Top 10 Best Free Android Apps To Reduce Image Size

Free Android Apps To Reduce Image Size: We may find that the smartphone world has developed significantly in recent years. Smartphones are becoming larger and more advanced these days. A 48-megapixel camera is typical on most contemporary Android devices. Even smartphones now have up to four cameras. We can’t resist the impulse to take images with high-end camera equipment. Smartphones are also the best way to share shot images via social media apps instantly. However, we sometimes find that the picture needs to be bigger to be shared.

Top 10 Best Free Android Apps To Reduce Image Size

At that point, we want to crop or compress the image. Many Android apps in the Play Store can handle all picture compressing tasks for you. To reduce image size, this article will share some of the best free Android apps.

1. PicTools

Reduce Image Size

If you’re seeking an Android app to compress images in bulk, PicTools may be the best pick. PicTools is one of the Play Store’s best picture resizers, croppers, converters, and compressor apps. Furthermore, the app may reduce your image size to KB.

2. Downsize

Reduce Image Size

Downsize is a photo resizer app for Android that is ideal for reducing photo size. This is a photo compressor and image converter app with various handy features. Downsize allows you to compress your photos, resize images in bulk, reduce image size, and convert images to JPG or PNG. So, if you’re looking for a lightweight and feature-rich image resizer app for Android, try Downsize; you won’t be disappointed.

3. Resize Me!

Reduce Image Size

Resize Me! is not an image compressor, but you can remove a few KBs from your image files if you know how to use it. You may use the app to resize photos, crop images, and convert them to multiple formats. If you wish to compress the size, adjust it, crop out the unwanted sections, and then convert it to a lightweight format.

4. Photoczip

Reduce Image Size

Photoczip is for Android users searching for an app to compress, resize, and zip all their photos. This app streamlines all image compression-related tasks. It also enables you to modify JPG image information, examine compressed images, and downsize photos of various sizes. So, Photoczip is one of the top Android apps that you can use to reduce image size.

5. Image Size – Photo Resizer

Reduce Image Size

Image Size – Photo Resizer is an Android app that allows you to resize any image easily. It is simpler to use and more lightweight than the other apps on the list. While the app’s primary function is to modify image size, it also compresses images. The JPG quality may be adjusted throughout the image resize process.

6. Photo Compressor and Resizer

Photo Compressor & Resizer from Pocket App is one of Android’s best image compressor apps. The app’s main advantage is that it employs sophisticated lossy compression technology to reduce the file size of any image. The app is completely free to download and has batch-compressing capabilities. Overall, this is a great app for reducing image file sizes.

7. QReduce Lite

QReduce Lite is one of the most popular photo compressor apps on the Google Play Store. This app’s major feature is the ability to precisely compress images to a certain file size. The app is recognized for aggressive image compression, which may decrease image sizes from MB to KB. However, doing so reduces image quality. So, if you don’t care about photo quality, QReduce Lite can be the best pick.

8. Compress Image Size in KB & MB

Compress Image Size in KB and MB, also known as Compressor Lite, is an excellent Android app for fast compressing, cropping, and resizing images. The app may reduce image size from MB to KB or any amount you need. Compress Image Size in KB & MB is more user-friendly and feature-rich than other apps.

9. pCrop

Although not well-known, pCrop remains one of the best apps that you can use to fast reduce image size or quality. This app can compress images, resize images, crop photos, and more. The app also provides bulk options such as image resizing and compression.

10. Bulk Image Compressor

Bulk Image Compressor is the Android app you’ve been searching for to compress many JPG or PNG files. The app allows you to reduce your image size by over 80-90%. Furthermore, it does it with little or no loss of image quality.

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All the apps listed in this article may help you quickly reduce the size of your image files. Almost all of the apps were free to download and use. I hope this article was helpful! Please share it with your friends as well. If you know of any more comparable apps, please let us know in the comments section below.

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