired section of a video.

Transcript Of A YouTube Video

That is all! You have completed your task. This is how to get YouTube Transcripts to your Android device.

Final Words: 

To conclude, these are the two most effective techniques for obtaining the YouTube Transcripts video on a desktop or mobile device. I hope this all information was beneficial to you! feel free to share this Content with your friends as well. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below.

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