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How To Easily Make A Nether Portal In Minecraft?

Nether Portal

Because Nether Portals exist in Minecraft, the world you spawn in isn’t the only accessible dimension. These portals lead to the Nether, an underground hellscape teeming with hostile and neutral mobs. Many people desire to travel there because of the unique resources and loot ready to be claimed. Making a Nether Portal is easy, but you’ll need some endgame resources if none are found naturally. Continue reading to learn more about these gates to hell.

Make A Nether Portal Using Lava

Obsidian and Fire are the two basic ingredients used to make a Nether Portal. While Fire is not a block, the following tools can start one.

1 – Flint and Steel.

2 – Fire charge.

3 – Fireballs made by Ghasts.

4 – Lightning strikes.

5 – Natural fires.

Obsidian is a rock formed by combining Lava and Water. It might happen naturally, but you can create your Obsidian blocks. Nether Portals must be at least 4×5 blocks long, with a maximum of 23×23. As a result, you’ll require more Obsidian to reach the Nether. Obsidian cannot be mined with tools other than a Diamond or Netherite Pickaxe due to its resilience. Other materials can break it over time, although this does not produce Obsidian drops. Here’s how to go about it:

1 – Make some Buckets.

2 – Collect a few buckets of Water.

3 – Find a cave system for a lava pool with more than ten source blocks.

4 – Exit the cave.

5 – Break two blocks together to make a hole in the ground.

6 – Pour Lava into the hole, followed by Water, to create Obsidian.

7 – Continue until you have formed an Obsidian door.

8 – Get your Flint and Steel ready.

9 – Use it to open the Nether Portal, which has become purple.

This method is convenient since it eliminates the need to mine Obsidian. Instead, you’re simply making the rock from the ground up.

Make A Nether Portal With Obsidian

You can construct a Nether Portal if you have Obsidian blocks instead of Buckets of Lava. You can get to the Nether right away by doing the following:

1 – Make a Diamond Pickaxe.

2 – Navigate to a cave with a lava pool. 

3 – Add Water to the Lava to create Obsidian blocks.

4 – Mine the Obsidian with your Diamond Pickaxe.

5 – Mine at least 14 blocks of Obsidian.

6 – Exit the cave and proceed to a convenient location.

7 – Arrange the Obsidian blocks in a 4×5 frame. 

8 – Start a fire on the frame with a Flint and Steel or another method.

9 – The Nether Portal has now been activated.

Cooling Lava with mined Obsidian blocks is significantly faster than cooling it with Water. There is also less space for error or damage. However, Lava can occasionally spread to the player and inflict damage. Nevertheless, you’re secure with these blocks unless someone hits you midway through the building process.

Repair Ruined Nether Portals With Obsidian

Ruined Nether Portals are broken Obsidian frames that may be found in the Minecraft overworld, and they’re rare. However, if you find one, it’s time to finish it. Certain chests near these Ruined Nether Portals sometimes contain just the amount needed to repair the portal. Some even contain Flint and Steel. While not every chest provides the needed materials, you should take advantage of the chance to rebuild the Nether Portal.

1 – Find a Ruined Nether Portal.

2 – Open the neighboring chest to see whether it contains Obsidian.

3 – If this is the case, repair the portal.

4 – To activate the Nether Portal, use a fire source.

You must use a different method if there is insufficient Obsidian in the chest.

5 – Locate a Ruined Nether Portal.

6 – Find a lava pool and collect some Lava Buckets.

7 – Add Lava into the empty spots, then immediately pour Water to create Obsidian.

8 – Continue until the Nether Portal is complete.

9 – To activate the Nether Portal, start a fire.

It is not prudent to wager on encountering a Ruined Nether Portal because they are randomly created unless you know the exact seed of the world. If you do, consider it a lucky day.

Connect Nether Portals Together

Nether Portals in the overworld can link to portals created in the Nether, but there is a catch. One block in the overworld equals eight blocks in the Nether, creating a 1:8 ratio. In other words, you must find the coordinates of the first portal.

1 – Turn off a Nether Portal and stand on it.

2 – Obtain the precise coordinates, which will be in the X, Y, and Z format.

3 – Divide the X and Z values by 8.

4 – Round everything above 0.5 up and all other values down.

5 – Reactivate the Nether Portal and enter once you have the updated coordinates.

6 – Travel to the new coordinates.

7 – On these locations, make a new Nether Portal.

8 – Activate it and enter it.

9 – You should be sent to the first Nether Portal now.

Multiply the values by eight to connect a portal in the Nether to the overworld. The rounding rules remain the same. Note that two Nether portals in the same dimension cannot be adjacent. Around 128 blocks must separate them.

Because traveling in the overworld equals eight times the distance traveled in the Nether, many players construct many Nether Portals to move thousands of blocks in a fraction of the time. As a result, they can travel from base to base for less than half an hour. Instead, they may return to the overworld in minutes and traverse the same distance. Portals have been developed for this purpose on several multiplayer servers.


Is Diamond Required To Make A Nether Portal?

Diamond isn’t required for making Nether Portals because you may construct them using Lava and Water before lighting a fire to activate them. However, if you wish to set Obsidian blocks on the ground, you may need to use a Diamond Pickaxe to mine them. Obsidian blocks, fortunately, may be found in chests.

Is The Y Level Important For Linking Nether Portals?

When connecting portals, the Y coordinate is irrelevant. As a result, the X and Z coordinates are the only ones you need to multiply and/or divide.

How Many Buckets Are Required To Make A Nether Portal?

You’ll need around 10 Buckets of Lava and as many Buckets of Water as feasible to construct a Nether Portal. Even though Water is everywhere in Minecraft, you don’t want any Lava pouring out of control. Having a couple of additional buckets will therefore keep your Nether Portal secure.


Making Nether Portals is one step in defeating Minecraft, and these gates need Obsidian. While mining without a Diamond Pickaxe is impossible, you can still do it using Lava and Water. You can still travel to the Nether regardless of your method. How many Ruined Nether Portals have you found so far? Which method do you prefer for making Nether Portals? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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