How To Easily Fix Microsoft Teams Not Showing Images?

Microsoft Teams has recently been at the forefront of video conferencing and remote collaboration offerings. Although not the most user-friendly, the service has proven popular among corporations seeking a more professional WF atmosphere due to Teams’ no-nonsense approach. In addition to video conferencing and exchanging ideas, teams can exchange files such as pictures, videos, and music. Still, the service, like any other online tool, has its own issues users have faced. One such problem that has recently been prevalent among the Teams user community is the inability to view images or thumbnails within chat threads, channels, or wikis. If you are experiencing this or a similar problem, the solutions given in this post may assist you in resolving Microsoft Teams not showing images.

How To Easily Fix The Issues With Microsoft Teams Not Loading Or Showing Images?

If images you receive fail to load inside Microsoft Teams and all you see is an image symbol instead of the real image, the following fixes should help you resolve the issue.

Check Internet Connection

When images fail to load in Microsoft Teams, the first thing to check is if your computer is linked to a working internet connection. The easiest approach to check your internet connection is to test if several web pages load within your web browser. You may also see if any apps on your computer that require internet connectivity are operational.

Verify If Microsoft Teams’ Servers Are Down

Microsoft Teams’ servers, like any other service requiring an internet connection, can fail in the same way your network might. Therefore, it’s usually a good idea to double-check that a service’s servers are up and running before taking matters into your own hands. This way, you’ll save time trying to fix the issue on your end and be notified when Microsoft fixes an issue.

Checking Microsoft Teams’ official Twitter account is the quickest way to see whether there is an outage on Teams’ servers. Whether the problem you’re experiencing has yet to be noticed recently, you may check Downdetector’s Teams page to see if others in the community are experiencing problems with Microsoft Teams and where these problems are occurring.

Toggle Hardware Acceleration For Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams offers a Hardware acceleration option that pushes the Teams desktop client, to run more smoothly by leveraging its hardware capabilities. This option is deactivated by default in the Teams client, which may be blocking your desktop from showing images inside chats and channels. However, many users have noticed that turning on the Hardware acceleration option in Teams has helped them view images on the desktop client.

1 – To activate hardware acceleration inside the Teams client, open Microsoft Teams and select Settings from the 3-dots symbol in the top right corner of the Teams client window.

2 – In Settings, choose General from the left sidebar and uncheck the Disable GPU hardware acceleration option.

Microsoft Teams Not Showing Images

3 – Teams’ desktop client will now prompt you to restart it. Restart the app to see whether you can now see images appear within Teams.

Clear Teams’ Cache

Apps on your computer or smartphone continually save data acquired from the web to perform tasks for you. This data might get congested over time and create issues in some Windows apps. If Teams cannot load images within channels or chats, delete the program’s cache on your computer.

1 – Force-quit Microsoft Teams from your Task Manager for this.

2 – Now, launch the File Explorer from the bottom of the Task Bar and enter the following address into the top location bar %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams

3 – Within this folder, open each subfolder and delete the following files and subfolders:

1 – blob_storage 

2 – Cache 

3 – databases 

4 – GPUCache 

5 – IndexedDB 

6 – Local Storage 

7 – tmp 

Check to see whether your problem still shows in Microsoft Teams.

I Can’t Find The Teams Folder In The AppData Folder?

If you can’t find the Teams folder at the above location, try this one: C:\Users\k\AppData\Local\Packages\

Microsoft Teams Not Showing Images

Look for the folder entitled MicrosoftTeams_something, which should include all of the cache files.

Delete the files (blob_storage, GPUCache, IndexedDB, Cache, databases, Local Storage, and tmp).

Tip: Make a backup of the LocalCache folder first, then delete it altogether.

Check If The Issue Persists On Other Devices

Microsoft Teams is available on several platforms, so if images aren’t appearing in the Teams client on the desktop, see whether they’re viewable on your smartphone. Likewise, whether you have the Microsoft Teams app installed on your iOS or Android device, log in to your Teams account and test if the images are visible on your phone.

Change Language Settings Inside Microsoft Teams

Some users were facing problems not loading images on their Teams; the client discovered that changing the language inside Microsoft Teams settings helped address the issue. When Teams fails to load images on the screen, you can switch between languages to see if the images load properly. For example, if you speak English, you can try changing the app’s language to English (US), English (UK), or any other version from a different location.

1 – To change your Teams client language, launch Microsoft Teams and select Settings from the 3-dots symbol in the top right corner of the Teams client window.

2 – Inside Settings, choose General from the left sidebar and change the App language setting to another option.

Microsoft Teams Not Showing Images

Make Sure OneDrive Or Any Other Storage Is Enabled

Images posted to Teams channels or chats are automatically saved to your OneDrive account. If your OneDrive account is not linked to your Teams client, or if there are problems with your OneDrive storage, you may be unable to access images within Microsoft Teams. You can only view images and files from numerous devices or while on the go if OneDrive is linked to Teams.

1 – If you haven’t already, you may add OneDrive for file storage within your Teams client by launching Microsoft Teams, choosing the Files tab from the left sidebar, and then clicking the Add cloud storage option at the bottom.

Microsoft Teams Not Showing Images

2 – You cannot remove OneDrive from Microsoft Teams if enabled. You may, however, add other storage options such as Google Drive, Dropbox, ShareFile, and so on.

