60 Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes 2023 that Work 100% of the Time. Are there any secret codes on your iPhone? Are these iPhone codes dangerous, or could someone use them to spy on you without your knowledge?

These secret codes, which you can enter in a specific order of numbers, help you learn much about your iPhone in a world where technology changes daily.

Did you know, though, about these codes? Well, most likely not, and that’s why this book is here. In this, we go to a different world where you can see a new set of hidden iPhone secret codes that you can use to access features on your iPhone that you didn’t know existed. So, let’s save time and check those codes immediately

Is It Safe To Use These Codes? 

Using your iPhone’s secret codes is safe and legal, so there’s no risk. Apple made these codes so that people can use them whenever necessary.

Should you use these codes or not? Then, we suggest you use them without considering whether they are real.

Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes in 2023

Hidden iPhone Secret Codes

Now, what are these codes, and how do I use them? Even though there are a lot of codes, we only list the ones people use most often.

Also, remember that you can only use these with the help of your contact to find out information about your device, fix problems, etc. Get a guide to these codes now that you know how to use them.


Another very useful code will help you check if your device’s alert system works correctly.

##002# -> Tap Call

Imagine that you accidentally enabled call forwarding and could not turn it off. So, you can stop your iPhone from sending calls by entering this code.


This is also a very important code because it tells you about each information you send when you text someone. In short, it will help you know where your text messages go after you send them.

#31#Phone-number + call

You can use this code to play a joke on someone or hide your name. It will hide your number from the person you are talking to during an outbound call.


This is a very helpful directional code because it lets you check the traffic in your area, or “local traffic,” even if you don’t have an internet connection.

There are many organizing programs, like Google Maps, but they all need to be connected to the internet to work. But you don’t need to be internet-connected when using these codes.

*82 [calling number of the other person]

This secret code may already be known to you. But if you don’t know this, I’ll tell you: if you dial *82 before the number you want to call, the person you call can see your caller ID. So you can use this code if you want to.


If you want to know if your iPhone’s call-waiting feature is enabled or blocked, use this code to help you find out.


This code will help you learn more information about the SMS Center number. We don’t know, but sending a message goes to the SMS center or computer and then to the receiver’s end. To know the SMS center number, use this code.


The same thing will happen with this one as with the last one.


Use this code if the sound of your iPhone’s voice could be better. It will make your iPhone’s voice sound better. But remember that this will make your iPhone’s battery life shorter.


Using this code, you can check your SMS, voice, fax, etc., find out if your call routing settings are on or off, set a call request, and more.


If you have enabled the call-waiting function on your iPhone, we suggest using this code because it will help you turn it off.


Use this code to turn call waiting back on for your iPhone.


Use this code to know if the linked line presentation is on or off.


Use this secret code to ensure the call transfer number is right if your device doesn’t have service.


If your iPhone doesn’t show the number of missed calls, you can check them with this code.


The IMEI number is very important for security, so we must know it. So, this code will help you find your iPhone’s IMEI number.


Use this code if you want to know how to use information info on your iPhone.


This code will help you get to know the call control bars. In simple terms, it will help you know whether call blocking is enabled on your iPhone.


Using the code, you can check the number to which the iPhone will forward calls when busy.


Use it to open the field mode, which gives you all the facts about your iPhone’s settings, network, cell, and other information.


If you have a prepaid iPhone, this will help you know how much money you have in your account.

*225# (Postpaid Only)

Use this code to check your postpaid service bill amount.

*646# (Postpaid Only)

This code will help you know how many minutes you have left if you have a postpaid voice talking plan.


What are iPhone secret codes?

iPhone secret codes are numbers and letters that can be typed into the phone’s keyboard to access hidden features or settings.

Can anyone use iPhone secret codes?

Yes, anyone with an iPhone can operate these secret codes, but it’s essential to remember that some codes, if used incorrectly, can damage the phone or its software.

How do I enter iPhone secret codes?

To enter a secret code on an iPhone, open the phone, type in the code, and then press the “call” button. Some codes may need to be entered in multiple steps or with a warning.

What are some examples of iPhone secret codes?

A few examples of iPhone secret codes are *#06#, which shows the phone’s IMEI number, 3001#12345#, which shows the phone’s field test mode; and *#31#, which turns off caller ID for outgoing calls.

Are iPhone secret codes illegal?

No, iPhone secret codes are not illegal. But using them to get to features or settings you aren’t meant to could be against the phone’s terms of service.

Are there any risks associated with using iPhone secret codes?

Yes, there are risks to using secret codes on an iPhone, like accidentally changing important settings or breaking the phone’s software. Be careful and only enter codes that you know are safe and reliable.


In 2023, these are the most used and well-known hidden iPhone secret codes. We hope that these codes have helped you. Also, if you want to know more about codes, comment below.