Spotify Duo: Should You Buy It?

What Is Spotify Duo?

Simply put, Spotify Duo is a subscription level that lets two people share a Premium account with Spotify for less money than buying two Premium licenses or the Premium Family Plan, which lets six people share a Premium account.

Spotify Duo costs $12.99 a month. On the other hand, the Family Plan costs $14.99, and a single subscription plan costs $9.99. You save a lot of money if you compare it to the $20 price of two different subscriptions. The price is $2 less than the family plan, but you lose four subscription spots. If you only need Spotify for two people, there’s little reason to pay an extra $2.

Sharing a “Duo Mix” recording with another person is an interesting feature of Spotify Duo. This works like the “family mix” part of the best plan.

The terms and conditions of Spotify Duo apply. Two people living in the same house can use the subscription. Applicants can be couples, roommates, or people living in the same place. If you live at different addresses, you can’t use Spotify Duo.

Spotify Duo Eligibility in Detail

People who want to use Spotify Duo must do three things in particular.

  1. The “primary” account holder and the “subsidiary” account holder must live at the same address.
  2. The second thing they need is both account users’ home addresses. If the two addresses don’t match, you can’t use Duo.
  3. You also have to accept that your addresses may be checked again occasionally.

Spotify can cancel your Duo subscription if they think you don’t follow the rules. It’s in their terms and conditions.

The Perks of Spotify Premium

No matter which level you choose, the perks of a Premium subscription remain the same. What are they, though? There’s no reason not to use the free version of Spotify.

The main incentive to pay for a premium plan is to eliminate ads. You’ll enjoy not having to deal with ads if you don’t miss listening to radio music. If you like podcasts, Premium is an even better choice because it has no ads.

Spotify Duo


The free version of Spotify also doesn’t let you choose which songs to play. This is more like the radio than the premium option because you can only skip a certain number of times. You may not like the music either.

You don’t have to pay for data or worry about signal strength when downloading music to your phone. You can listen to it whenever you want. Do not worry about the service bars; play your saved music. You can also download or stream in high quality, which is something you can tell from headphones that cost more.

If Spotify wants to be a main music streaming service, it needs more than just the free plan. For a more in-depth look at the service, read Is Spotify Premium Worth It?

When Is the Family Plan Better?

Most of the time, the Family plan is the best deal for Spotify Premium groups with more than two people. It’s still a better deal even if you only use three of the six spots. The family plan costs less per person as more people join.

Spotify Account-sharing Enforcement

You can split the cost of a family plan (Duo) with people who don’t live with you. If you do this, your account could be banned because it violates the terms and conditions.

How Spotify would enforce these rules needs to be made clear. In 2018, Spotify tried out proof based on GPS, but this idea isn’t used.

It’s based on personal honor, to put it another way. You should use your morals to decide if you should do this. But different people have different ideas about a real “duo” or “family”, and Spotify doesn’t seem to make the point too hard.

Know this: If Spotify ever chooses to enforce its rules, you won’t be able to stop them.

Spotify Duo Alternatives

These days, there are a lot of streaming services to pick from, but at the time of this writing, they are all separate from Duo. There are no two-person subscription plans for services like Amazon Music, Apple Music, and YouTube Music.

You already know that you like what Spotify offers if you already use the service and want to add one person to your subscription.

There is only a problem when you are trying to choose between services. You should think about a lot of things, not just price.

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