Microsoft Teams Not Showing Images

3 – If OneDrive is enabled in Teams, you may open your OneDrive account and check its storage and functioning.

Sign Out Of Teams Client And Log In Again

If none of those mentioned above solutions are causing images to show inside Microsoft Teams, consider signing out of your account and then signing back in. This will remove any connection issues that may have occurred between your account/device and Teams’ servers.

1 – To sign out of your Microsoft Teams account, click on your profile symbol in the top right corner of your Teams desktop client and choose to Sign out.

2 – Now, Teams will log you out of your Microsoft account. After you log out, you will be directed to the Welcome screen, where you can continue with one of your current accounts or sign in to another.

3 – After signing into your account, check whether images are loading properly inside the app.

Update Microsoft Teams To The Latest Version

No app is flawless, and the Teams client is no exception. If none of the solutions above resolved your issue, the images not loading issue might be caused by an old version of Microsoft Teams on your desktop. To do so, launch the Teams client, click the three-dot symbol in the top right corner, and then select Check for updates. Teams will now check its servers for updated versions of its desktop client and install the appropriate one on your computer.

Switch To Microsoft Teams Web Interface

If your job relies on Teams, check the Teams web client to see if you can open images within a chat. Because the Teams web client depends on a web browser you’re already familiar with on your computer, you should be able to see images from a Teams chat or channel as long as they’re supported. You can check the Microsoft Teams web interface by navigating to this site in a web browser and logging into your account.

How To Easily Fix GIFs Not Working On Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams has a native option that allows you to send GIFs to other Team members to make the conversation more entertaining and participatory. These GIFs are available on GIPHY and may be used on both Microsoft Teams’ desktop and web clients. If you can’t send GIFs or find the option within a conversation, the fixes below should help.

Make Teams Admin Enables Sure GIFs

If you don’t see the GIF button in Teams, it may be deactivated by your Teams administrator. As a member, ask your Teams admin to re-enable GIFs in the Teams app. If you are the team administrator, you may allow GIFs in Microsoft Teams by visiting and signing in using your Teams administrator account.

1 – Go to Messaging Policies and toggle the Use Giphys in Conversations option when the Teams admin page loads.

Microsoft Teams Not Showing Images

2 – Choose the No restriction option under Giphy content rating if you want GIFs to show inside Teams regardless of their embedded content.

You can now see if the GIF option displays in the Teams web or desktop client.

Use GIF Button To Send GIF Images

It’s simple to send GIFs to anyone on Teams if you haven’t already.

1 – To send GIFs within Teams, navigate to the Teams channel or chat you wish to send GIFs to and click the New conversation button at the bottom of the chat thread.

2 – When the chat box displays at the bottom, click the GIF option to the right of it.

3 – A new window should now appear on the screen, showing a list of GIFs you may add to your chat. You may either select the GIF you want to send or use the search bar at the top to find the GIF you want.

4 – When you choose a GIF to send, it will appear inside the conversation box.

Download And Send GIFs Manually

If your Teams admin has disabled GIFs, this does not send you from sending GIFs to others. Instead of using the GIFs option, you may manually upload them by downloading the one you wish to send from the internet. In addition, you may use the same service that Microsoft Teams uses to add GIFs to a conversation – When you’re on, search for and select the GIF you wish to send, then copy it by right-clicking on a GIF and selecting Copy Image.

Microsoft Teams Not Showing Images

Inside the Teams client, navigate to the chat where you wish to use GIFs and paste the contents of your clipboard into the conversation box by hitting the Ctrl (Cmd) + V keyboard shortcut.

Why Can’t You See Pictures Inside Microsoft Teams Wiki?

Microsoft Teams has a text editor where you and your team members can write and modify texts and chat. Pages inside Wiki, like documents, may store images and files you may need to share with others. If you’re facing trouble seeing images from the Teams’ Wiki tab, it might be due to one of the following problems:

1 – You’re using the Microsoft Teams mobile app to view your Team’s private Wiki.

2 – You are not a part of the meeting organizers’ organization because they handle all notes on the Wiki.

3 – Meeting notes with images will be unavailable for Teams sessions with more than 100 attendees.

4 – Meeting notes were prepared on the Wiki before you were invited to a meeting.

5 – Your Teams admin has disabled your organization’s access to third-party apps.

If none of the above explanations apply to you, try deleting the current wiki tab and then re-adding it to your Teams apps to resolve the photo not showing up issue.

1 – Launch the Microsoft Teams client and select the Team to which you belong. Right-click on the Wiki tab at the top of the team screen and select Remove.

2 – Teams will notify you that the Wiki tab will be permanently deleted and prompt you to approve this decision. Click Remove to delete the Wiki tab.

3 – After deleting a Wiki tab, you may create a new one within your Team by clicking the ‘+’ icon at the top.

4 – From the list of apps that displays in the Add a tab box, select Wiki.

5 – Enter the Wiki tab name on the next screen and click Save.

6 – The new Wiki tab will now be visible within Teams. Begin by sharing images and files on this Wiki to see whether they appear in your Teams client.

That’s all there’s to it when it comes to fixing the Microsoft Teams not showing images issue.

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