Top 10 Best Self Destructing Messaging Apps For Android

Instant messaging apps provide certain security protections, such as end-to-end encryption, but they do not protect conversations kept on your device. For example, if you often share your phone, your family members may read WhatsApp communications. Users might employ app locks to address such concerns, making others suspicious. This is where self destructing messaging apps for Android come into play. If we focus on Android, several self destructing messaging apps on the Google Play Store automatically destroy messages after they have been read or after a set amount of time.

Top 10 Best Self Destructing Messaging Apps For Android

This article will list the top Android self destructing messaging apps that can automatically delete messages. So, let’s look at the top self destructing messaging apps for Android.

1. Snapchat

Self Destructing Messaging Apps For Android

Well, Snapchat was the first app to introduce the concept of self destructing messages. So, it deserves to be at the top of the list. It is an image-sharing website that allows you to upload, modify, and share photographs and short videos. The app enables users to send brief text messages instantly destroyed after the receiver has read them. Aside from that, Snapchat provides users with various other valuable features, like creating a public profile, snap streaks, and more.

2. Signal Private Messenger

Self Destructing Messaging Apps For Android

Signal Private Messenger might be the best option if you’re seeking a privacy-focused private messaging app for Android. The Signal App provides instant messaging, HD Voice, and video calling options. Signal Private Messenger also enables you to send disappearing messages that will expire after a certain period.

3. Telegram

Self Destructing Messaging Apps For Android

Telegram is one of the best and most famous instant messaging apps available for Android and iOS smartphones. The amazing thing about Telegram is its various security features, such as screenshot protection, self destructing messages, end-to-end encryption, etc. To send a self destructive message on Telegram, users must first initiate a ‘New secret chat’ session. End-to-end encryption and a self destruct timer were used to safeguard the messages in the secret conversation.

4. Confide

Self Destructing Messaging Apps For Android

Consider Confide if you’re looking for a chat app that prioritizes security. Guess what? Confide has already pleased many users with its security features. The messages you exchange with Confide are end-to-end encrypted and destroyed once read. Aside from that, Confide has additional security features, such as screenshot protection and the ability to withdraw submitted messages.

5. Messenger

Self Destructing Messaging Apps For Android

Messenger is the best app on the list, including additional self destruct texting capabilities. It’s simple to send Disappearing messages using Facebook Messenger. Opening a Secret Conversation and setting the timer length would be best. During our testing, the feature performed quite well.

6. Viber

Viber might be the best instant messaging app for exchanging text messages, images, and videos and conducting audio and video conversations. The amazing thing about Viber is that it offers secure voice and video conversations on smartphones. Regarding the self destruct timeframe, Viber adds two essential privacy features to all normal 1-on-1 talks on the app: self destructing messages and screenshot protection.

7. Cover Me

Cover Me differs from the other self destructing messaging apps for Android featured in this article. It supplies you with a legitimate phone number in the United States or Canada to send text messages. Aside from that, Cover Me enables WiFi calling services via the disposable burner line. In terms of self destructing messages, you may set the app to remove sent messages after they have been read automatically. You may even erase or recall unread messages.

8. Dust

It’s the best and highest-rated Android texting app available today. It includes numerous distinguishing characteristics compared to other self destructing messaging apps for Android, such as remembering any message, identifying whether a screenshot has been taken, and automatically deleting messages after 24 hours, among others.

9. WhatsApp

Well, WhatsApp is the best instant messaging app for Android. The instant messaging app also provides voice, video, and file-sharing services. WhatsApp just added a disappearing message feature that works for seven days. You may activate the feature from the app’s settings. Once activated, all transmitted messages will be deleted after seven days. The newest version of WhatsApp also has a View Once feature, which enables users to submit photographs to conversations and groups that can only be viewed once.

10. Gmail

Gmail is not an instant messaging app, but it may be used to transmit crucial messages over email. The newest version of the Gmail app has a secret mode that allows you to send messages with expiry dates. Sending messages with an expiry date adheres to the principle of self destruction.


Which Is The Best App For Disappearing Messages?

All the self destructing messaging apps for Android included in this article are rated “Best” apps. The rest relies on your settings and the in-app experience. For example, the ideal app for sending disappearing messages is simple and respects privacy.

Which Private Messaging Apps Have Disappearing Messages?

Almost all popular messaging apps now provide a disappearing messages feature. Apps offering disappearing messages include Telegram, Signal, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

Is Disappearing Messages Safe In WhatsApp?

Yes, disappearing messages are designed to improve your security. WhatsApp already has end-to-end encryption, and disappearing messages provide additional security.

How Safe Are Disappearing Messages?

Disappearing messages are safer than end-to-end, and it is one of the most important features ever designed for instant messaging and other chat-based apps.

Does Disappearing Messages Delete For Both Sides?

Yes, disappearing messages in Messaging apps vary from the ‘Delete’ feature available today. The disappearing messages feature deletes messages from both ends, leaving no trace behind.

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So, these are the best self destructing message apps for Android. If you know of any additional self destructing messaging apps for Android, please comment below. I hope this article was helpful! Please share it with your friends as well.

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