10 Best Windows 10/11 Procreate Alternatives (2023)

Procreate is undoubtedly one of the best artist sketching programs, but it’s only available for the iPad and costs $9.99 once. For Windows laptops or tablet PCs, you can try some great Procreate alternatives. So, this is the right rabbit hole if you are an artist looking for great sketching software. Let’s look at some great alternatives to Procreate together.

Side by side, Procreate, and iPads. Procreate is one of the best sketching software programs for digital sketchers and artists. It works perfectly with a smooth, clear screen and a precise Apple pencil, which makes sketching a breeze for the artist. But most artists use Windows tablets and PCs for sketching and digital painting.

Procreate isn’t available for Windows, but plenty of other apps work just fine, and some are even free! So let’s look at some of the best Windows PC alternatives. We also have a list of alternatives to procreate for Android. So, if you want to know more, take a look.

Best Procreate Alternatives for Windows 10/11 PC in 2023

These are some of the best Procreate alternatives you can use if you’re a professional artist or want some great software to help you sketch. Some of them are free, and some of them cost money.

1. Autodesk SketchBook

Autodesk SketchBook

Autodesk Sketchbook had to be added to the list. It is the best application for artists, designers, and sketchers in the long run. Autodesk Sketchbook has a lot of advanced tools that artists will love.

If you have a Windows Tablet, it will work great with pen input. Autodesk automatically saves all of your work, so you don’t have to worry about losing data by accident.


  • Available cross-platform: Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • The full version is completely free to use!
  • Professional workspace and tools


  • A little bit hard to learn
  • Less a quantity of brushes to choose from

Download Autodesk Sketchbook Here

2. Krita


When it comes to digital sketching, Krita is my best app. It is free software for sketching that was made by a group of programmers who are also sketchers. The application is therefore optimized for sketching and comic creation.

It’s a great tool for making comics and manga. Krita also lets users change the styles if they want to, which is a great way to let your creativity shine.



  • Tailor-made software for the artist.
  • Supports Photoshop’s PSD files
  • Opensource / Free to use


  • Slow to load
  • Performance issues from time to time

Download Krita Here

3. ArtRage


ArtRage is another great application that can be used instead of Procreate. It’s great for old hobbies where mixing colors is important. ArtRage is good for you if you like to draw in the old way. The best thing about Artrage is that it lets you mix colors to make different patterns, shades, and so on. It’s like drawing on a blank piece of nature.


  • It brings back traditional  painting styles to digital grounds
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Lack of advanced tools
  • Expensive – $79 One time purchase

Download ArtRage Here

4. Concepts


Concepts are more like using a vector drawing app than sketching. But it works great for sketching. It’s easy to draw freehand sketches or sketches that look like vectors.

Ultimately, it’s a great tool for scanning plans and sketching. There are different brushes and strokes, just like any other sketching application. You also have more than one layer of support!



  • More suited for the precision measurement drawing
  • Infinite canvas to work with
  • The free version has multiple brushes and strokes options


  • A steep learning curve

Download Concepts Here

5. Corel Painter


If you still need to be happier, here’s one more for you! Corel Painter is a great program for sketchers and digital artists that has everything they need in one place. It is known worldwide for its realistic RealBristle paint system and useful digital art tools that make paintings look and feel like they were done on paper. It’s the best professional digital art application on the market.


  • Hundreds of brushes and dozens of paper textures
  • Supports multilayer editing
  • Supports Importing and editing PSD files


  • Steep learning curve
  • Expensive – $300 one-time purchase

Check out Corel Painter on Their Website

6. Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio

With the Clip Studio Paint app, you can make creative drawings, sketches, and Clip-Arts. Besides that, it stands out as a good option for Procreate. This program also offers a well-organized interface, making working with your digital pictures easier.

You get all of the basic and advanced tools you need to make your pictures and some stunning effects to give them a sophisticated look.



  • Navigate and manage multiple images seamlessly
  • Create Professional images from scratch


  • Advanced tools are a bit tough to handle

Download Clip Studio Paint Now

7. MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint

Many artists and makers like to use the software MediBang Paint. The best thing about this software is that it lets you save an unfinished job and pick up where you left off.

Also, it is a free, small program that lets you use the best tools to make unique drawings. With over 800 backgrounds, 50 brushes, and 20 fonts, it is undoubtedly the best alternative to Procreate.



  • Every single element you use gets saved in perfect order
  •  Easy to download and use


  • Displays ads dialogue boxes at the start

Download MediBang Paint Now

8. Adobe Photoshop Sketch (Fresco)

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Photoshop Sketch was made with the idea that it would be used for sketching articles. Full software can help you make great art styles and illustrations. If you are an expert, you should use Adobe Sketch.


  • UI and UX are well-designed
  • 14+ different brushes to choose from


  • Lack of image editing tools

Download Photoshop Sketch Now

9. Tayasui Sketches



Tayasui Sketches will help you if you draw mostly on a tablet or a gadget with a touch screen. It has a small but useful set of tools that help with sketching on the go. Layer support is there, but only in the pro version.


  • Functional and clutter-free


  • Layers feature only on the Pro version

Download Tayasui Sketches Now

10. Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Illustrator: Many of you have heard of Adobe Illustrator, a well-known program for digital artists and graphic designers. Illustrator has come a long way, and each update offers new tools. It is a known premium program that can be used to make vector graphics, drawings, paintings, etc.

This is the best alternative to Procreate for Windows. Adobe Stock Assets, Color Synchronization, Pixel-Perfect Designs, a Free Transform Option, and Built-In Design Templates and Presets are just a few features it offers users.


  • Huge library of adobe stock assets
  • Beautiful Typography
  • Wide range of templates and presets


  • Expensive
  • Complex for New Users

Download Adobe Illustrator Now

From Editor’s Desk

So, this is where the story ends. Although there are many more great alternatives to Procreate, we chose the best ones with similar features. So if you have any questions or ideas, please try them out and see what works best for you. Please tell us what you think below.

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