Windows 11 Not Updating Time & Showing Wrong Time? Fix

The Windows operating system requires accurate date and time settings. Incorrect time and date configuration will prevent the device from connecting to online services and apps. As Windows 11 is still under testing, few users have noticed the time and date being out of sync. However, several users have also reported that their Windows 11 computer does not update the time. Therefore, if Windows 11 shows the wrong date and time or is not updating automatically, you must fix the issue immediately to avoid internet connectivity errors.

How To Easily Fix Windows 11 Not Updating Time & Showing Wrong Time

Several causes contribute to time and date problems in Windows 11. For example, the device may have an erroneous time zone configuration, or the Windows Time service may be deactivated. Regardless of the cause, a few solutions can help you fix Windows 11 time and date-related problems. Here are the most effective solutions to fix Windows 11, showing the wrong time issue.

Permit Windows 11 to Automatically Update Time

Windows 11 is set by default to update the time and date automatically. Nonetheless, if it’s not updating, you should first confirm that the time is set to update automatically. Windows 11 will not automatically update the time if the time settings are manual. Here are the steps to confirm that.

1. First, pick Settings by clicking the Windows 11 Start button and then clicking Settings.

2. Click the Time & Language option on the left side of the Settings app.

3. Click the Date and time on the right, as shown below.

4. Now, on the date & time tab, activate the Set the time automatically switch.

That is all! This would force Windows 11 to update the time automatically.

Check Time Zone Settings

If Windows 11 shows the wrong time, check the Time Zone setting. A misconfigured time zone setting is typically the major reason for the Windows operating system to show the wrong time. Therefore, make the Windows 11 time zone settings before attempting the subsequent methods. We’ve shared a comprehensive guide on how to change the time zone in Windows 11, allowing you to select the proper time zone for your location.

Check The Status Of The Windows Time Service

If your Windows 11 device continues to display the wrong time, you must check whether the Windows Time Service is operating. Here is how to check the status of the Windows Time Service in Windows 11.

1. Click the Windows 11 Search type and enter Services. Next, open the Services app.

2. Locate the Windows Time Service under Windows Services.

3. Double-click the Windows Time icon. Next, pick Automatic from the drop-down choice for Startup type.

4. Once complete, click the Start button located beneath Service Status.

5. After making modifications, click the Apply button and then OK button.

That is all! This will likely fix the problem with Windows 11 showing the wrong time. However, after making the modifications, you must restart your computer.

Use Different Time Server

If your Windows 11 device encounters problems syncing with an internet time server, the time will not update. Therefore, if the issue with the wrong time has not been rectified, you might try altering the internet time server.

1. First, navigate to the Windows 11 search bar and enter Control Panel. Open the Control Panel app next.

2. Click the Date and Time option under the Control Panel.

3. Click Internet Time within the Date and Time window.

4. Next, click the Change settings button.

5. Check the ‘Synchronize with an Internet time server’ box and then choose a different internet time server. Once complete, click the Update button.

After making adjustments, click the OK button to close the Internet Time Settings window. Then, restart the computer to implement the modifications.

Re-Register The Windows Time Process

Windows Time Service or W32Time.exe is a service responsible for synchronizing the date and time on all network clients and servers. The date and time will not update if this service has ceased running due to malware or corrupted system data. To fix the problem with Windows 11 not updating the Time and Date, you must re-register the Windows Time Process.

1. First, open Windows 11’s search type and enter Command Prompt. Choose Run as administrator by right-clicking the Command Prompt icon.

2. Execute the commands sequentially at the Command Prompt.

net stop w32time

w32tm /unregister

w32tm /register

3. After performing the commands, close the Command Prompt and restart the Windows 11 PC.

It will re-register the Windows Time Process on a computer running Windows 11.

Check CMOS Battery

For those unaware, the CMOS battery powers the BIOS firmware on your PC/laptop and is responsible for launching your computer and setting the data flow. If the CMOS battery dies, the chip will begin to lose data.

The computer’s inability to update the Time and Date is one of the first signs of a dead CMOS battery. Therefore, if none of the above methods worked to fix the problem with Windows 11 not updating the date and time, you must check and replace the CMOS battery.

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Incorrect date and time on Windows 11 may appear to be a minor issue, but many things rely on it, and it might cause several problems if left unsolved. The methods we shared were intended to fix any time and date-related issues on Windows, but if the problem persists, you can reset your Windows 11 PC.

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