The 5 Best Business Mileage Tracking Apps of 2024

If you want your customers and workers to be happy and your profits to keep increasing, you need to know the best mileage tracking app for your brand. You need to learn to keep track of mileage if you have a fleet. You can find some of the best mileage-tracking apps for your business on this page. These mileage tracking apps were chosen based on their features, how accurate they are, how much data they use, how easy they are to use, and how much they cost. Please keep reading to discover why thousands of customers have chosen these best mileage-tracking apps and why many back them.

What is mileage tracker app?

A mileage tracking app is software that helps people keep track of their travel distance, expenses, check-in and check-out times, and location. Mileage apps use GPS to find the user and determine how far they have driven without human tracking. The best mileage-tracking apps track all this information in a secure, cloud-based screen. Users can typically label their work-related and personal trips and expenses. Some apps also have extra tools, such as organizing and paychecks.

How do apps that track miles work?

GPS is used by a mileage tracking app on a driver’s phone to track how far they drive. The data is then turned into reports that can be used for tax purposes to get money back or refunds. Different apps track mileage in various ways. Different apps can track mileage automatically, even when the user is not on their phone. Some apps need to be started and stopped for each trip. When your workers aren’t working, it doesn’t keep track of where they are!

5 Best Mileage Tracking Apps for Businesses in 2024

Check out the 2024 list of the best mileage tracking apps for business:

1. Assure Expenses


Assure Expenses is software that can help big and small businesses keep track of their spending. Its primary objective is to make it easier for businesses to file, approve, pay, and audit their business expenses. The software lets workers scan receipts and record mileage with GPS accuracy from their phones, whether at the office or home. It does this through online platforms and a sleek mobile app.

The tool says it can save a lot of money; it could lower process costs, improve compliance, and cut costs by up to 20%. Making claims that are accurate and follow the rules also ensures that the most VAT is reclaimed. The best mileage tracking app, Assure, is different because it checks both the driver and the car simultaneously. With a great 5.0 review from users, this helps businesses meet their trip duty of care duties and gives them a full way to keep track of their business costs.

2. Everlance

Everlance’s adjustable features and simple layout make it easy for businesses and self-employed people to keep track of trips and costs. The best mileage tracking app has features like automatically sorting popular routes based on work hours and commutes, various ways to keep track of expenses, and managers can see trip information right away. It ensures that the logs follow IRS rules, making it easier to figure out taxes and pay them.

In the free version, however, you can only track 30 trips automatically each month, and some users have said that the tool for tracking trips automatically needs to be fixed. The app is very helpful for people who drive for rideshare services, travel for work, or run growing small businesses. It’s very useful when it’s tax time. People who want to use it should read the most current reviews and test the free version to ensure it meets their needs

3. ExpensePoint

Mileage Tracking


ExpensePoint is desktop and mobile spending tracking software that lives in the cloud and can be viewed through web browsers and iOS and Android phones. It’s mostly made for small and medium-sized businesses, even charities. The system makes making, sending, and approving expense reports from anywhere in the world easier. It is one of the best mileage-tracking apps.

The most important features are the ability to add credit cards, read and image papers, and apply policies. These make sorting expenses into groups and sending requests quickly and easily. It lets business credit cards connect directly to the platform and makes it easy for approvers to review each cost item and decide whether to approve it. This is the best mileage-tracking app and is easy for people to use. It makes reporting expenses faster and easier and even lets potential users start for free.

4. Timero

Different brands and teams can use Timeero to keep track of GPS time and mileage, among other things. To keep track of time, it replaces paper and files. Its accurate time-tracking features stop people from stealing time and ensure that labor laws are followed. With GPS, which shows a full path and time stamps for each person, real-time tracking of team members is possible. This makes things clearer and more responsible.

One of the best things about this tool is its mileage-tracking feature. Without having to use other apps, it helps you keep track of your employees’ mileage and pay them back. It also has scheduling features, such as telling workers of new schedules through mobile apps and putting all job-related information in one place, making it easy to get rid of paper schedules. Customer help is said to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by the brand. Timeero is the best mileage-tracking app for small building businesses. It focuses on organizing different parts of business management by putting all tasks in one place that is easy to get to. It would help if you talked to customer service to see how well they do their job.

5. QuickBooks Online

Mileage Tracking


The best mileage tracking app for QuickBooks Online comes with basic mileage tracking built in. It makes it easy to label trips as work or personal with a swipe using GPS, which automatically keeps track of them. It’s primarily an accounting tool, but it works well for businesses that need their system for keeping track of business expenses like mileage and accounting because it’s easy to use for both simultaneously.

Why should a business use best mileage tracking app?

Using a good business mileage tracking app makes the whole process routine and only needs a little or any help from a person. This helps businesses and workers keep track of their money.

In addition to that, it also.

  • Make it easy for people to get their expenses and mileage paid for.
  • Keeps accurate records of mileage so that you can get tax breaks.
  • Real-time information about how much your work and journey costs.
  • Provides a single platform for finance teams to view expense information.
  • It eliminates the chance of scams, mistakes that cost a lot of money, and costs that are too high.

Businesses are always ready for an audit because automated business mileage trackers help eliminate claims that aren’t true or fake. They can even help you get your money back up to five times faster.

How do I pick the best mileage tracking app for business?

You should choose the best mileage tracking app by taking your needs and budget into Account. When tracking mileage, a company with many door-to-door sellers will need something different and likely have a bigger budget than a worker or solopreneur. Sometimes apps are free for life, but they only have a few features and only let you log a certain number of drives per month. But the forever free plans are good if you want to try out the best mileage tracking app for a while before committing to a paid plan every month or year.

Many of the best mileage-tracking apps have more features than just tracking miles. For example, some can track expenses and even have a full accounting suite. In the long run, software that does many things, like QuickBooks or FreshBooks, may be less expensive and easier to use. Make sure to compare all the plans and do the math if you’ll need more software than just tracking your mileage before you decide.


We can help your brand, whether you have a few cars or dozens of cars, to keep track of and read. Take your time and check out the system’s free forms. It will be much easier and more successful to do your work once you find the best mileage-tracking app for your business.

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